7th Heaven (incest)


 This is NOT one of my Stories I take NO credit for it. I found it on a web stie that was shut down.
7th Heaven (incest)
By Indian stud
I've always had a fantasy with the cast of 7th Heaven, especially with Mary (the older daughter). Mary is always in some sort of trouble, and for this story, she was caught sneaking off to a party with a friend and was drinking, which was later found out by mom and dad. Dad must punish her; the following story is about Mary's punishment. Mary I am highly disappointed in you. Sneaking off to a party late at night, and even worse, you were drinking! You are only 17! Now I understand you are going to graduate from High School soon, but as of now, you are still under my roof and living under my rules! Do you understand this Mary! Yes dad, I promise I will never do it again. Damn right you won’t do it again. Now I want you to go to your room and wait and I will be up in a moment to talk about your punishment. Yes father. What are we going to do with this girl, ask the mother. We need a punishment that will make her feel it! Oh, don’t worry Annie, I have something in mind. You do huh? Well, I am going to go to the grocery store, just make sure you make Mary think about what her consequences are for going to the party. Don’t worry dear, I will. Oh, how I will. Alright Mary, your mother and I are highly disappointed in you.

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   I know dad, I didn’t mean to hurt you and mom. Well, regardless, if you meant to hurt us, you still have to face the consequences. Now I want you to stand up and turn around and bend over. Good Mary. Now I want you to pull down your shorts but leave your panties on. After the father has looked at Mary's young petite ass he replied very good Mary. Your mom and I have created a beautiful girl. He then asks Mary to come over by him and to sit on his lap reverse cowgirl style. Mary then proceeds to sit on her father's lap, only to feel an organ growing along the inside of her father's pants. Oh daddy, I can feel you! Mary then begins to slowly bump and grind her father's cock. After a few moments of pleasure and almost cumming in his pants, the father asks Mary to take out his cock and to get down on her knees like a good child and to suck him well. Mary, who was experienced at this, did exactly as her father told her. She unzipped her father's pants, pulling out a good size cock. After gazing and staring in amazement at how hard her dad was, she then strokes his cock and very slowly put in her mouth. She then proceeded to suck his cock like a pro.

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   Oh, Mary, oh yeah baby, you are just as good as your mother is. Oh yeaaaaaaah. He then took hold of Mary's brunette hair and slowly thrusting and deepthroating Mary's mouth. Mary was gagging a few times, but the father didn’t care, as this was her punishment. After coming to the brink of cumming in his daughter’s mouth, he asked Mary to take off the remaining of her clothes and to stand up and bend over. Mary did as she was told, and the father gently grabbed Mary's hips and slowly inserted his dick. After moving around his dick inside of Mary, he then grabbed Mary's hips and gave a big hump. Oh daddy, oh daddy! As her father was penetrating deeply inside of her tight pussy. You have such as tight pussy says the father. He then slowly and with rhythm pounds his daughter in a standing doggie position. Mary's young firm breast are bouncing forward as her father is humping her at a good rate and with each hump, he gets deeper and deeper inside of Mary's groins. Oh Mary, you are much better then your mother. After a few minutes of pounding at Mary's snatch, he then sits down on the bed and asks Mary to mount on his cock reverse cowgirl. Mary then proceeds, but screams in pain, as her father's cock has a big head and is long and fat. After a few hard strokes, Mary is bouncing off her father's hard cock while her father moans and grunts.


   Oh Mary, Oh Mary, yeah Mary, do you feel it? Do you feel it Mary? Oh yeah, daddy, I feel it as she is slammed hard against her father's balls. After what seemed almost an eternity riding her father like a cowgirl, her father ask her to lay on the bed where he spreads her legs and begins to fuck her spread eagle. Oh Mary, you are so tight. Meanwhile, Mary is still in a state of slight discomfort as her father's cock is a little too much for her. But she is submitting to her punishment like a good girl. Oh daddy, oh daddy, please don’t cum inside of me. The idea of cumming inside of his daughter excited him even more and he pounded harder and harder, making Mary feel him good. However, he was not ready to cum yet, as he wanted to bend to fuck Mary's tight virgin ass. When Mary found out, she begged him to not do it, but the her father didn’t care, as she felt a sharp pain up her ass. At first the father couldn’t get his dick up her daughter's ass, but after spitting and lubricating Mary, he was humping Mary's ass at a good pace. Mary could feel each thrust deep into her bowels. After about 18 minutes of fucking her ass, the father then pulled his dick out and looked at his daughter’s beautiful eyes. He then asked, "You will never do this again will ya Mary?" And Mary says, I promise daddy I will never sneak out, thinking her father was done with her. However, the daddy was not done until the fat lady sings, and says, he will make sure she doesn’t do it again, and inserts his cock in his daughter's pussy and spreads her legs. He then took several hard deep thrusts and when he was ready he looked at Mary.


   Oh Mary, I am going to cum inside of your pussy and with this, Mary embraced herself as her father cummed wave after wave of hot cum deep inside of her groins. Mary didn’t realize her father was capable of producing so much baby making cum (as he has done so many times) Ohhhhhhyeaaaahhhhhhhhh. I love you Mary, as he humped the last of his cum inside of her and then flopped on top of her. After a few minutes of laying in silence, the father got up and began to put his clothes back on as Mary laid in her bed naked and staring in belief at how hard her father had fucked her. I wondering if I am going to get pregnant ask Mary, and she looked to her father. The father just laughed and began to walk towards the door. That was when Mary realized that her father was trying to get her pregnant as part of the punishment. Mary wished she never had gone to the party now. Mary, thinking that the punishment is over, begins to put on her clothes, but the father says that her punishment is not over as Matt, her older brother walks into the room. Oh no daddy, you can’t do this to me. Oh yes I can Mary, this is your punishment. And you will do as Matt says. He then leaves the room smiling. Matt meanwhile looks at her half naked sister and begins to smile. Mary, knowing full well what Matt was going to do and knowing that she couldn’t do anything about it.

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   Go ahead Matt; what do you want me to do? Well, I want you to put on your basketball uniform and to come outside by the basketball goal. Mary looked at her brother in disguise, but she did what her brother told her to do. Once she got outside to the basketball goal, Matt asked her to shoot some hoops. She then did as Matt watched every move. After she had made a lay-up, she felt Matt grab her and quickly bend her over. He then pulled down her basketball shorts exposing her pussy still full of her father's cum. Matt pulled down his pants, and mounted his cock to Mary’s pussy. After fumbling around and finding a position, Matt then gave Mary a hard thrust. Uuuhhhh Matt moaned as he was inside of his sister's pussy. The father made his humpings easier and with each thrust, Matt began to fuck his sister. Mary was defiantly feeling her brother’s hard shaft slamming against her cervix. After a some time as passed, Mary could tell Matt was about to cum, as she felt his cock twitching wildly inside of her. She then bend over a little more, allowing Matt to penetrate a little deeper and finally she heard, ohyeahhhhohyeahhhh, I’m going to cum, and before Mary knew it, her brother was pouring wave after wave of his cum inside of her. Mary had to moan as each thrust put more cum deep inside of her. After Matt was done, he bent over with his cock still inside of Mary and stood in satisfaction.

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   Thanks sis for getting in trouble, you should do this more often. Mary, a little woozy from the amount of cum that was inside of her, just glanced away. Matt then asked her to suck his cock and to wipe clean the cum of the tip of his dick. Mary did exactly this. After she had put her clothes on, thinking that her punishment was over, she was wrong. Hey Mary, you aren’t done yet, as Simon came walking up to her. Mary, already hurting and already filled with cum, didn’t think she could take another fucking, but she had no choice as Simon grabbed her crotch and begin to slowly fondle it. Ummm. . . . . seems like daddy and Matt have done you good. Well, not as well as I am about to do it, but don’t worry, this will be a quickie. Mary, after hearing this, was almost relieved; she just wanted her punishment to be over with.

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   Simon then told Mary to grasp his cock and to look him straight in his eyes. After Mary grabbed Simon’s good and hard cock, she looked Simon in the eyes and Simon wanted her to repeat this, "Fuck your older sister and knock me up!" At first Mary was hesitant, but then she gave in and said what Simon wanted to hear. Alright fine Mary, your wish is my command, and brought her to the garage and laid her on top of the family van and fucked her missionary style. By this time, Mary is still numb from her father and Matt, but Simon was hitting her G spots. Oh yeahhhhh Simon, oh yeahhh Simon as she kept moaning. After a little awhile, Simon announced he was going to get Mary pregnant and Mary moved into a conceivable missionary position. Simon then took Mary's legs and spread them a little apart and nutted his balls inside of Mary. Unlike her Father and Matt, Simon kept cumming inside of her over and over again making Mary feel his hot cum and humping. After all was done and said, Mary then returned to the kitchen where Annie was waiting. Well Mary, I certainty hope you learned your lesson. Oh I did mom, and I promise I will never go out again! She then walked to her room which was a task as cum began to flow down her legs. A few months later, Mary walks inside of her Dad's home office and says, hey dad, I’m pregnant. Well good for you Mary. I’m glad I could produce another child in ya. We should celebrate.

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   Bend over Mary. Mary did this and her father fucked her doggie style over his desk and cummed inside of her. Oh yeah daddy, as he dropped the last of his cum deep into her.