The Walking Talking Tongue Part 2


Character Description:
Tyrone- He is a very hot black American 18 year old basketball player.   He has a six pack of abs and his feet are 13" inches long.   His cock is  12 1/2" inches long and 2" inches wide.   He has green eyes and a black hair in a afro style.  He is the most popular guy in school and is extremely popular with the ladys.   Currently his girlfriend is Veronia who is also very hot herself.   Tyrone's favorite past time is sex.   He also has shaved off all his chest hair.   His best friend is Brad.
Brad- He is a very hot white American 18 years old basketball player.   He has a eight pack of abs and his feet are 12 1/2" inches long.   His cock is 18 2/3" inches long and 2" inches wide.   He has blue eyes and has brown hair in a mushroom like hair style.   He is the second most popular guy in school and is extremely popular with the ladys.   Currently his girlfriend is Tina and she is very hot herself.  Brad's favorite past time is sex.

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    He is also shaved all of his chest.   His best friend is Tyrone.
             It has been four and a half months since Tyrone's tongue did its last stunt in the last story.   It was the only time Tyrone's tongue ever did anything like that it pissed Tyrone off.   However he didn't say anything about it to anybody because they would think he was crazy he told nobody at all not even Veronica or Brad.   Brad and Tyrone had been best friends for years and were on the same basketball team.   That team was their high school basketball team. .   Well now four and a half months after the tongue came out Tyrone is finally begining to forget about it. Guy friends always play jokes on their friends to bug them and joke around Brad and Tyrone did the same.
            So in the morning of four and a half months since Tyrone's tongue came out is where the story begins. tyrone had played a big joke on Brad a week ago.   So Brad decided it was time to get back.   Brad had got artificial worm flavoring liquid and put it in Tyrone's hamburger when Tyrone went to get a drink.   All of the popular guys at the table had to hold back their laughter having seen what brad had done.

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   They had to hold back their laughter so Tyrone when he sat back down would not suspect a joke. About a minute after Brad had put the liquid in Tyrone's hamburger Tyrone sat back down and took a bite out of his hamburger. He immediately tasted the taste of a type of worm like flavor and got up from the table and spit out the bite of the hamburger he took. Everybody at the table especially Brad was laughing.
                  Then Tyrone said what the fuck you do Brad. Brad said got you back for that joke you played on me about two weeks ago. Then Tyrone said oh ok I see how it is i'll get you back and then Tyrone tried to wash the taste out of his mouth. Then he said well I got to admit dude you got me back.   Then Tyrone finished his lunch not the hamburger of course and had lots of fun the rest of the day.   Then after school was out Tyrone went home to his apartment and rinsed his mouth out.  then he called Veronica to see if she was going to come over for some hot sex. She said im sorry baby I can't tonight im working to 3:00 A. M in the morning but tomorrow I can come over baby and we can fuck all night. Then Tyrone still disappointed said alright baby i'll let you get back to work now love you girl. Then Veronica said you to baby.

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                When it turned 10:00 P. M Tyrone was tired and decided to go to bed. He took off his socks and pants and his shirt only leaving his black boxers on. Then he went to bed and fell asleep. About 34 minutes after he fell asleep his tongue started moving in his mouth and then his tongue started licking around his lips. Then Tyrone's tongue came completely out of his mouth and jumped on his chest. It was completely not attached to his mouth at all just like the first time it came out. bleeding or anything just like the first time.   Tyrone was still asleep when the tongue jumped out of his mouth.   The tongue was angry at Brad for making him have to taste that artificial worm flavor and the tongue wanted pay back. The tongue jumped its way into Tyrone's closet and got the 8 pairs of handcuffs Tyrone had in their.   He used four pairs of the handcuffs to handcuff Tyrone's hands and feet to the bed.   The tongue did this so that Tyrone couldn't get up and try to find him before he did what he was going to do.   Then Tyrone's tongue took one of the socks Tyrone had took off and quietly and softly put it into his mouth so that he could not scream and get one of his neighbors to help him.
              Then Tyrone's tongue jumped his way to Brad's house.

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    Brad had his own house and did not live with his parents but his girlfriend lived with him.   However Brad's girlfriend was on a vacation for 3 days and was not home.   Brad's house was 5 miles away from Tyrone's apartment but the tongue wanted revenge. When he got to Brad's house the tongue looked around the house and found a way inside he could have jumped up and opened the front door. It didn't because the front door was most likely locked and it would have made too much noise to open the front door it may have squeeked.   The tongue however found a half open window more then enough room for the tongue to get inside the house. So the tongue went inside the house and shut and locked the windows and the rest of the doors leading outside.  
             The tongue was very tired having carried four pairs of handcuffs all the way to brad's house. The tongue now was also very dirty. The way the tongue knew the way to Brad's house is because Brad and Tyrone and their girlfriends had come over to watch horror movies their before.  After the outside doors were locked and the windows too Tyrone's tongue went into a bathroom sink a quietly washed itself and then it dried its self. Then it quietly went into brads room and hand cuffed brad the same way it did Tyrone.   Brad was sleeping already and slept threw the whole thing of the tongue handcuffing him.   Brad was not wearing any socks or pants or a shirt.   Brad was only wearing some white boxers.

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   Brad was very sexy.   The tongue once it was done handcuffing Brad layed on his smooth hairless chest. At this point it was 2:00 A. M in the morning.
                    As soon as Tyrone's tongue layed on Brad's chest it then jumped on his face and started licking him lot to wake him up which it did.   As soon as it did woke brad up it jumped back on Brad's chest.   then brad opned his eyes and screamed and then said what the fuck. The the tongue said well well Brad how do you like having a joke played on you bitch.   Then Brad said what the hell are you talking about. Then the tongue said the one you played on Tyrone yesterday its not so fun having to taste artificial worm flavor bitch. Then the tongue said Tyrone is handcuffed to his bed and his mouth covered so he can't try to get help. If he knew what I was trying to do the stupid ass bitch would try and stop me.  then brad said look im sorry I will never do it again just uncuff me and i'll let you go come on.  
                     Then the tongue said oh no revenge first. Then Brad said what are you going to do.

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   Then the tongue said you see. The tongue was wet with saliva and it slid down brad's stomache.  Then Brad said eww groce. Then Tyrone's tongue slowly pulled off Brad's boxers and put them on the floor.   Then the tongue took off the blanket and put it on the floor.  Then the tongue jumped on top of Brad's cock.   Then the tongue whispered something to Brad's cock. Brad couldn't hear what the the tongue even said. Then Brad's cock started wiggiling. Then Brad said what the fuck did you do bitch. Then it Brad's cock started pulling itself upward. This was very sensual and brad started giving small moans. Then All of a sudden Brad's cock jumped onto his leg it was completely not attached to his body. Then Brad didn't feel sensual anymore he felt like nothing was their. The brad looked down and saw his cock standing up jumping up and down on his leg.

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   Then he said you fucking son of a bitch tongue look what you fucking did.  
                   Then the tongue said i know jackass I did it on puropse I just told your cock to detach itself from you. Then Brad said well tell it to re-attach itself to me.   then the tongue said oh no you tell it yourself. The Brad penis. then the tongue interupted and said oh no he likes to be called Mr. Cock.   Then Brad said fine mr. cock re-attach yourself to me now.   Then Mr. Cock said no not right so shut the fuck up. You have used me to fuck with enough. I am tired of those tight as condoms and you putting your hands around me a jerking me to throw up. The Brad said thats my fucking cum. Then Mr.

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   Cock said no thats my throw up bitch.   Then Mr.  Cock said Tyrone's tongue is right you need to pay me and Tongue have the right way to make you pay.  Then Mr. Cock became fully erect meaning horny. Then Mr. Cock who was a little to big for Brad's mouth pushed his way inside. Brad was trying to shake his head to shake the cock out of his mouth. At this momment the cock was of course still not attached to Brad's body.
                 Then finally after about 18 minutes his cok was all the way into his throat. Then it slid down into his upper chest. When that happened Brad was gasping for air thinking the worst part of the cock getting inside was over. However it was not because while it was in the top area of his chest he felt like he had a bad case of indigestion.   Which he had never ever got before.  then Mr.

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   Cock started rubbing itself inside Brad's lungs. Brad was moaning really loud and saying stop oh oh oh stop.   Brad was feeling very sensual. then the cock slid quickly up right behind Brad's teeth. Then Mr. cock rubbed himself on brad's tongue and the the tongue said oh yeah brad im cumming. Which it did it made Brad swallow half of the cum and aquirted the other half oh brad's abs and chest and nipples and feet. Brad was covered with cum. Then Mr. Cock slid back down brad's throat and next to brad's organ called the stomache. At this point brad said get out of my body Mr. Cock you mother fucker. Then Mr. Cock wacked itself against Brad's stomache organ. Making Brad throw up.

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                   Brad threw up all over the floor and said eww I don't feel so good and threw up again. then Mr. Cock slid down to Brad's ass and squezzed its way out of Brad's ass. Then it said now how does it feel ass hole. Then Mr. Cock re-attached itself to Brad's body right where it is suppose to be. Then the tongue was laughing really hard and then said oh Brad. Then Brad started saying im sorry im sorry im sorry enough I will never do anything like that to you again. then tongue said well my revenge is done. Then he went to the bedroom window and unlocked it.   Then the tongue went on top of Bard's abs and took some of Brad's cum and put it on himself. Then the tongue quickly opened the handcuffs and took them and quickly jumped out the window way to fast for brad to ever even catch him from leaving the room. Then the tongue slowly opened Tyrone's handcuffs and took out the sock in his mouthand back the handcuffs in the closet. Then he put Tyrone's sock back in the hamper.
              Then Tyrone's tongue still covered in Brad's cum jumped back into Tyrone's mouth but very softly and quietly and           re-attached itself to Tyrone.


   The tongue was back where it was suppose to be at 4:08 A. M.   At 7:30 A. M Tyrone woke up and said what the fuck and tasted cum inside his mouth. He put his fingers inside his mouth and took off some of the cum off his tongue. Then he knew that his tongue most have been out again but he had no clue as to what the tongue had did. He was pissed though and knew their was no way to keep his tongue inside of his mouth.
Their may be another sequel to this story I hoped you enjoyed.