Anita and the Wolves


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. And feel free to post this on any NON-pay sites, just let me know where.

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Anita and the Wolves

Anita Blake lay on her bare back in the dark wood. Her blouse and bra was torn away, exposing her large breasts to the pale moon light. Anita’s skirt and panties were yanked down her legs, leaving her in only her black, sheer stockings. Anita’s full, plump ass was being ground into the cool ground as a werewolf raped himself into her vulnerable pussy. The werewolf had placed one furred hand on her shoulder, holding her down while his other hand gripped and squeezed one of her heavy tits.

Anita had been out in the woods helping some of the local werewolves draw power from the full moon. The werewolves had been having difficulties controlling their urges in their wolf forms and Anita had agreed to try to help them perform a spell to help them gain control. She had come straight from work and had been wearing a dark jacket, white blouse and matching skirt. Anita had been expecting to meet one of her lovers, Jean-Claude, after the ceremony and had dressed more appropriately underneath her work clothes.

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Anita had been wearing a black, quarter cup bra under her blouse. The lacy, black material had pushed her large tits up and out, creating a nice expanse of smooth, creamy cleavage and leaving her nipples bare against her blouse. Anita had also worn a black, see-thru thong that had been pulled up snugly against her pussy and framed her ass cheeks to perfection. To round out her naughty out-fit Anita had worn a pair of black, thigh high stockings and a pair of what her friend “Ronnie” called “Fuck Me Pumps”. While hiking through the woods was hard to do wearing the pumps, Anita enjoyed the thrill of her exposed nipples scrapping against the inside of her blouse and the cool breeze blowing up her skirt and across her barely covered pussy lips.

Every step through the dark woods that Anita took caused her large tits to jiggle in her sexy bra, her nipples quickly hardening as they scraped against the silky material of her blouse. Anita’s hard nipples were poking against her blouse and she enjoyed the quick stares the werewolves were giving her ample chest. As Anita continued walking, she would have to bend over to make her way and giving the werewolves behind her quick flashes of her exposed ass-cheeks and snug fitting thong. Anita was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she felt the wolves staring at her, her pussy moistening at the naughty feelings throbbing through her body.

Anita was a well-built young woman. She was just over 5 ft. tall with a dramatic hourglass figure. Anita had large, round breasts, a fit and tiny waist with full and rounded hips and a plump, round ass. Anita and the werewolves reached the clearing in the woods and she could feel the wolves staring at her body and felt a tinge of lust shooting through her as she realized that all the wolves were male. As the ceremony started, Anita removed her jacket and watched as all the wolves disrobed.

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  Anita tried to count how many werewolves were with her but kept getting distracted by all the naked male flesh.

Anita raised her arms in the air causing her heavy breasts to pull up high and tight on her impressive chest. Anita could feel the power being called from the moon, filling her and the circle with warmth. Anita watched as the werewolves responded to the power, shifting into their half man and half wolf forms. Anita stared at the nude forms of the werewolves, and a new power flooded through her body and the circle, lust. One of Anita’s least wanted powers was an almost vampire’s need for sex, and nothing could be done to stop it from rising. With a mixture of fear and arousal, Anita watched as the werewolves stared at her vulnerable body and their naked cocks rose up in excitement.

Anita gasped and made a move to escape the horny werewolves but she was surrounded and her sudden movement was all it took to set the werewolves off. The wolves lunged at Anita but quickly ran into each other and began fighting one another. As the wolves ripped into each other, one of the werewolves broke away and tackled Anita as she tried to run. Anita was crushed to the ground and could feel the werewolf’s exposed cock rub over her body. The wolf used one clawed hand to rip away Anita’s blouse and sexy, black bra, exposing her large wobbling tits and hard, excited nipples.

The werewolf used one large arm to hold Anita down as it used it free-clawed hand to squeeze and molest the fleshy orbs on Anita’s naked chest. The hard, callused hand twisted and pulled at Anita’s tit, causing the dark haired young woman to scream. The werewolf bent its head down and used it’s long, wet tongue to lick Anita’s exposed and naked flesh.

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  The werewolf sucked and nibbled on Anita’s tits, working the heavy orbs into a boiling fire. Anita’s screams lessened to gasps and moans as he began to respond against her will to the werewolf’s attack. Anita arched her back, subconsciously pushing more of the naked tit into her attacker’s warm, wet mouth.

Anita was panting and squealing at the unwanted feelings coursing through her body. Anita’s molested tits burned with excitement as the werewolf continued sucking and licking them, causing her tits to glisten with warm saliva in the moon light. The werewolf stopped his attack on Anita’s vulnerable tits and raised his head to meet Anita’s gaze and then it plunged it’s long tongue into her mouth. The large werewolf tongue darted past Anita’s full, red lips, filling her warm, wet mouth. The werewolf’s tongue was so large it was almost like a cock and it filled Anita’s mouth as her full, red lips were pulled tight around it.

The werewolf plunged his tongue again and again into Anita’s mouth. With one of his furred hands, the werewolf ran up between Anita’s stocking clad thighs, pass the smooth material to her wet cunt. Anita’s panties were soaked with her juices and she grunted and thrust her hips up to meet the werewolf’s thick fingers. Anita was screaming no again and again in her mind but her body was responding to the werewolf’s hard groping. Anita’s nipples ached with need, her breasts burning with desire as she began humping against the werewolf’s hand. Anita kept grunting and moaning, the sounds escaping from her mouth and vibrating around the wolf’s invading and plunging tongue were a mix of despair and lust.

The werewolf slipped his hand inside of Anita’s black panties, his fingers scraping against her wet, swollen lips and hard clit.

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  Anita tried to scream around the werewolf’s thrusting tongue as she pressed her hips against the wolf’s hand as she came. Anita stared into the werewolf’s yellow eyes, past the tongue probing into her mouth as her pussy juices were soaking into the wolf’s fur. Anita’s body went limp and the werewolf pulled his tongue from her mouth, licking the side of her face and down into the cleavage of her naked chest.

As Anita relaxed in the dirt of the cold ground, the werewolf quickly pulled down her skirt and panties exposing her wet and swollen pussy. Anita could only stare in lust and despair as the werewolf stared back at her body in a kind of hunger: her long, dark and messed hair; full, wet lips; large, heaving and saliva slick breasts; and wet, dripping pussy. Anita was nearly naked to the werewolf’s gaze, clad only in her dark, seamed stockings and “fuck-me pumps”. Anita groaned in the back of her throat as the werewolf positioned his cock at the entrance of Anita’s vulnerable cunt. Anita was shocked at the size of her rapist’s cock. The angry red slab of meat looked about the size of her forearm and the head was nearly the size of her fist. Anita began to scream as the werewolf began to penetrate her.

With a low grunt in the back of his throat, the werewolf slowly entered Anita. Anita continued to scream as the werewolf slowly violated her. First the werewolf’s cock head penetrated Anita, sliding past her swollen lips and slowly filling her cunt. Anita gasped and held her breath as the wolf continued to enter her, her pussy squeezing down hard on the impossibly large, raping cock. Anita felt every hard inch of the cock as it slid deep into her, filling her completely as it slid past the wet walls of her tight pussy.

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  The werewolf seemed to take forever before he was fully buried inside of his victim. The werewolf’s large, hairy balls finally coming to rest against her compacted ass-cheeks. Anita held her breath as the werewolf leaned over her body and ran his tongue over Anita’s impressive chest.

Anita finally gasped aloud as the werewolf molested her chest and began to grind against her groin and clit. The werewolf started slowly pulling out of Anita’s cunt, spilling her juices down between her ass cheek and formed a puddle on the ground. When the werewolf had nearly pulled completely out of Anita, he quickly thrust back into his victim, causing Anita to scream out again.

The werewolf quickly thrust in and out of Anita, quickly raping in and out of the young woman. With every thrust, the werewolf would grind against Anita’s clit, causing her to grunt and moan in unwanted pleasure as she enjoyed the rape more and more.

Anita’s large breasts and erect nipples felt like they were burning as the werewolf’s long, wet tongue molested the fleshy orbs. Anita wrapped her arms and stocking encased legs around her werewolf assailant, thrusting her hips up to meet the invading cock and trying to cram as much of the hot meat into her drooling cunt. Anita felt as if she were trying to ride a bucking bronco upside down as she thrust herself again and again up onto her werewolf rapist’s cock. Anita would grind her groin against the werewolf with every thrust as he fucked himself into her again and again.

Anita felt the pressure build in her again as she approached another orgasm, her legs squeezing themselves around her rapists ass as he plunged in her greedy pussy. Anita threw her head to one side as she began to scream with pleasure when her mouth was suddenly filled with another thick cock. The second werewolf’s cock blocked Anita’s scream as it plunged past her slick, red lips and her warm, wet tongue.

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  Anita’s pussy clamped down hard on the first werewolf’s cock, her juices spilling past the hard tool as the second werewolf began thrusting himself into her mouth and she came hard. The second werewolf grabbed one of Anita’s hands and wrapped her fingers around his swinging ball sack. As Anita began to massage the second werewolf’s heavy balls, he reached over to massage and molest one of her large tits.

More of Anita’s juices spilled out from around the first werewolf’s cock as she came again. Both of the werewolves continued to thrust into Anita’s now willing body again and again, raping into her warm and wet holes. Anita continued to scream against the rape in her mind, but her body responded to the hard fucking the werewolves were giving her. Anita sucked hard on the second werewolf’s thick cock, running her tongue underneath the hot meat forcing itself in and out past her shiny lips. Anita grasped and massaged the heavy ball sack swinging below the second werewolf’s body, trying to squeeze the cum from its balls swaying in front of her face. Anita needed cum, needed the werewolves to cum inside her and fill her totally with their seed.

Both werewolves pulled their large cocks out of Anita, causing strings of drool and pussy juice to fall from her abused mouth and cunt. The second werewolf pulled Anita up and into the air, crushing her against its hairy chest. Anita’s large tits were pressed hard against the werewolf’s furred chest. The fur scraped against Anita’s molested breasts, scrapping against the hard, pink nipples and causing the young woman to start rubbing her overly sensitive chest against the werewolf to try to create as much friction as possible. The werewolf wrapped Anita’s legs around it’s waist, her black stocking prickling against its hair as her thighs were spread wide. Anita’s pussy continued to spill out it’s juices as the werewolf slipped the spongy head of its cock past her swollen pussy lips.

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Anita grunted and tried to squeeze her thighs together around the werewolf’s waist, enjoying the sudden intrusion as she was slowly impaled on the throbbing cock. Anita was groaning in the back of her throat as she slid slowly down the hard shaft. Anita’s eyes went wide as she felt the first werewolf came up behind her, positioning it’s cock at her tiny, puckered asshole. Anita began to scream as the first werewolf’s cock slowly penetrated her hot ass, her body’s weight causing her to slowly slide down the two wolves cocks. The werewolves’ cocks slowly bottomed out deep inside of Anita, filling both of her hot, tight holes to their limits with thick, throbbing meat.

Anita screamed as the werewolves set a pace of hard and ragged fucking, abusing and using her body as they raped into her again and again. The werewolves quickly set up their own rhythm, as one cock slid out of Anita’s abused cunt the other cock would slid in her clutching ass, in and out in a impossibly fast tempo.

Anita’s screams were being slowly replaced with throaty moans as she began to enjoy the new positions her rapist had her in. Her jiggling tits rubbed up against the chest of the werewolf raping into her greedy cunt, her hard nipples screaming as they grazed against the course fur. Anita’s clutching ass cheeks were being rubbed raw by the fur of the wolf raping into her ass as it continued to pummel into her again and again. Anita’s thighs and hips were burning with being spread so far around one wolf and then being slammed forward by the force of the wolf thrusting into her from behind, and Anita found herself actually enjoying the little bit of pain it brought. Actually getting off on the pain of being raped by these two monsters.

With a sudden lurch Anita began thrusting her hips forward and back, desperately trying to join into the rhythm of the wolves that were fucking her two holes. Anita tightened her thighs around the wolf pounding into her cunt, scrapping her groin against him and rubbing her erect clit against the course fur. As Anita thrust her ass back against the wolf behind her, her clit would rub down on the fur of the wolf in front of her.

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  That was it for Anita, not her rape by these two monsters or the fact that she was once in the grip of her least wanted power, it was the need to cum. The need to use these two cocks burying themselves inside of her to cum. And not just for herself, she needed to feel these cocks throbbing inside of her and to feel them cum and fill her with their hot seed.

Anita came. Hard. Locking her arms and legs about the wolf fucking her cunt Anita squeezed and screamed with all her might as her pussy and asshole gripped both of the impossible large cocks inside of her. Anita wrapped her nude body against the werewolf in front of her, her large creamy breasts pressed against his chest and her clit pressed against the fur of his body and she buried her face into his neck and screamed with pleasure and her juices covered her rapists cocks as they continued to thrust into her. Her body began to shake and jerk a the extreme pleasure it was receiving and causing all three of them to crash onto the ground.

The werewolf still thrusting into Anita’s ass landed on his back, causing Anita to be impaled further onto his cock when she landed. Anita began to scream at the pain but her voice was muffled as the wolf still buried in her pussy landed on top of her and pushing his large cock further into the young girl. As the top wolf began to move itself off of her, Anita began gasping for air by turning her head to the side. But as Anita filled her lungs with air the wolves began thrusting themselves in her again and causing her to scream into the night.

With her orgasm over a little bit of Anita’s mind returned to her. Now she was fully aware that she was being raped, raped by two monsters she had been trying to help. Anita’s eyes glazed over and she tried to put out of her mind the two hard cocks beating into her ass and pussy.

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  Still she tried to ignore the feeling of her battered pussy being stretched around one wolfs cock, the feeling of the fur brushing against her swollen lips and still hard clit. Trying to not feel the hot flesh of the wolf underneath her as he stretched out her tiny ass or the feeling of his fur rubbing back and forth against her tender ass cheeks. The fact that her nipples were beginning to once again heat up at the touch of the wolfs hair sliding over them wouldn’t even occur to Anita’s brain, all she cared about was that the rape be over soon. And Anita began to cry. Cry because she was helpless, powerless and once again was beginning to feel her body respond to her rape.

Anita cried because her tits felt on fire as they rubbed against the wolf’s chest, cried because her clit throbbed as the wolves penetrated her again and again, cried because the wolf’s cock thrusting into her ass was lifting her up just enough to allow the cock in her cunt to enter just a little bit deeper each time, and she was starting to crave it all. Anita’s head flopped to the side as she began sobbing in despair and moaning in pleasure as she was violated again and again. Anita closed her eyes, hoping to dream about anything other than her own enjoyment at her rape. And then her mouth was filled with cock.

Anita’seyes flew open as a third werewolf thrust himself into her mouth. Anita tried to scream but could only gag around the thick slab of meat pushing itself past her lips and tongue and into her throat. Anita had no idea how long the cock in her mouth was but it felt like it was half way down into her chest. But the pain didn’t matter, only the taste and feel of this massive cock. It was all Anita cared about, she just needed a cock and now she had three.

Anita couldn’t deny the sheer pleasure of her gang rape, she loved it.

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  Loved the feeling of her greedy cunt filled with cock, her tight ass being stretched to the limit with cock, and her mouth and throat swallowing yet even more cock. Anita needed it, needed to get fucked, get raped, hard. The harder the better. She needed these cocks slammed into her, forced to take as much hard cock as she could possible handle and more.

Sheer joy filled Anita as she used every trick she knew trying to get these penetrating cocks to erupt and fill her with their thick, ropey cum. She craved cum, thirsted for it. Anita sucked hard on the cock fucking her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could, hollowing out her cheeks and stretching her lips over the hot tube of flesh. Anita rubbed her wet tongue all along the swollen member, tasting the hot meat and loving it. Anita moaned, hummed and groaned as the cock slid down her throat, begging the rapist werewolf to cum.

And as yet another cock continued to pummel Anita’s cunt she thrust her hips forward, desperately trying to fill her greedy pussy with as much hot dick as possible. Anita’s cunt gripped and pulled at the wolf’s cock like a velvet fist. Anita loved the feel of her rapist entering her, stretching her wet labia, pushing across the hot walls of her pussy and shoving past her cervix and plundering her womb. As every thrust of the werewolf entered her she moaned louder as it’s fur brushed against her inflamed clit and swollen pussy lips.

And as the third cock was ramming into her ass, filling her like never before in her life.


  Anita ‘s ownbody weight slid her down the pole stretching her ass as the wolf fucking her cunt lifted her up. Gravity and the fucking her cunt was receiving was causing Anita to piston up and down, the wolf below didn’t even have to move as Anita slid up and down it’s throbbing dick.

Friction grew in Anita’s body, friction in her hot mouth, in her needy pussy; and up her tight ass, across her tender breasts and throbbing nipples and through her hard clit and swollen pussy lips. With a sudden jolt Anita’s body froze as she came, her cunt, ass and mouth gripped tight to the invading cocks as she tried to scream in pure pleasure. Anita’s pussy spewed out her juices, covering her groin and the groins of the two rapists in her ass and cunt as her body tensed with absolute joy.

Anita collapsed as much as she could as tremors coursed through her body. Anita could feel her mind slipping away as she felt her three rapists thrust into her vulnerable body one more time in almost total unison.

The werewolf fucking Anita’s mouth shoved as much of its dick down her warm throat as it could, it’s heavy balls slapping against her face as it came. The werewolf flooded into her mouth, it’s thick and hot cum flowing down her throat and into her stomach, spilling out of her mouth and down her face.

The wolves raping Anita’s ass and cunt came at the same time a instant later. Flooding her gripping rectum and womb, filling her with what felt like a gallon of hot cum. The werewolves hot seed spurted out from her pussy and ass, covering all three of them with sticky cum.

As the first taste of cum touched Anita’s pink tongue she came again, chocking on the wolf cum filling her mouth. All four of them froze as the werewolves relieved themselves into Anita’s body and Anita welcomed their cum.

Without ceremony the wolves pulled their spent cocks out of Anita as she slid off the wolf beneath her and on to her side.

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  With their needs met the werewolves lost interest in the well fucked young woman and wandered off. Anita simply lay there on the ground with the moon light shining down on her cum coveredbody. Anita simply panted and gasped for air for a few moments before slowly turning her cum sticky face to a shuffling sound off to her side.

Another werewolf was stalking towards Anita and this one was in full wolf form. Anita could see between its four legs, down it’s body and to its erect penis. While the wolf men had normal, if not giant dicks, the fully turned wolf had a wolf’s dick. The wolf dick stood straight out proud and bright red beneath its body, and easily as large as any wolf mans.

Anita gave no thought to her actions. She saw the wolf and it’s raging hard-on and simply rolled over. Anita’s large tits were pressed to the ground and her nipples flared while she raised her ass up high to the approaching wolf. The wolf sniffed Anita’s cum covered pussy before climbing on top of the young woman and mounting her.

Anita was simply a bitch in heat to the wolf and it treated her like one. The wolf simply began a jack-hammering assault into her swollen pussy. The wolf pumped into Anita, it’s fur covered body covering her and it’s tongue flopping out of its mouth and covering her hair and back in drool.

Anita only grunted and panted as she was fucked by the wolf, the sexual fire slowly building inside of her.

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  She had never had sex with a fully turned wolf but now she was getting fucked like a animal by a animal. Anita began moaning louder and louder as she began feeling the orgasm building, beginning to enjoy getting fuck by a horny animal in heat. The wolf was thrusting into Anita faster than any human could, it’s hips a complete blur in motion, and Anita was beginning to feel like her pussy was about to catch fire due to the friction.

With a final thrust the wolf cam, filling Anita’s throbbing pussy like a fire hose. When the wolf had finished cumming it slid off Anita’s body, gave a small lick to Anita’s puckered ass-hole in a off handed manner and wandered off. Anita didn’t care that she was being used, she only cared that she was blindly horny again and need to cum. Anita sat up an desperately looked around for something or someone to use to get herself off. As Anita turned around she saw another erect wolf man cock and began hurriedly crawling towards it like her life depended on it. She thirsted for cock.

As Anita reached the cock, (and that was all she cared about, not the wolf man, just his cock), she sat up, gripped the pulsing member and plunged it into her mouth. Anita groaned in pleasure as the taste of dick filled her mouth. Anita sat on her knees and quickly started to bob her head up and down on the werewolf’s cock. The wolf gripped Anita’s hair and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Anita used one hand to grip and jerk the erect staff and used the other to grasped and massage the cum filled balls.

Anita looked to her side as she continued to give the werewolf a desperate blow job and saw the rest of the werewolf clan approaching.

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  Anita gargled in pleasure at the sight of all those hard dicks approaching her. All that cock, all that cum, just walking right over to her. Some of the clan were in wolf man form, some in wolf form and all Anita cared about as she suck wolf man dick was that she desperately needed to be fucked like a bitch. After all, she was now just the werewolves’ bitch in heat.

The End



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Chociaż any city of Poland może wydawać się niewinnym miejscem, to jednak zobaczysz, że sprawy wyglądają kompletnie inaczej, gdy już, sprawdzisz ogłoszenia towarzyskie gdańsk.Mogę obiecać Ci, że to lokalizacja aż ocieka pożądaniem i może zaoferować kilka sposobów spędzenia czasu dla absolutnie każdego gościa pragnącego spełnić swoje najbardziej niegrzeczne pragnienia i zrealizować najbardziej wyuzdane plany. Na szczęście mamy niegrzeczne kurwy z całego świata , które będą służyć pomocą we wprowadzeniu tych wszystkich niegrzecznych marzeń w rzeczywistość. Zapraszamy Cię do obejrzenia i sprawdzenia ich CV, aby wybrać najseksowniejszą i najbardziej niesamowitą piękność czekającą specjalnie na Ciebie. Długie doświadczenie i wieloletnie sukcesy na rynku ogłoszeń towarzyskich zapewniają, że towarzyskie trójmiasto są w stanie zrealizować wszystkie żądania. Dlatego też wyrusz na poszukiwanie zachwycających robótek ręcznych, fascynującego seksu oralnego, niezapomnianych panienek do towarzystwa, zapierających dech w piersiach sesji analnych, dzikiego seksu grupowego, BDSM i wiele więcej. Nie krępuj się i wybierz najbardziej dogodną metodę płatności i nie martw się o swoją prywatność lub bezpieczeństwo, ponieważ nasz zespół profesjonalistów dołożył wszelkich starań, aby zorganizować całkowite zabezpieczenia i komfort wszystkim użytkownikom ogłoszenia towarzyskie trójmiasto. Nie bądź onieśmielony i zademonstruj nieprzyzwoitą stronę swojej osobowości, a w zamian otrzymaj tej długo oczekiwanej i absolutnie niezapomnianej satysfakcji seksualnej wraz z niesamowitymi dziecinkami z
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