A Rainy Day


Just then a flash of lightning went down right near her car and she lost control as it scared her. Luckily she was in the drive way and there was nothing to hit. she stopped her car and turned it off, She was on E. She got out of her car and ran to the front door, She rang the door bell over and over again . . . . Until A boy she thought looked like someoneshe had seen before. . but she just couldn't think of his name. "I am so sorry to bug you but I'm lost and out of gas . . . Is there anyway I could please use your phone?", She asked the young man nicely. "Sure come on in, You socking wet. .

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  . Stay here I'll get you something to dry off in", The young man said. He disappeared for about 5 minutes and came back with a dry towel and handed it to her, In his other hand he held a phone but as he handed it to her the power went out. Jesse Checked the phone and there was no dial tone. "Just great, Phones out" She said as she looked up at the young man. He smiled and told her she could stay there unti'll the phone came back on. He had a fire going in the big living room. . so she could just make out his face. . . Jesse dried off and went into the living room with him and sat next to him on the couch. "Nice place you have here", Jesse told the young man. "thank you. .

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  ", He said back to her. "Do you live here alone?", She asked him. "Yep. . All by myself", He Said back to her happily. "Wow", she said as she looked around. He had asked her where she was going, and why. Just to do something as the storm passed by. Jesse told him everything and that she was not going anywhere, Jesse had no family left alive. He told her his opinion about her boyfriend, About how he sounds like a really bad guy. They spent about two hours talking and the storm was still going strong. Jesse had asked him for his name and he told her it was Justin. He told Jesse he had just broken up with his girlfriend not to long ago. and at how they are still friends but don't get to see one another that much. During the night, it was now 1: 27 A.

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  M. , They started to like one another and had much to talk about. Jesse found herself talking to Justin about things she never would ever let her friends know. It got quiet in the house, you could only hear the rain drops and the thunder outside. Justin looked into Jesse's eyes and smiled. Jesse smiled back but didn't expect what was to come next. Justin Didn't mean for it to happen, He just thought about it and it did He Bent down and Kissed her. . . . . That night was going to be like a never ending story. . . .

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  . . I hope you liked it and If want to find out more. Please ask and part Two will be on it's way . . . And no I don't like Justin T. . If you all have guessed who it is. But I wasn't about to write about someone I liked with someone else. . . =0D . . .

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  . This is my second story and I. Hope to write more. .