The Walking Talking Tongue


Character Description:
Tyrone- Is a black American 18 year old basketball player.   He has a six pack of abs and hes feet are 13" inches long.   Hes cock is  12 1/2" inches long and 2" inches wide.   He has green eyes and a afro.  He is the most popular guy in school and is extremely popular with the ladys.   Currently his girlfriend is Veronia who is also vry hot herself.   Tyrone's favorite past time is sex.   He also has shaved off all his chest hair.  
It was 11:48 PM Tyrone was feeling tired and was in his apartment.   Normally Veronica would be their but she was working until 4:00 AM that night and for the next couple of nights.   Tyrone took off his shirt and went to bed in his white underwear at 11:52 PM.   After Tyrone was asleep his tongue began to move in his mouth.   He did not know this since he was sleeping.   After about 3 minutes of moving around in his mouth his tongue came out of his mouth and landed on his chest.   It slid down his body leaving a trail of saliva.   When it got to wear his underwear hes tongue went into his underwear and began to lick his cock then Tyrone's cock got hard.

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    After about 2 minutes of his tongue licking his cock Tyrone began to moan.   The tongue began to lick his cock faster and harder until Tyrone's cum squirted all over the inside of his underwear and all over his tongue.   Then his tongue got some rope and tied Tyrone to the bed softly and gently but very tightly.   it took his tongue about 2 hours but it was finally done.   Tyrone's tongue got a little mouth on the bottom of his tongue.   Anyway Tyrone woke up at 9:00 AM it was Saturday so their was no school.   When Tyrone woke up he felt their was no tongue in his mouth.   He screamed what the fuck.  Then his tongue went onto his chest and said whats up Tyrone.   Tyrone's mouth dropped open then he said what the fuck is going on.   Hes tongue said look I love licking pussy.   Then Tyrone said I do to.   Hes tongue then later replied yeah but since your girlfriend Veronica has been working late their has been no pussy licking bitch.   Tyrone then said its not my fault.   Then his tongue said oh yes it is you know you three last ex girlfriends Holy, Carmine, and Kara.

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    Then Tyrone replied yes what about them.   I want you to call them invite them over and have a threesome.   Tyrone said no fool im with Veronica.   The tongue said I don't care no do it.   Tyrone said no bitch now get back in my mouth.   Hes tongue said i knew I was going to have to o this the hard way.   Tyrone looked at him funny and said what the fuck do you mean.   Then his tongue jumped into his mouth and down his throat.   Tyrone was in shock.   His tongue traveled to his brain went into the center and was in control of him.   So the tongue made Tyrone untie himself which took about and hour.   Then his tongue made him get out of bed and go to the phone an call each one of his last three ex girlfriends and invite them over.   They all said yes at no suprise because he broke up with each of them.  When they were all finally their he asked them to sit down on the couch.   Which they did when he said well wanna have a threesome I do so lets go.


    All of the girls jumped at the chance the tongue made him take off his underwear and the all of the women took all their clothes. off.  Then Tyron got n the bed when Kara started to suck his cock and he said oh yeah I know you want that so suck it good.
      Meanwhile Holy and Carmine stuck his huge foot in their pussies and umped his foot.  Kara sucked him for about 5 minutes when he sa said with a grin im coming.   He came in her mouth she tried to drink it all but their was so much that som lik out of the side of her mouth.   All of a sudden Tyrone pulled his cock out of Kara's mouth and squirted cum all over her face and hair and breast.   It happened so fast that Kara did not even have time to close her eyes.   So some got in her eyes she ran to the bathroom to wash it out.   Holy and Carmine boh came at the same time all of their juices went right onto his foot and then h said good bye to Holy and Carmine.   Tyrone's tongue went out of the brain and bac into Tyrone's mouth to get some of Kara's pussy.   Even thought he was out of Tyrones brain it would take Tyrone 18 minutes to not do the actions that the tongue had told him to do.   When kara came back out she went back on the bed spread her legs wide and open.  Then Tyrone began to give her head.   The tongue made itself get 3 times as big and as long as it was before.

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        Kara went into a huge sound of moans and when she came the tongue had already made Tyrone's brain get ready to suck all her juices and drink them all which it did.   Then Kara left and the tongue had already made Tyrone's brain make Tyrone walk around before his tongue left.  Then it had made Tyrone lay back down by know Tyrones's feet had no more pussy juice but smelled.   So his tongue went on and around his feet and between his toes and went back in his mouth as his tongue.   When Tyrone was in control again he remembered everything that happend and was angry about his feet taste in his mouth.    


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