A Tale Of Two Jessicas


Jessica Alba walked back to her car from the high rise building where she works. After her latest movie she had gathered all the money she had made and gotten a small office in the high rise district of L. A. She at first started by her self as an independent stock broker but after a stroke of luck that had her1million dollars in the plus she was able hired five more people now she has now she works almost non stop. Stress levels thru the roof all her celebrity clients constantly hounding her about their accounts.
She had many ways of relieving her stress boos, cigarets, she had even gotten her self a Latin love toy named Lance. But nothing lately seemed to take the edge off. By this time she had gotten to her car a red 99 Doge Viper with a solid top. She took her keys out from her purse tried to open the door but had to give it an extra pull for some reason it was sticking. Finally she got it open and ducked her head to get in and closed the door with a furious slam "fucking door" she said to her self. As she started the car, she noticed the clock and almost eight, even thoe she had five other people working in the office non of that made a difference when two of them called in sick on a Friday no less the busy trading day. Wich was a bunch of bull shit everyone in the office knew those two were fucking like monkeys. She started the engine and made her way home.
As she pulled into her driveway, she was surprised to see no paparazzi at main gate at here home. That was weird, usually they could not get enough of her. She thought that most likely the press was hounding Jessica Simpson about her rumored new tour.

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   Waiting for her to make a mistake so they could just plaster the papers with it. She got to her walkway felling the warm spring air in her hair she looked up and noticed the full moon she was she felt her sexual tension rising as she looked at the moon and thought of those two fuckers at work leaving her very little warning and finding replacements was impossible. Thought of it pissed her off even more as she lifted her leg and sent a yard toy of one of her nephews that had been there last weekend flying across her yard.
She kicks her big heavy oak door open breaking her heel in the process "Damn it!" she yelled she walked in and limped as she tried not to fall on her perfectly shaped not too big but not to small ass. She got inside closed the door and walked over to her phone. The phone was ringing, shit she thought she didn’t need this she thought she went over and hit the speaker phone button "Hello" she said
" Jess this is Ian. Do you remember that demo you did a few weeks ago? Well the executives loved it they have released it and it is doing well. In fact guess who I just got a call from. " her manager said
"I had a rough day I don’t want to guess" Jessica said
"Come on" Ian said
"DAMN it just tell me" Jessica said.
"Jessica Simpson. She got wind of your album and she wants to do a tour with you. They’re calling it the A Tale Of Two Jessicas tour it’ll be great. " Ian said.
"Come on. You know the only reason I did that because was I was bored.

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   I figured if Paris Hilton can do it than any bum can. You know I don’t really have anytime to do anything but stocks. " Jessica said
"Look I gave her your number she’ll be calling you soon" Ian said
"You didn’t? Why would Jessica Simpson be interested in some no talent bum like me?"Jessica said
"Look give your self more credit than that. I thought it was good and so did Jessica otherwise she would not have given me a call. Look I got to go lots of people to call. Give it some thought. This could turn you career around and put you back on the map like Dark Angel did. " Ian said
Jessica put down the phone and continued to put down the stuff she was carrying and flopped down on her couch and slowly took off her work clothes her high heels, her tight but short black satin skirt, and stiff rayon suit exposing her red silk blouse and pink cotton boyshort type panties that fit perfectly around those round hips of hers. She grabbed her remote and immediately went to the porn channels. Her stress levels were almost thru the roof and she needed relief quickly. She headed to the gay mens channels and watched the men going at each other. Most women would look down upon this but she did not understand why women did not find this a turn on, men get off to two women going at it why should she not get off too two men going at it.
She was watching and watching but she did not feel anything. As she went to adjust the volume, her finger hit the channel up button and came across a lesbian channel now normally she didn’t buy into lesbians but this time it was doing something to her. As she watched she felt her self getting wetter she started to rub herself slowly opening up her blouse and squeezing her tits thru her purple cotton ipex bra.

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   Oddly enough she was getting into it, the two women with long golden locks rubbing up against each other sharing a very passionate kiss moving their hands up and down each others slim slender bodies. She had closed her eyes and was rubbing her clit thru her panties she only opened her eyes once and a while to see the new scenes as they appeared so she could continue her. Fantasy. Oddly enough she was beginning to feel her stress go away little by little and she had not even reached a climax yet.
By now she had gotten out of her blouse and had unhooked her bra. She was getting quite into this and just as she felt her self starting to get to climax the phone rang. "DAMN!" she cursed out loud. She picked up the phone and transferred the call to her head set "Hello. Who is there?" Alba said
"Hi Jessica this Jessica Simpson. " Simpson said
"No really. Who is it?" Alba said
"Nope this is really Jessica Simpson. I called your agent he should have told you I was
going to call you?" Simpson said
"Yes. But I was not sure what to make of it. When he said you liked my album I was not sure what to think. " Alba said
"I heard it and it was great.

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  " Simpson said. Alba repositioned her self and on the sofa and had pressed the mute button on the 50-inch LCD tv.
"Really?" Alba said
"Honest to god. So have you given any thought to joining my tour?" Simpson said.
"I don’t know. Its just a busy time at my business this time of year I can’t just pick up and go on a tour. " alba said. She was just about to change the channel on the T. V. when the two blondes started to Sixty-nine each other and the camera zoomed onto one side of the sixty-nine. She reached down and pulled off her panties and to her surprise her pussy was really wet not just from the porno but from the most recent conversation that she was now engaged in. She was slowly starting to drift away into her own little world as she imagined her and miss Simpson doing the same thing as she started to finger her wet pussy "hello. Anyone home?" Simpson said
"Oh sorry. Zoned out there for a minute. It’s just it’s really a busy time for me and I don’t really trust anyone to run the place while I am gone.

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  "Alba Said
"There got to be someone you can trust?" Simpson said
"There really is only one person I trust and he and I got into a big fight" Alba said
"Who?" Simpson said
"My Dark Angle Co star Michael Weatherly the guy who plays Logan. He got me into the Stock market in the first place. "Alba said the sixty-nine was now getting really intense. the woman on the bottom now had her hands grasping the others ass and was pulling it up and down on her face like she was getting face fucked by a big throbbing cock. . She was moaning even louder as she watched the video and watched for the first time a woman cumming on another woman. She could not contain herself anymore as the woman on top released a massive orgasm the same time as Jessica’s
"What are you doing girl?" Simpson said
"Ugh. Nothing. Look ill get back to you in a couple of days. " alba said. She hung up her phone, turned off her t. v. and with out even realizing it she fell asleep with 4 fingers in her pussy.
End chapter 1.

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