All the Way on Purple K (Part One)


All The Way On Purple K

Chloe Sullivan sat at her computer desk rapidly typing on her keyboard. Every now and then she would stop, place her hand in her pocket, and withdraw a small purple stone tied to a silver chain. She rolled it around in her fingers contemplating its existance for a few minutes before placing it back in her pocket and forgetting about it. But each time she tried to forget, she found her hand wondering back to her pocket. A sharp knock caught her attention and she turned towards the door in her seat.
“Come in”, she called.
To her surprise none other than Clark Kent himself walked in. He had a cute smirk on his face but he quickly wiped it away before walking towards Chloe.
“Hey Chloe, I was just wondering if you had any information on the disappearances down near LutherCorp?” he asked attentively.
“Yeah I may have one or two leads. Just let me go to the bathroom for a second, I’ve been sitting down for hours on a deadline”, she said as she rose from her chair and walked into the bathroom.
Once the door was closed, she found her fingers around the smooth stone once more. She had retrieved one from a LutherCorp lab for this specific purpose and now she wondered whether or not to proceed. She flushed the toilet and washed her hands to cover her absense. As she came back into the room, she found Clark quite at home on her seat looking at her computer.
“So Chloe, I was thinking maybe one of the meteor infected on your wall of weird may fit the description of the culprit”, Clark said as Chloe walked up behind him.

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“Really? A meteor freak who can teleport?” she asked, slipping the chain out of her pocket.
Before Clark could reply, she had the chain dangling around his neck and the change was almost immediate. A purple flash appeared in his eyes and his veins went the same colour before both returning back to normal. But his persona had changed evidently by the way in which he spun the chair around to face Chloe hungrily. She reached down and their lips met gently, then passionately. His tongue darted into her mouth and their mouths were entwined for a breath moment before Chloe pulled away and walked sexily to her bedroom door, turning around to beckon him in, before going inside herself.
Chloe flopped down onto the bed and rested her head against the wall with her legs crossed over. The next thing Chloe heard was the sound of Clark superspeeding into her room, only this time, he was not wearing his jeans, jacket and red shirt. He was completely naked, minus the silver chain around his neck. Her eyes greedily milked in his image from his strong arms and chest, to his muscular thighs and cheeky smile. But it was the centre piece that really got her juices churning. Jutting out straight towards her was his long cock, at least fourteen inches in length and two inches in width.
Last summer when she was an intern for the Daily Planet she had had her cherry popped by a boy called Jimmy. He was sweet and gentle, but compared to Clark, he only had a seven inch cock and was always fumbling around. He always creamed before Chloe could get off and she felt that it was a very selfish experience, where Jimmy got all the fun.

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   They had fucked four times, once in the closet of the Daily Planet, but other than that, Chloe had never had any other sexual partners besides her secret stash of dildos and vibrators. Once her eyes locked onto Clark’s massive dong, she knew that today was going to be unforgettable, and that Clark would surely be able to satisfy her. Clark had often been the focal point of her jack off sessions but never in her most wildest dreams had she imagined him to be this big. Though she had always wondered how well hung Krypton boys were?
She undid the top botton of her jeans and lifted her ass off the bed to slide the tight fitting pants down to around her ankles. Clark strutted to the edge of the bed, his alien wang dangling from side to side, and pulled Chloe to the end, letting her legs hang off. Next, he knelt down and started to tenderly kiss the inside of Chloe’s thighs, sending waves of shock up her body from his soft lips. Chloe moved to remove her lacey g-string but Clark simply used his heat vision to burn the sides off.
“Hey, that was my favourite thong”, Chloe exclaimed.
“I’ll steal you a Victoria’s Secret one later”, Clark smirked teasingly.
He removed the remains of her g-string and continued to work his mouth on her smooth thighs. His tongue eventually made it up towards her crotch were her pouting lips oozed with wetness. She had a blonde runway strip of pubic hair and a hardening clit peeking from under her hood. Clark began to lick up and down her wet folds before darting his tongue over her clit. This made Chloe buck her hips wildly until he stopped, with moans and groans slipping from her mouth. He slid two of his long digits into her pussy and continued to focus his tongue on her clit.

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   His nose buried itself in her runway strip as his tongue flicked and sucked. Chloe was in such ectasy she was taken comletely off guard when one of Clark’s long, thick fingers pushed into her virgin back door. Her eyes shot open in pain.
“What the fuck Clark?” she yelled, her asshole gripping tightly on his finger.
“I thought you wanted me Chloe. I thought you wanted everything?” he questioned.
He was right. At the moment, Chloe felt like she could let Clark do anything to her body. She motioned for him to continue and his tongue repositioned itself on her clit and worked away. It only took a few seconds after that to get Chloe to cum. The combination of his tongue on her hard sensitive clit plus the two long fingers inside her tight cunt and the one jammed in her back door pistoning in and out made her buck wildly and moan and groan so loudly that she thought the people in the Talon downstairs could hear her. The bed was creaking and rocking from her ectasy and soon her cunt spasmed out of control, tightening around Clark’s fingers. She felt the orgasmic wave build and then suddenly collapse all around her, squirting her juices all onto Clark’s face. When he looked back up at her his hair was all wet and slick from her massive orgasmic squirt. After a few minutes her breathing started to settle back down and she let out a deep gasp.

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“Wow Clark, that was amazing”, she managed to say.
“Well you ain’t see nothing yet”.

Lana Lang had just started her shift at the Talon when she received a very odd complaint from one of the patrons. On the worst of days she may have had a disgruntled customer complain about the coffee but this request was not at all like that. The man asked if the noise upstairs could be stopped. At first Lana didn’t hear anything and it was uncharacteristic of Chloe to cause a ruckus during business hours, if any time at all. However, the man insisted that the noise cease and Lana was left with the duty of going upstairs to her apartment and sorting out the matter. She had left Chloe and the apartment in the morning to go into town and had arrived back for her shift without going back to the apartment. So when she climbed the stairs and found the apartment door to be unlocked, she was not surprised. Instead she was quite surprised to the noises that were emitting from behind the door. Muffled, but still completely audible, Lana could hear Chloe shrieking out the words ‘fuck me’ repeatedly in between loud moans, groans and grunts. Chloe was obviously getting super lucky with some hot hunk whose identity was a complete mystery to Lana. As happy as she was for her friend, she had to tell them to keep it as quiet as possible. She racked her knuckle on the door loudly and waited a few seconds. There was no response.

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   She tried several more times, knocking louder each time, but still there was no reply. She contemplated leaving the two to their own devices but the thought of customers downstairs hearing them would be bad for the Talon, especially since business had been fairly slow recently. She took a deep breath and walked into the apartment.
No one was in the room so she walked over to Chloe’s bedroom which had its two frosted glass doors shut. She thought she could make out the shape of a person inside. She knocked on the door.
“Chloe. I know you are having fun in there but you need to keep it down, okay?” Lana called out.
“Keep it down? We’re just getting started in here”, a strong male voice replied.
Lana turned the handle of the door realising who the voice belonged to. As the door flung open she saw a most surprising sight. Clark, who she had thought the voice belonged to, was lying on his back, his feet up near the pillows and his head towards the end of the bed. Chloe was straddled right on top of Clark facing the door, her C cup breasts rising and heaving from all the fucking. But it was Clark’s member that drew Lana’s attention. It was a massive snake, the head and about two inches stuffed inside of Chloe and the rest of the shaft exposed to Lana’s view.

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   Lana now noticed that Chloe was not actually straddling Clark, but more like squatting over him, about ten inches off the ground.
“You guys need to keep it down”, she said trying not to look flustered.
“What ever you say prude”, Chloe remarked.
“I beg your pardon. I am not a prude”.
“Well then why don’t you come and join us?” Clark offered, patting a spot on the bed next to Chloe.
“I have to get back to work”.
“You’re right she is a prude. I bet she isn’t even wet from seeing us like this”, Clark said agreeing with Chloe.
Lana took a deep breath and closed the door behind her, screaming in her mind not to do this. She walked nervously over to the bed and sat down next to Chloe, who started to slide back up and down the giant pole again. Lana tried not to look at what they were doing, staring at the ceiling or at the wall. Clark noticed this and moved his hand towards her breasts. He gently squeezed one through the shirt and Lana let out a small gasp. He placed a hand on her back and pulled her in towards him.

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   His lips pressed against hers and his tongue slipped inside. Lana’s head began to spin from Clark’s kiss. She felt like she had died and gone to heaven. She heard Chloe slide off Clark, a loud plop sounded as his cock came out of her stretched hole. Lana then felt Chloe’s hands pull her shirt up, and she momentarily stopped kissing Clark. Her bra latch clicked and the lacy little thing fell away, exposing her B cup breasts to Chloe’s hands. They were soft to touch, the perfect size. Perky, they were capped off with little dark areolis, and small nipples that soon hardened. Chloe massaged Lana’s breasts while she continued to kiss Clark. Chloe’s hand crept down Lana’s bare smooth stomach and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding her hand down to her untouched pussy.
Lana was a complete virgin. Chloe and her had discussed sex before and what the blondes first time was like. Lana mentioned that she had never had an orgasm before and Chloe found herself quite shocked that the petite brunette hadn’t even masturbated. Clark lifted up Lana before Chloe could touch her sweet cunt and placed her in between his legs, his cock pressing into her face. Chloe took Clark’s hint and nestled in beside Lana.

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       Chloe placed her small hand on the base of his cock and held it into position while Lana looked blankly at her. Chloe realised that Lana had no clue what to do and started sucking his cock in demonstration. Her lips pressed tightly around the swollen cock head and her mouth moved up and down his shaft; although she could only get about three inches in. She paused sucking and offered the dick to Lana. She imitated Chloe and started to give head but the cock slid down her throat to far and she started to gag, coughing as she pulled the monster back out. Chloe winked at Lana before she reached down and began sucking Clark’s huge nuts. She could barely fit one in her mouth so she gave up and licked up and down his shaft. Lana continued with her new skill, bobbing her head up and down while Chloe stroked and licked the shaft. She had gotten into a better breathing pattern as she found that she did not cough and splutter as much when coming up for air. So far she could only fit two inches into her petite little mouth but each time she managed to get more and more further down. Clark’s eyes were closed and he had his hands on the back of both of the girl’s heads. Chloe moved behind Lana and removed her jeans and panties, which gave Lana a fright. She suddenly got worried about what Chloe was doing. But her thoughts faded away to dust as Chloe’s skilled tongue flicked across the virgin’s clit. Lana let out a guttural moan of pleasure; she never knew she could feel so good.

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       Coincidently, Chloe was thinking how sore Lana was going to feel after Clark junior had its way with her.
    Chloe’s tongue was so professional at pussy licking thanks to Lois and Lucy Lane, her cousins. The three of them would often eat each other out when they were bored at the army bases. Lois had been trained by a female staff sergeant in the art of cunninlingus. When her mentor went overseas, Lois would practice on Lucy during summer break. Then Chloe joined them and they would have masturbation sessions and pussy licking circles. This was of course when they were fourteen and fifteen as well.
    Chloe’s tongue slipped in between Lana’s pouting lips and made her jump. To think, the first thing to ever enter her virgin pussy was her best friend’s tongue. Her scented heat filled Chloe’s nostrils as her tongue lapped up the juices. She eased her tongue in and out of Lana’s streaming cunt before picking up the pace and fucking her with her tongue like it was a small penis. Chloe reached around her girlfriends leg and used her free hand to massage Lana’s clit. Lana had to stop sucking off Clark as the pleasure built between her legs. She gripped the middle of his shaft and slid her hand up his pole until his foreskin reached the top. Then she bought it back down and continued her handjob motion.

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       In all the time Lana was doing this, her mouth was gaping open and loud moans were escaping that tight hole of hers. Lana could only hold on for a few more seconds as a tsunami of pleasure crashed in on her. Legs spasming and cunt tightening around Chloe’s eager tongue, Lana sprayed her hot juices all over her friend’s face. She hunched over, bathing in the delight of her very first orgasm. Chloe’s face was saturated in her lover’s cum and she happily lapped it all up, savouring the beautiful scent.
    “Looks like we have a squirter over here”, Chloe giggled.
    “I’m so sorry about that. It just felt so good”, Lana explained.
    “It’s ok, I loved it”, Chloe replied.
    The two girls were giggling and Clark started to laugh as well. After a while they stopped and Clark lifted Lana up onto him, so she was straddling him. Then in one quick motion, he flipped the two of them until he was on top. His eager member rubbed against her clit making soft moans escape her mouth. His eyes became fixated on her lips and he reached down and kissed her passionately. Chloe got up kneeled in behind the pair; spreading Clark’s cheeks apart and flicking her tongue across his virgin asshole.


       She paused for a moment and positioned Clark’s cock at the entrance to Lana’s pussy.
    “Slowly”, Lana whispered into Clark’s ear, his slight nod her only reply.
    She felt his dick nudge right into her cunt, Chloe’s hand still holding it in place as Clark tried to gain entry. He started to kiss down her neck, nibbling on her soft skin. He put some more force into his thrust and the head of his cock slipped inside her. Lana’s eyes bulged and she lifted herself off the bed in agony. A loud cry formed from her lips but never escaped for Clark kissed her with intense passion. He wrapped his arms around her and held the position for a few minutes, allowing her to adjust. Slowly he pushed in further, each time causing more and more pain for Lana, who felt like she was being split open. He pushed in until two inches of his cock had disappeared, and soon his tip was touching the barrier of her hymen.
    “You ready”, he breathed into her lips.
    She wimpered in acknowledgement, bracing herself for the pain. Almost effortlessly his dong ripped through her cherry. Lana dug her nails into the middle of his back and bit down on his neck. Her cunt walls started to contract rapidly around his member and she exploded in her second orgasm, squirting all over his cock.

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    “Fuck that’s so good”, she moaned.
    While she was feeling the pleasure, Clark took the opportunity to thrust two more inches into her. She was so fucking tight he could go no further. He held the position once more; Chloe’s hands stroking up and down his long shaft and fondling his big nutbag. Clark pulled all the way back out to the tip and then went back. He did this several times, turning the pain into pleasure for Lana as her walls expanded around him. After she had become use to his member, he sped up his thrusting actions. Chloe found her way down to Lana’s clit as the pair made out. Lana climaxed several times on Clark’s cock and Chloe’s hand. From all the fucking Clark began to feel his cock swelling and his balls tightening. He groaned and his breathing became raspy.
    “I’m cumming”, he warned.
    Lana did not let him go. He thrusted once more into Lana’s pussy before his cum spurted inside her. He filled her up completely before his cock ejected from her cunt and sprayed over Lana’s stomach, breasts and face.

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       He finally stopped jizzing, leaving Lana drenched from the waist up in his seed. The cum gushed from her pussy and body down onto the mattress. Clark fell off of Lana and laid beside her panting. Lana was also struggling to breath as some of the cum had landed in her mouth. Chloe got up from her kneeling position and sat in between Lana’s legs, licking the seed that dripped from her well-fucked cunt. After she had had enough to swallow, Chloe curled up and Lana spooned her. Clark rolled in and spooned Lana, his wet softening member on her thigh. Together they fell asleep and did not awake until the morning, the purple stone hanging from Clark’s neck.

    To be continued. . . .




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