Tied And Forgottin


One day I was online searching the adult dating sites… and I came across this ad for a girl that sounded great… so I dropped her a line and waited for a reply…2 days later she replied, and said we should hook up… she was like 20 mi. away from where I live… so I figured sure why not at least ill get to cum out of it… so I drove over to her house…got there about 8 30 am it was beautiful, huge, and well kept… I went to the door and rang the bell and waited… she answered the door, she was wearing a very very small bathing suit… and I had shorts and a t shirt on… I said what are we going swimming… she said yes I have a great pool, the suns super hot and there is not a cloud in the sky… I said but I didn’t bring a suit… she chuckled and said you wont be needing one… my cock started to get hard…so we went into her house and she got us some drinks then we headed out to the pool…out of nowhere she dropped he bathing suit and was standing there naked…again my cock was getting hard… she said ok your turn… so I stripped… and right away she noticed I was hard… she said well arnt you the little horn dog… and I said when I see something I like my cocks not shy to let ya know…I said my god is it hot today, as I glanced over at her thermomater it said 95… sweat was just running down my back and my chest and making its way to my cock… I said well lets hit the pool… she said wait a bit I want to have some fun first… she said go lay down on that lounge chair and wait… so I did… my cock growing harder as I wait for her to come back… then she finally came back, she was carrying some rope… now I was getting even more excited but a little nervous… she said now do everything I tell you and ill make it worth your while… I said sure no problem… she said put your arms up above your head and down the back of the chair… so I did… she secured the rope to both of my wrists and went down the back of the chair and under it and came out by my feet… then she laid the lounge chair flat… then she said put one leg off each side of the chair… so I did… then she tied each leg to the side rail that goes to the ground… now I am laying there totally naked and my cock and balls and ass hole are totally exposed… along with my whole upper body… its about 930 now and really hot, I could feel I was starting to stick to the chair… she said I love how you shave your cock bare its so smooth as she starts rubbing it… then she goes into a full jerking motion, now my cock is super hard… its starting to feel a little to good and I start squirming around… and she stops all of a sudden and says that’s it… she gets the rope and ties my mid section going around the chair… now I cant move at all… she says ill be back… she leaves and comes back a little bit later and I see her carrying some things… as she gets closer I can see a huge dildo some lube and what looks to be a ball on a rope and some kind of cloth… she gets to me and smiles and puts the things down… then she kneels by my head and says open your mouth wide… so I do… she jams the ball on the rope right in my mouth and ties it so I cant spit it out…im like ok? Then she gets up and goes down by my cock and starts jerking it again… starts to feel pretty good again… then she stops… and smiles and holds up the giant dildo (I’ve never seen one so fat)… then puts it down and comes back up by my head and takes the cloth and ties it around my eyes… now I cant talk cant move and cant see… I hear her move down by my feet between my legs, I hear her open what could only be the lube, then I hear her squirt a little and rub her hands together… then she grabs my cock and goes into a full on jerk session… its so intense she is jerkin just the tip…then my cock starts to throb like I am going to cum and just that fast she stops… now my cock and balls are aching and want to explode… then I hear her open the lube again… then there is a pause… then I feel her grab each side of my hips and pull up and out a little making my ass cheeks stay spread open… then I don’t hear her for a couple of seconds then all of a sudden I FEEL A COOLNESS BY MY HOLE AND I THINK TO MY SELF NO NO… THEN ALL AT ONEC SHE JAMS THE WHOLE DIDLO RIGHT IN MY ASS…she didn’t even try to work it in slow… I let out a muffled yell…I could feel tears trying to run down the side of my face but the blind fold is catching them…that dildo was huge… I could feel her pushing it in farther and farther… I am starting to whimper a little now and then I feel the ball section of the dildo hit my cheeks…she shoved the whole dildo in me… now my cock is totally soft from the pain… then I hear her walk away… shes gone for a bit, while she is gone I manage to push the dildo out of me and get a little relief, but my hole is so sore… I hear her coming back then I hear her say whats this… then with out even a pause she jams the whole dildo right back in right to the ball part and says now leave it there… I am whimpering again…it feels like my insides are going to explode… then I feel her cover me with what I guess to be a sheet cause it covers me and the whole chair…then I feel her doing something down by my cock,there is a hole cut out in the sheet and she pulls my cock and balls out into the air…then she fastens the sheet some how that it is tight on my body… then she’s messing around by my chest… she lines up the sheet and I could feel a cool breeze on my nipples… she has holes there too…and then she fastens the sheet at the top so it is also tight there… now my cock and balls and nipples are exposed, and my ass is jammed full with that huge dildo… then she makes her way back to my cock area and then she starts to rub it and I guess she’s doin a pretty good job cause I am getting hard again… now I am full hard and then I feel her climb on my hard cock and then she sits right on it and is goes right in her pussy, she must be pretty wet… then she starts riding me faster and faster then I feel her pussy getting tighter on my cock and then she starts moaning really loud… shes cumming that get my cock in an uproar and it starts thumpin, finally I get to cum… but then she seems to be done with her orgasm and stops and climbs off of me and my cock is still thumping ready to shoot… out of nowhere she flicks the tip really hard and then she flicks my balls really hard… there is a sharp pain in my stomach and tears try to run down my face again and I whimper again, and my cock goes super soft… then she goes into the house again and is gone for a bit… and I am just laying there in pain from the flicks… I hear the door open and she is coming back, she kneels down by my chest and starts playing with my nipples I could feel them getting hard, she then grabs one with something and pulls it a bit, then I could feel her poking it with something, then all of a sudden a sharp pain, I let out another muffled yell she pierced my nipple… with what I guess to be a long needle or something, and she lets go of my nipple and leaves the needle in… then she makes her way to the other side and repeats the whole thing over again… this time tears are really trying to make it out from the blind fold… then she just walks away and goes in the house… now I am laying there for a long time and she hasn’t come back yet… my ass and nipples are very very sore… it seems like an hour has gone by… I need to pee now but shes not coming back, I really cant hold it… I have to pee… I am holding it as best I could and a little sneaks out then it just all gushes out… a full stream I could feel it spraying every where… and every time I try to stop it my ass squeezes the dildo making it impossible to stop, I have no control over my cock… I finaly finish peeing and my cock is just laying there… I could feel the pee just dribbling out cause I cant use the muscle to stop… I’m still laying tied to the chair with a dildo in my ass and my cock and balls and NOW pierced nipples exposed to the very hot sun…I could feel the sun beating down on my exposed parts… they are getting quit warm… it has to be almost 2 hours now then I hear the door open in the house… and now I hear a couple of girls talking… they are getting closer, then they are standing by me, I hear a different voice say oh my god look at his cock is so red, oh and his nipples to, and she laughs and says poor guy… and then another girl say can I touch him, and the original girl says sure do whatever you want… so she starts touching my cock and it starts growing... the first girl says awww he pissed himself and says watch this… she flicks my balls again really hard and I yell and they all laugh… my cock goes soft again and the second girl says I was gunna ride that…the first girl says watch this and pulls up on the needles in my nipples… I can’t take the pain, I start whimpering again… the first girl says ok lets go swimming now… they leave me laying there… and I hear them in the pool… it must be close to noon by now I can feel the sun baking my exposed parts even more…she must have used a dark sheet cause I could feel my nipples burning and my cock and ball sack aren’t doing much better… they are really starting to hurt… I’ve been laying in the sun probably close to 3 hours now… I could tell I am totally burnt by now… my cock even hurts when I try to flex it… and my nipples are stinging… I hear a third girl say I am going for a ride… then I hear her walk over to me and start rubbing my cock… its starts to grow but it hurts so bad from being burnt… then I feel her sit on my cock and she starts riding it… it feels very good to be in her pussy, her juices are calming the burn a bit… the she reaches over and starts pulling my nipples and twisting the needles… I start to tear up then I hear her start breathing harder and she starts going faster… then shes riding it harder and harder and lets out a nice scream and now I am ready to explode in her I cant take any more… my cock starts thumping again and she just climbs off of me, my cock is standing up and bouncing around, just about ready to shoot all by itself… the first girl yells from the pool flick it or something… so the third girl takes her whole hand and slams it down on my balls… I yell again but not very good cause of the ball in my mouth, and yes more tears…and they all laugh… my cock goes soft again… back in the pool they go…and I am once again laying in the hot sun, this time my cock is covered in the girls juices, it feels pretty good… but what I don’t realize is that it is making the sun bake my cock even more… my nipples are totally on fire and my cock starts to feel like its going to fall off, I don’t even notice the dildo anymore… finally the first girl comes over and kneels by my chest and pulls out the needles at the same time… all I could say is that it hurt so good… then I feel her doing something to them she is putting something else in… oh the pain my nipples are burnt and now shes jamming something else in the holes she made… then I hear the first girl say come on over here both of you I have something for you to do… I hear her say take the sheet off of him…and the other 2 girls get to work undoing the sheet then the pull it off me… they both gasp and say oh my god hes so burnt… then she says ok you do this, I guess shes showing them cause she doesn’t say, and to the other she says you do this… and I am gunna do this, but don’t start till after I say so… the first girl starts touching my cock and rubbing it, I guess she put some lube on her hands cause its slipping right through them… it hurts so bad from being burnt I don’t think ill get hard… but she is working my cock really good that it doesn’t take long for it to get hard… she tells the third girl ok start, so she starts pulling and twisting my nipples…that hurts so bad that my cock starts to go soft… but the first girl brings it right back to hard… now my cock is starting to get the cum feeling even though I could feel the sunburn on it… then she says to the second girl ok go, the girl grabs the dildo and starts ramming it in and out of my ass, not just a little she pulls it almost all the way out and rams it all the way in... i don’t know how to describe it… with the three of them working on me… its like total pain from the sunburn and dildo and pierced nipples… but it feels so good…my cock is starting to get a little dry now but I am so close to cumming…she tells the second girl to keep doing what she is doing and jerk me with the other hand for a little bit but don’t make him cum yet…my cock is so dry now that I could feel her hand dragging on it… I hear the first girl run into the house and come back out rather quickly…she comes back over and says to the second girl ok get him ready to cum and when he’s ready I’ll take over… she’s jerking my cock really good now… I hear the first girl open something, and rub it on her hands…then I can hear them whispering to each other… my cock is starting to pulse and throb now I could feel the cum ready to erupt… my cock goes super hard and I am just about to shoot when the first girl grabs my cock and starts jerking me with both hands, my cock stings and burns she’s using icy hot or something, then just that fast my cock starts shooting cum everywhere, I even feel some hit my face…the second girl still working the dildo starts flicking my balls really hard… what I didn’t hear was what they whispered… the first girl told the second girl to flick my balls when I start cumming and keep flicking them… now I am cumming super hard shooting every where I could feel my cum running down next to my cock and down my crack to the dildo… now the second girl is fucking my ass with a dildo covered in my cum…and my cock and ball sack are burnt from the sun and burning from the icy hot and my balls are in total pain, and my nipples are now pierced and bunt and feel like they are being ripped off and my ass feels like its being ripped apart… that was the most intense cum I have had ever… I thought they were going to stop but they don’t stop… they just keep right on going… my cock is totally soft and the first girl just keeps rubbing the tip… its very slippery now she’s using my cum as lube… I hear her say watch this… she just keeps rubbing it and rubbing it and I start to get a pee feeling going on from it being so intense… then I just start peeing everywhere… the first girl takes her thumb and first finger and rubs the side of my soft cock the whole time I am peeing… I just can’t take any more and my whole body just goes limp, I think I actually passed out for a bit from total exhaustion… when I woke up the two other girls were gone and my cock was in even more pain then before…the girl took the blindfold off of me and took the ball out of my mouth… and I looked down at my cock it was so burnt it looked like I was going to have blisters on it and SHE PIERCED IT TOO… I had a really thick hoop in the tip and out the bottom of my cock… it was so thick that it just about blocked my hole…then the girl untied me and I reached down and felt my cock is was so burnt and sore I almost had tears in my eyes… I could barely touch it then I slid my hand down to may ass and my finger went right in my hole… it was still open from the huge dildo… I tried to squeeze it closed but it didn’t work… then I looked at my nipples and they were totally burnt also… and pierced with thick bars… I got up and ran to the pool and jumped in, I didn’t even care that I was covered in cum and pee… as I hit the water it went right up my ass, the hole still wasn’t closed, that felt kind of weird but very nice… the cool water eased the pain on my cock and nipples, and I just floated in the pool for a while and every now and then I could see some of my cum float by…and I could still feel the water going in and out of my ass whenever I moved… then I got out of the pool and when I stood up I could feel the water run right out of my ass… and went to get my clothes and saw them in a pile, I picked them up and they were cut to shreds, I had no clothes to wear home, just my shoes… so I hung out at her house for a bit and waited till it got dark, went out to my car totally naked, got in and as soon as I sat down I could feel my hole hit the seat, they really got my ass good… started the car and drove home…I’ll just say the next couple of days were terrible…and till this day my ass still won’t close totally…