And The Heart Wants More


Looking at the landscape, she was amazed. She couldn’t believe that finally, she was in Pittsburgh, home to Autumn Lights Theatre & Acting School where she would be learning from some of the best actors turned teachers, including Jeff Goldblum, and his wife Catherine Wreford. Even more amazing was the couple’s generous offer, to fund Kitty’s schooling…. , all of it, tuition, travel expenses, housing, the works. Granted, since Jeff was such a major player at the acting school he probably wouldn‘t have to pay a dime. And as for housing, Jeff and Cat were having Kitty stay at their house, a beautiful three story modern home, where Kitty would have a huge bedroom with her own bathroom and just about any amenity she could ask for. How could any one person be so lucky!
Kitty had started acting at her local community college and just fell in love with it. However, there was no real future at the school, so she sent her application to the Autumn Lights Theatre & Acting School. Her application passed and the school sent two of its teachers to watch her perform and interview her.
She didn’t even know they had been at the show until it was over. Jeff and Cat approached her beaming with enthusiasm talking about how acting was her gift and how they would definitely want her at the school. After sitting through a brief interview in which she mentioned she had not yet heard anything from the financial aid offices, the couple couldn’t resist. They wanted her to have the opportunity which is when they offered their money and home to her. Kitty, likewise, could not resist.
The limo that had picked her up at the airport pulled into a long winding driveway as evening approached. At the end was the house in which she would be staying.

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   The stone and wood outer structure made it look very inviting despite its intimidating size. Jeff and Cat were waiting on the steps when the vehicle stopped.
Jeff opened the limo door as Cat told the driver where to set her bags. Accepting his offered hand, she stepped from the limo into a surreal life.
“Hello, Kitty,” Jeff smiled. “Did you have a good flight?”“Well, it was my first time on a plane so a bit nerve wracking, but uneventful and that’s a good thing!” She turned to his young wife. “Hi, Cat! It’s so nice to see you again. !”
“Hello! Good to see you, too, sweetie!” She gave Kitty a hug. “Come on. I’ll show you your room. I’m sure your exhausted. ” Arms entwined the girls headed up the steps.
Jeff followed slowly behind. At forty-nine, he had at least twenty-five years on both girls. How Cat, the gorgeous dancer, ever fell for him, he would never understand.

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   Having Kitty at the house would be good for her though. Having someone near her own age to be friends with. Cat had friends of course, but no one near that she was close to. Jeff hoped Kitty could change that. Either way, he certainly couldn’t complain about having two gorgeous young blondes in his home, rather than just one.
The rest of the night was spent putting away her things, discussing what she would need, and just chatting with Cat. Kitty felt very at ease with her and not just because they had similar names. There was just that feeling of being with a kindred spirit, perhaps because of their shared passion for acting. She knew when she first met Cat after the show that night that they could be good friends.
Kitty could not say the same about Jeff though. She was in awe of him, being a star as he was. She had seen his movies a dozen times and highly respected his skills. But he never stayed near her long enough for her to become as at ease around him as she was with Cat. As the girls chatted, Jeff would look in and see if they needed anything, but never stayed. Kitty just gave a mental shrug and decided they would get more familiar in time.

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After three weeks, Kitty had her routine between school and the house well set. The teachers and other students welcomed her whole-heartedly and she was soon considered to be one of the best actresses the school had seen. She indeed had a gift. The school had already started learning a play, one picked by Jeff, in which she had been cast as the lead. The play was called “And the Heart Wants More”. It was a romantic comedy in which Kitty would be playing the hard to catch femme fatale.
Though considered to be one of the best actors at the school, she was still nervous as she was playing opposite a more experienced actor whom she would have to kiss. The kiss was not something she would have to perform for a while yet, but it still worried her. She finally decided to ask Cat for advice.
At the house, Kitty followed the wonderful smell of roast into the kitchen where Cat was cooking some roast for some dishes she wanted to make. She was an amazing cook, always making wonderful meals for the three of them.
She saw Kitty and smiled brightly. “Hi, Kitty! How’d today go?”
Hopping up onto one of the stools, she sighed. “Easy and fun. I like this new play, but I’m a bit nervous.


Cat scoffed. “You? Nervous? You are a wonderfully gifted actress. You don’t need to be nervous. ”
“I have a couple small kissing scenes. ”
“Oooh! I see!” Cat started laughing.
Kitty smiled in spite of herself. “It’s not funny!” she said, tossing a piece of carrot at her that had been on the counter. “What if I’m a terrible kisser?”
Cat’s sideways glance showed exactly what she thought of the notion. “Don’t be ridiculous! You’re twenty-three! Haven’t you kissed before? Don’t you know if you’re good?”
“Of course I’ve kissed and more than that, but I’ve never staged kiss. It’s different. Am I gonna have to just make out with Jared on stage in front of the audience?”
Cat sighed, smiled, and shook her head. She walked over to Kitty, grabbed her hands, and pulled her to a standing position. “When you’re stage kissing it’s just a go with the flow thing. You have your space, he has his, and they just mesh. Close your eyes and just feel.

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Kitty closed her eyes. She felt Cat run the back of her fingers down her cheek. Then a hand on either side of her face. Then Cat’s lips just slightly touching hers. It was just a quick, light touch, followed by an actual kiss. Kitty responded by kissing her back with an equal amount of pressure, trying to learn, but feeling a little turned on, as well. Cat gave her another kiss, but this time kind of sucked on her lip. Cat’s hands fell to Kitty’s hips.
Cat pulled back then kissed her again this time with more urgency. Kitty acted instinctively and. wrapped her arms around her friend’s neck. In turn, Cat pulled her in closer. When Cat went to suck on her lip again, the younger girl met her with an open mouth. Their tongues entwined. Kitty moaned softly into Cat’s mouth.

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From the living room, Jeff stood motionless, watching his twenty-five year old bride making out with their new young house guest, an erection ever growing in his pants. He couldn’t help but rub his crotch in attempt to relieve some of the aching the little show was providing.
Cat suddenly pulled away. “I’m sorry!” she said quickly. “ I don’t know what happened. ”
Kitty blinked, not totally back from their passionate kiss. Then shook her head. “No, no, don’t be! It was good. I didn’t mind. ”
The girls both smiled, then started giggling.
“Okay. Anyway, I’m going up to memorize some of these lines. Will you be here?”
Cat turned back to the stove. “No, I have a dance rehearsal tonight. This is done so as soon as I put it up I’m grabbing my bag and heading up to the theatre.

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“Well, have fun! See ya when you get home!” Kitty gave Cat and quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before heading up stairs with her script.
Kitty lay on the bed, trying to concentrate on the script until she heard the front door close and heard Cat’s car start. Then she flipped on to her back, with her arm over her eyes and lay there thinking about their kiss. She was surprised about how turned on she had gotten and was still. Being with a women had always been a curiosity, but one she never attempted to appease. She became so absorbed in her thoughts that she had no idea Jeff was now standing beside her.
Intending to lightly shake her, he touched her arm. Kitty nearly flew off the bed she was so startled.
Jeff started laughing. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you. ”
As Kitty’s breath returned, she smiled back at him. “It’s okay! I was just in another place. Did you need something?”
Kitty was much more at ease with Jeff then she used to be. He had a very sweet nature and was sort of cute. Kitty found talent very attractive and he always seemed to surprise her with a new ability like singing or playing the piano.

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   She let herself fantasize about him a couple times. She had got some details from Cat when they were trading boy stories one night. Cat had said Jeff was better than the few college aged guys she had slept with.
“No. I just wanted to know what you think about the play I picked for you all?” He sat on the edge of the bed as Kitty sat up.
Kitty had thrilled over the play when she read it and eagerly gave Jeff her opinion. “I love it! It’s so cute! It’s romantic and funny and I love my character, Nicolette. She is such a vixen! The way she and Collin fall for each other is so perfect. ”
He loved her enthusiasm and her passion for the craft. It was one of the many reasons he and Cat wanted her to join the school. It was even nicer having that same joie de vivre in the house.
“Well, I’m glad you like it. If it goes well here, we may be able to take it on a small tour during the summer. ”
Kitty’s face was a mixture of shock and excitement. She didn’t think there would be any touring until her second year.

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   But then again, she wasn’t considered an ordinary student. All she could get out was a whispered, “Really?”
Jeff shrugged. “Absolutely. ”
With a happy squeal, Kitty threw herself into his arms, squeezing him tight.
“Don’t squeeze me to death,” he laughed!
She lessened her grip and pulled back and started kissing his face repeatedly, saying, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” There was a ‘thank you’ for every kiss.
With the scene he had just witnessed and the beautiful Kitty bouncing in his lap, Jeff was having a hard time hiding his state of arousal. He decided to make a move. When Kitty leaned in for her next thank you kiss, Jeff caught her face in his hands and started kissing her. She only pulled back a second out of shock before leaning back into him and returning his kiss.
Kitty could not believe how this day was turning out, but was definitely ready to roll with it. She started slowly crawling back on the bed, drawing Jeff with her. Once she was laid out, Jeff climbed on the bed with her, laying himself between her legs. Kitty moaned as his weight pressed down on her. She loved the feel of him.
His hand quickly went up her shirt and cupped her breast, kneading it before pinching her nipple.


   Kitty pulled away to gasp and Jeff started kissing and sucking on her neck. She reached down and started pulling his tee shirt off over his head. He let himself pull away from her soft body long enough to remove the shirt. Before he even had it fully off, she was already pulling her shirt and bra off over her head. He stared lustfully for a moment at her beautiful breasts before taking one in his mouth.
After the kiss with Cat, Kitty was more than willing to enjoy some action, especially if Jeff was as good as Cat said and so far he was doing amazing. Kitty pushed Jeff back off the bed and they both quickly stood to remove their jeans. Sitting back on the bed in nothing but her lacy black panties, Kitty pulled Jeff’s boxers down exposing his thick seven inch long cock. Cat was not specific when she had said it was big.
Slightly in awe of such a massive dick, she touched the shaft lightly, feeling the silky smooth texture. Getting a grip, she started pumping his dick. Jeff let out a groan and let his head roll back. Giving a sly smile, she took the head in her mouth. Feeling the wet warmth around his dick, Jeff’s attention and gaze quickly refocused on her. She locked eyes with him as she started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.


Looking skyward again, Jeff wrapped his fingers in her hair and started moaning, “Ooooh, god! Kitty! Yes! Ooh!”
Feeling the warmth leave his cock, he looked down to see Kitty lean back on her elbows and spread her legs. He didn’t need another cue. He loved eating Cat’s pussy and couldn’t wait to get a taste of his young protégé. On his knees, he pulled her panties to the side and shoved his tongue in her slit. Kitty jerked involuntarily as the sexual shockwave went through her. He pushed his tongue as far into her pussy as it would go and tongue fucked her. She tasted like sweet nectar, even better than Cat.
Kitty spasmed on the bed as jolt after jolt went through her.
Pulling his tongue from her hole, he pulled her panties off. Tossing them aside, he continued his path and licked down all the way to her ass hole and again pushed his tongue in.
“Jeff! Oh, yes! God, yes! Unnnnh! Oooh, yeah!”
He knew what to do. Jeff slid back up to her swollen clit and gave it one good long hard lick.
“Oh! Fuck!” Kitty screamed, bordering on the brink of orgasm. “Oooh, god! Jeff, fuck me please! I want your big hard cock in my hot pussy! Please, Jeff! Please fuck me!”
The hot words coming from her sweet little mouth was more than incentive enough. Jeff was on her in an instant.

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   Placing the head of his dick at her pussy hole, he slid in, slowly, all seven inches. Kitty was whimpering as her pussy was stuffed full, on the edge of her orgasm, wanting it so bad. When he was fully lodged within her, he stopped and waited for her to open her eyes.
Confused, Kitty looked at him to see why he stopped, only to see him staring at her. Then quickly he pulled back and shoved his cock hard into her pussy! Kitty screamed in delight as her orgasm finally washed over her. Seeing her gorgeous little twenty-three year old face contort in the throes of the orgasm he gave her was all he needed. Jeff pumped into her once more, twice more, three more times before his cock shot load after load into her spasming pussy.
Exhausted, Jeff rolled off to the side, panting heavily.
Kitty curled up against his side and he wrapped an arm around her. Looking up at him wearily, she leaned forward and gave him a soft kiss. “Thank you, Jeff. ”
Together they drifted off to sleep.



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