Aaron Carter's 17th Birthday


Aaron shifted his body as he sat on the big plush chair at his own 17th birthday party. Nick Carter, Aaron's big brother, had thrown him a big Hollywood bash that December. Aaron didn't want that. He had wanted a private cozy little party. He hated big crowds and noise. Nick had invited all kinds of people. Mostly pop singers and uptight little sluts. One person he invited was ok by Aaron. It was Paris Hilton. Oh god Paris! Aaron drooled over the blonde as he saw her walking side to side with his brother. Nick had his arm around her tiny waist and was showing her off like a prized possession. She looked sexy in her little black skirt and red crop top showing off her flat tummy. Ever since the whole sex tape scandal came out about Paris, Aaron had been dreaming about her. He knew she was older than he was but in his own mind he hoped she would see how much he liked her. Aaron turned to see the annoying Hillary Duff giggling as she sat next to him. "Aaron! You haven't been listening to a word I'm saying!" Aaron rolled his eyes.

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   He only wanted to look at Paris. She was so classy and sexy as hell. Why couldn't girls his age be like Paris? Why did they have to be so annoying like Hillary? "Aaron I feel so drunk!" Hillary hissed. "The let me call you a cab. I think you need to go home," Aaron responded pulling out his cell phone. "You dummy! I'm trying to give you a hint here. You can take advantage of me!" Hillary slurred. "I don't want to take advantage of you Hillary. You are doing nothing but getting on my damn nerves!" Hillary gasped and Aaron called a cab to come pick her up. "You are losing out on this pussy!" Hillary said pulling up her skirt. "Put your skirt down Hillary! Why can't you act like more decent?" "But Aaron I'm horny!" "That's enough. Please just sit down and your cab should be here shortly. " Aaron stood up and left Hillary. He walked around having mindless conversations with a lot of teenage sluts. He wished everyone would just leave and let him enjoy some time alone! Everyone but Paris that is.

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   He sipped on a coke and watched Nick and Paris kissing so passionately. Why does Nick have to be the one with all the luck? Being 18 doesn't help either. Paris would never give him a second look knowing he was underage. Aaron pondered and almost lost track of time. He soon began to see the crowd slowly fading until everyone was finally gone. He sighed feeling relieved that he was finally at peace. He searched for his brother Nick but he was nowhere to be seen. "He probably took Paris home," Aaron said to himself. Aaron said goodbye to a few people that were left at the party and closed his front door. He looked around and figured he'd just have someone come clean up the place the next day. That night he was exhausted and couldn't wait to just lie in bed and relax. Aaron went off to his room and took of his shirt and pants. He remained in his black silk boxers and nothing else. He was about to get his bed ready, when he heard a soft knock on his door. "What now?" He murmured.

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   He went over to answer the door and his breath grew short as he saw Paris Hilton standing there at his door. She smiled sweetly at him. "Aaron? Nick is. . . well he's passed out. I think he had a bit too much to drink. I just wanted to tell you that. Since he brought me here, I'm going to catch a cab back home. " Aaron felt numb. He was speechless. "Aaron? Are you OK?" Paris asked laughing softly. "Uh. . .

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   y-yeah I'm f-fine. I'm sorry what were you saying?" Paris smirked. "Ok I think you need some sleep too. I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I'm going to catch a cab since your brother is passed out. " "Oh. I'm sorry about that Paris. " "No need to be sorry sweetie. You didn't give Nick those drinks. " Aaron laughed nervously. "Yeah I guess not. " He was busy staring at her pretty face that he suddenly forgot he was only in his boxers! He noticed Paris eyeing his teenage body and Aaron felt his face turn red. "I'm sorry I'm not really dressed. " "That's ok. You got a nice body Aaron.

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  " Aaron blushed more. "T-thanks. But I bet you like Nick's better. " "I didn't say that did I?" Paris asked wickedly. Aaron blushed more. "Well if you need a ride back home, I can tell my limo driver to take you. " Paris reached out to touch his face. Aaron felt her warm hand and got an instant hard on. He'd never had Paris touch him. "That's really sweet of you. " "Well I care about you and I just want you to get home safe. " "Are you sure you only turned 17?" Paris asked. Aaron laughed nervously. "Yes. Why?" "You act more mature for your age.

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   Pity you're only 18 I could get in trouble for looking at you right now in your underwear. " "I'd never tell anyone," Aaron blurted out. He hadn't realized what he was saying until he finally said it. Paris eyed the teen more and Aaron moved back some letting her know she could step into his room. Paris walked closer to the teen, closing and locking the door behind her. Aaron gulped watching the girl of his dreams opening her arms out to him. He felt her put her arms around him and he held her back. "Happy birthday. I almost forgot to wish you a happy birthday sweet Aaron. " "Thank you Paris," Aaron whispered. He felt her kiss his one cheek very softly and then kiss the other. She was a bit taller than him but that didn't make any difference. She was gorgeous and was all he had thought about ever since Nick brought her home. Her eyes met with his and she leaned down and planted a very soft kiss on his lips. Aaron felt his toes curl and his cock harden.

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   Paris' lips were so warm and soft. She kept her lips on his. Aaron parted his lips a bit feeling her wet saliva on his lips. Paris parted her lips too and slowly began to slide her tongue in his mouth. Aaron didn't hesitate to let his tongue caress hers. They shared a long wet kiss and Aaron felt his entire body on fire. No other girl had ever given him such a hot kiss. They were all teenagers with no skills on how to please a man. Paris was different. Paris knew exactly what to do! Paris slowly broke the kiss and took a deep breath. "Wow! You kiss really good baby! I wonder what else you can do. " Aaron was so excited. "I want to show you what I can do. Can I show you Paris?" Paris pressed her body against his. "You sure can.

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   I want to know how that teenage cock will feel inside of me! You're so irresistible Aaron, so innocent!" Aaron grabbed her hand and led Paris to his big king sized bed. Paris sat down slowly and stared up at the teenager. Aaron grabbed one foot and began to slip off one of her high heels. The he proceeded to take off her other shoe. He got on his knees and his hands slowly went up her long legs caressing them and touching her soft skin. Paris smiled at him and touched his youthful face. "You are such a cutie pie. No wonder girls are crazy about you. " Aaron moved up and grabbed her hand kissing it softly. "But I'm only crazy about one girl, you. " He could see Paris blush. He put his hands on her shoulder and gently pushed her back so she could lie down. Paris stared up at him as her eyes danced. Aaron saw her slowly spreading her legs open inviting him to take her panties off. Aaron looked down and put his hands on her thighs slowly moving them up and grabbing the sides of her panties.

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   She was wearing a black thong. Aaron found that so sexy! He began to pull her thong off slowly until finally it slipped down her legs and Paris lifted her feet slightly to let it fall to the floor. Aaron stood there for a minute completely numb. Paris giggled and lifted up her skirt showing Aaron her beautiful shaved pussy. She spread her legs wide and Aaron got a good look at her pussy hole. "W-wow!" Aaron could barely speak. "You like my pussy baby?" She asked sweetly. "Oh yeah! You are so beautiful Paris. " Paris sat up and quickly removed her red top giving Aaron full access to see her gorgeous breasts. Paris lay back and opened her arms out to him. "Come here baby. Lay on top of me. " Aaron quickly moved towards his dream girl and let his body fall on top of hers. He placed his lips on hers and they began to share a hot long wet kiss. Aaron could feel her soft hands sliding up and down his back and her fingernails lightly scraping it.

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   Her breasts were pressed against his chest and her nipples hardened underneath. Aaron moaned into their kiss. He moved his lips down slowly kissing Paris' jaw line and then down to her neck. He gently sucked on her neck leaving soft red marks claiming his territory. Nick would probably see the marks but Aaron didn't care. All he wanted was to make love to the girl he'd been dreaming of for months. He then moved down to her breasts taking one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He sucked on it hard while his fingers pinched her other nipple. Paris sighed in pleasure and wrapped her legs around him. She ran her fingers through his hair. "Yes! I love the way your lips feel wrapped around my nipples! Oh sweet Aaron I think I'm falling for you!" Aaron looked up and moved upwards to kiss her. "I'm so in love with you Paris. I always wanted to tell you. " Paris put her arms around his neck and then managed to flip him over. She lay on top of him all naked and hot for him.


   Aaron stared up at his beautiful girl. "Have you ever tasted pussy?" Paris blurted out. Aaron nodded. "N-no. I haven't done much with a girl except finger a girl and play with a girl's breasts. " "Ooh you sweet boy you. I really want you to eat my pussy baby. " Aaron gulped. There was nothing more that he wanted than to taste Paris' pussy. "I will do it. " Paris smiled and raised her body up. She stood on top of him and squatted down in front of his face. Aaron looked up mesmerized by her lovely pussy and sweet ass. "Now, I'm going to put my pussy on your face and I want you to lick and suck my clit. I like it when I'm licked really fast so make sure you do that OK?" Aaron could hardly speak.

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   "Y-yes. " He saw her pussy move down and she spread her lips open letting her big swollen clit peek out. Aaron slid his tongue out and waited for her pussy to land on it. Within seconds he began to taste her sweet juices. He flicked his tongue on her clit, just the way she had asked for. Then, he took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it, just like he had done with her nipples. He could hear her moaning loudly and she moved her body up and down as if she was fucking his face. Aaron let out a loud groan as soon as he felt her hand on his cock. He could feel her pulling out his cock and then sliding it into her mouth. His entire body tensed up and he moaned into her pussy. He clamped his lips on her clit and let her moved her pussy up and down on his face. He had his arms wrapped around her waist and then moved them down to her ass. He placed his hands on his ass and moaned louder as she began to put more suction on his cock. Paris moved faster up and down his fucking his face hard. Her moans filled the room; Aaron was surprised they didn't wake Nick up.

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   He felt her tremble above him and she put his cock really deep into her warm mouth and moaned as she came. Aaron could feel the vibrations of her moaning on his cock. His cock twitched and then began to shoot out long jets of cum into her mouth. They came together enjoying each other's taste. Aaron could feel her sweet honey dripping into his mouth and he drank it up. Paris lifted her pussy off his face and rolled over to the bed. She looked at him and opened her mouth showing him that she had a huge wad of his cum in her mouth. She held it on her tongue and then closed her mouth showing him that she'd swallowed his load. "Mmmm so good!" She purred. Aaron was more turned on than ever! He could tell his mouth was still wet from her hot juices. She moved towards him and wiped his mouth with her tongue licking up her own sweet juices. They began to kiss again sharing the taste of their cum. "You were so delicious!" Aaron rasped. "I'm still so horny!" Paris moaned. "Me too.

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   Look, see I'm still hard. " She gave him a devilish smile and got on top of him once again. "I'm going to fuck your brains out Aaron Carter! Tonight you lose your virginity. " Aaron felt his heart racing. "I'm so ready. " Paris grabbed his cock and held it in her hand. She straddled him and began to insert his cock into her pussy. Aaron grabbed the bed sheets trying to keep calm. Her pussy felt so tight and warm wrapped nicely around his cock. He could feel his cock sliding in deeper and deeper. Paris slid her entire pussy on his cock until his balls touched her ass. She sat on his cock and touched his teenage face. "Mmmm you have such a nice cock! I'm surprised you're still a virgin!" He moved his hands up and touched her breasts pinching on her nipples. Paris began to move her hips slowly. Aaron would feel his cock getting fucked and he began to groan so loudly.

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   His breath was growing short as she moved faster on his cock. "Yess! Oh God that feels so good!" Aaron cried out. He squeezed her breasts each time she moved up and down on his cock. Paris bit on her lower lip and her face showed signs of pleasure. She moaned softly and Aaron could feel her juices coating his cock. "Aaron! Oh Aaron!" Paris moaned. "Yes baby ride my cock! I'm yours Paris! I'm all yours!" Paris was bouncing wildly on Aaron's cock. She tossed her head back and screaming and moaning Aaron's name. Aaron let her breasts go and grabbed her ass hard making Paris open her eyes and yelp. Aaron then rolled her over on her back without ever pulling his cock out. He was buried so deep inside of her. He leaned down to kiss her soft lips. "Mmmm yessss! Fuck me baby!" Paris muttered. Aaron began to thrust his hips making his cock slide in and out of Paris' pussy. She wrapped her legs around him making sure his cock was buried deep inside of her.

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   Aaron continued to fuck her harder and harder. "Ahhhhh! Oh Aaron! I'm going to c-cum!" Paris screamed. He could sense her pussy constricting on his cock. Her entire body trembled underneath him. Aaron could only handle a few more thrusts until he too began to cum. His balls exploded letting his hot ropes of cum shoot out violently inside of Paris. He felt her almost jump up at the first shot of sperm. Aaron felt as if he couldn't stop cumming! He grunted loudly until his last shot of sperm was released. He collapsed on top of Paris with his face on her breasts. He could hear her heart pounding. "Ooh that was so hot!" Paris finally spoke out. Aaron looked up at her and kissed her softly. "Yes it was! Now tell me which Carter brother do you want to be with?" She gave him a look; not just any look but a look that said it was him. The End.



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