The OPP1


First chapter in this weird story, let me know what you think, if enough like it I shall post the rest. I hope to be able to do a few more of these if there is enough interest. :-) Chapter 1 Sarah Morrison was feeling very happy, she had consumed enough alcohol to bemerry but not enough to be stupid. This was her last night of “freedom”, tomorrow she was going to marry the most wonderful man in the universe, andso she had been persuaded that she should go out and celebrate. She had been taken out on the town by her best friends Emma, Becky, Clara and Janet. “C’mon slowcoach!” said Emma, smiling at Sarah and then moving to catch up with the others. Emma was her best friend in the whole world, they had grown up together until Emma’s parents moved out of town when both girls were 13, she had moved back two years ago when she had finished college and renewed their friendship. Becky worked at the library with Sarah. She had met Clara and Janet whilst on holiday and they had renewed their friendship when Janet and her son Simon had moved in with Clara, who at 50 was the oldest of the group and Janet was her niece, she owned a large house a few minutes drive outside town and they were always trying to get Sarah to stay with them for a few days, but she never had time. Plus she was a little unsure of the two women’s relationship as they always seemed so close and constantly seemed to be touching each other. Now Sarah was a little nervous, she stood on the pavement outside of the large modern building, there were no windows and the only entrance she could see was the huge doors in front of her. Above the door was a large holographic sign displaying ‘OPP’ in huge green letters. Lots of people were milling around as the doors opened to allow people to enter or leave, the majority of the crowd were craning their necks trying to see insideAbout 30 years previously an alien spaceship had made an emergency landing right in the middle of the playing field during the World Cup final, the governments could no longer hide the existence of aliens and the floodgates opened for interstellar trade. Earth was welcomed into the Galactic Federation (after a few changes to Government and armaments) and the sight of aliens spaceships in the sky was no longer a myth or a joke. A year or so after these events the first of the OPP’s (Offworld Pleasure Palaces) appeared, first for the use of alien visitors then humans found that they could also partake of the services of these ‘exotic’ entertainment establishments, or as most of the worlds religions called them “Satan’s Dens of Depravity”. Of course with the discovery of aliens species from all over the Galaxy religion did not hold as important a place as it had previously.

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  Sarah stood nervously looking up at the sign, this was the part of the evening that she had been dreading, she had only ever been with one man and the thought of what may be inside those doors was, frankly, quiteterrifying. Emma came back to see what was wrong. “Are you coming or what? She grinned. “I…. I’m not sure about this,” Sarah stammered, “you hear so much about these places and, well I am getting married in the morning. ”“All the more reason for you to try it, it may be the one and only time you do. ”“Yes but…. ”“You know the boy’s are taking Jon to one of these, so if he does why can’t you?”“Well I suppose…”"Do you know what the waiting list is like for these places?" Asked Emma. "Well er. . . . . no. I would.

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  . . . ""And what I had to do to get this. " Emma pulled a brown paper package from her purse and waved it under Sarah's nose. "Mint?""Not just any old mint. " Emma looked around to see no one was near and leant in to whisper in Sarah ear, "Kendal mint cake!""Kend. . . . . . !" began Sarah"SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!" hissed Emma looking around again. "Yes,” she continued, “only made in England, hell of a job trying to get any over here, luckily I have a friend who is a pilot who gets it for me, mind you the things I had to do for it. ""What things?” asked Sarah, Emma looked at her and raised her eyebrows, “oh those sort of things, but why?" asked Sarah totally puzzled.

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  "To the Philosians it is a very powerful aphrodisiac, just this, no other mint has the same effect. ""Now I know you are joking" scoffed Sarah. "Not a bit of it," said Emma, "there is enough here to get us anything we want in there," she jerked her head towards the door, "all 5 of us. And," she added, "it's this that has got us to the front of the queue, so don't knock it. " She looked around again before putting it back in her purse. Emma took Sarah's hand and led her to the door, “Now come on, I promise you,” she said pushing open the door, “you are in for the time of your life. ”They walked into a brightly lit foyer, there were plush comfortable looking couches spread all over the room, plus some things that did not look designed for the human bottom. Most of the couches were occupied by women and a few aliens. Alien attendants moved between the couches bearing drinks or talking to the clients. The other girls in Sarah’s party were talking to a very tall blue alien. It must have been at least seven feet tall, as Sarah got closer she could see more details. It looked almost like a normal human woman apart from the height and the blue skin. She was completely bald, had tiny ears and almost no nose. But Sarah thought that she had never seen eyes more beautiful than the huge dark eyes that now looked down at her. The aliens full lipped mouth seemed to be set in a permanent smile.

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   She wore a loose fitting gown from her neck to the ground so it was impossible to see her shape. “Greetings mistress. ” The alien said to Sarah, “your friends tell me that tomorrow you are taking part in the joining ritual you humans call marriage. ” The aliens voice sounded like a bell with a small tinkle at the end of each word, apart from that the English it spoke was excellent. “May I offer my congratulations. ”“Th. . Thank you, yes I am,” answered Sarah, “Are…umm. . er…. are you a…. . errrmmm…. . a woman?” stammered Sarah.

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  The alien threw back her head and made a loud tinkling sound that Sarah took to be laughter. “I’m sorry. ” Began Sarah, “I didn’t mean to offend. ”The alien stopped “laughing” and looked down at Sarah, “No mistress, it is I who should apologise, I should not have laughed, you are correct I am a female. ”Sarah smiled weakly, “What should I call you?”“Call me mistress?”“Yes,” said Sarah, “what is your name?”“You shouldn’t ask those things Sarah!” Emma cut in with a frown, “Their names are only given to family and close friends, you must address her as Facilitator!”“No Mistress Emma, it is alright,” the Facilitator held up a hand, “as I was rude enough to laugh at Mistress Sarah’s question and in honour or her coming ritual,” she turned to Sarah, “you would not be able to speak my real name but if you would, you may call me Siree. ”“Thank you, Siree. ” Said Sarah, conscious of the wide eyed stares of her companions. “Now Mistress’s would you like refreshments brought?” asked Siree. “Well I would li…” began Sarah. “No thanks,” said Emma. “We should just get on. ”“Yes. ” Added Clara, “we have to get Sarah home by midnight. ”“Or she’ll turn into a pumpkin. ” Said Janet, the girls howled with laughter as Sarah blushed.

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  Siree, looked down at Sarah with interest, “I was not aware that Humans were shape shifters. ”“Oh we aren’t,” giggled Becky, “it’s just a joke. ”“Joke?” said Siree, “Ahh yes, Human humour, like your food I think, an acquired taste. ”The women stopped giggling and managed to look a little sheepish. Emma stepped close to the Facilitator and handed her the package, “Here you are, the agreed price. ” The package disappeared into the folds of the gown. Siree seemed to sway for a moment, “Yes, that seems to be correct. ” She said, Sarah noted that the tinkle to her voice seemed a little deeper. “This way mistress’s” said Siree leading the way through the couches. Some of the women already there seemed a little put out. “Hey,” called a rather fat older lady, “they just got here!”“In perfect time for their appointment mistress. ” Siree answered her as she ushered the group through the door and following closely closed it behind her. They were in a dimly lit corridor, “The first door on your right Mistress’s. ” The women filed into a small room, large fluffy gowns were hanging on the walls. A small alien creature was sat at a desk, it arose as they entered.

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  Siree came in behind them, “If you would remove your garments and then go to the medical assistant for your medication. ”The women began stripping off, Sarah hesitated, “Medication?” she whispered to Emma. “Yes,” answered Emma, mostly to make sure we don’t infect them and they don’t give us any alien bugs, and also a smell depressant. ”“Smell depressant?”‘Yeah,” laughed Emma, “apparently we stink to most of them. ”Sarah looked up at Siree, “Is that true, we smell bad to you?”“No Mistress,” answered Siree after a moments pause, “YOU do not smell bad to me. ”Sarah started to undress, she had not noticed any emphasis in the answer, she was a little embarrassed as Siree seemed to be watching her and not the others. Sarah looked at her friends. Becky was the shortest, she barely came to Siree’s waist, she was a little chubby but not fat, she had large, saggy, breasts and a thick bush of blonde pubes to match the hair on her head. She looked over at Clara and Janet who were helping each other to undress. She felt a little ashamed as she admired their bodies, they were both striking women. Her jaw dropped as she saw Janet slip a finger between Clara’s hairless pussy lips, stroke for a few seconds then she sucked on her finger grinning all the while at her Aunt. Clara was also grinning and reached over to tweak Janet’s nipple. Sarah saw that Clara had the nipple of her right breast pierced. She wondered that a woman of her age would do that. “C’mon you two save it for later.

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  ” Grinned Becky. Emma laughed, and walked over to the medic, she moves with such grace, thought Sarah gazing at the slim body with the smallish breasts and the small strip of hair on her pussy. Sarah was still in her bra and panties, when the others had been through the medical station and were putting on their robes. “Do you need assistance Mistress. ” Tinkled the voice of Siree. Sarah looked up to find the alien towering above her, “No, I’m just slow. ” Sarah chuckled apologetically and stripped off her underwear before hurrying over to themedical alien who looked like a cross between a frog and a mouse. It stroked her arm with an instrument of some kind and indicated that she should join the others. Sarah grabbed a robe and hurried after the others who were following Siree out of a second door. They were in a second corridor, which led into a round chamber, there were at least 20 doors in the wall, each one had a window at the side and all the windows had screens that were closed. “Now Mistress’s,” said Siree, “have you made a choice, or do you need the monitor?” she pointed to a computer screen on a table in the centre of the room. “I want the Dreedac Worms. ” Becky said quickly. “Very well mistress, this way if you please. ” Siree led the way to a door, all of them looked the same, so Sarah didn’t know how she could tell where these worm things were.

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  “May we watch?” asked Clara. Siree looked at Becky who shrugged, “I don’t mind. ”“Then you may watch until the worms are settled. ” Said Siree, she opened a door and beckoned them to go in, she followed and closed the door. Inside were eight round tanks, each about 18 inches high and around 18 feet across, filled to the brim with a pink slimy substance. Becky stripped off her gown and mounted a small platform set against one of the tanks, she held her hands out if front and then slid on her belly across the surface of the slime, she let out a load moan as her breasts touched the surface. “It smells like caramel. ” Said Sarah. She watched as Becky slid along the surface of the slime on her belly then rolled around in it covering herself in seconds all the time moaning, she suddenly stiffened and let out a scream, and with a sigh relaxed and lay on her back arms stretched out and leg flung apart, her body shuddered every few seconds as another orgasm flowed through her. “What is this stuff?” whispered Sarah, amazed at what had happened. Siree stepped to the side of the tank and stooping down dipped a long finger into the slime and approaching Sarah said, “If you will permit me mistress. ” She pulled Sarah’s gown open to allow a breast to spring free and smeared the slimy stuff onto the nipple. “What are you……. . OH MY GODDDD!!!” Sarah’s knees buckled slightly as a wave of pleasure rushed through her body, she felt her pussy juices dripping down her leg.

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   “My god what is that stuff?” she gasped. “The secretions of the Dreedac worm. ” Tinkled Siree. “Watch. ”They stood quietly and watched as the pink surface started to tremble, Clara had moved up behind Janet and had reaching around her body pushed a hand inside the gown, Sarah could see it moving on the woman’s large breasts and heard Janet gasp with pleasure. She turned her attention to the tank where Becky lay, suddenly smiling, as the surface of the fluid became more and more agitated. Sarah gave a start and let out a little cry as a small black, round snout emerged near Becky’s hip, the thing slithered up onto Becky’s stomach and started to move up her body. Becky was writhing around in the slime and moaning all the time, a huge smile on her face. The ‘worm’ was about 2 inches thick and almost two feet long, totally black and smooth. More and more emerged from the slime and started to slither onto the moaning girl. The tip of the first one touched Becky’s chin and she eagerly opened her mouth to allow the worm to slide in. Sarah watched with horrified fascination as the worm started to slip in and out of her friends full lipped mouth. Suddenly it turned bright blue, all the other visible worms turned bright red. “Wh…what happened?” whispered Sarah. “The blue one is now a female,” explained Siree, “the others are now male, see she is laying her eggs.


  ”Sarah watched the bright blue worm pulsating, pushing something down Becky’s throat, Becky’s body thrashed about in the slime and a load muffled moan came from her throat. “It’s hurting her!” cried Sarah, “Stop it!”“No,” said Janet huskily, her gown was open and Clara was squeezing and pinching her nipples while her other hand was busy on Janet’s pussy. “quite the opposite, she is having another orgasm. ”Sarah was unable to drag her eyes away for the scene in front of her. She shook her head and blinked rapidly, “D…d…. did Becky’s…?” she stammered unable to believe her eyes. “Yeah. ” Breathed Emma. “her tits just got bigger, watch what happens next. ”Sarah glanced at her best friend, her gown was open and she was kneading her small tits, her other hand was rubbing her pussy lips, Sarah could see the fingers glistening. She returned her gaze to the tank and gave another small cry as suddenly twin jets of milk sprayed from the recumbent girls round tits. Two worms reared up and the blunted ends suddenly opened up and they clamped onto the spurting nipples. More worms were writhing in a frenzy between the open thighs. “Wow,” gasped Clara, “look at them fighting to get into her cunt and ass”The blue worm slipped from Becky’s mouth and disappeared into the slime, it's job done, there was a scrabble and a red worm slipped in to replace it, pumping something down her throat. One of the worms on the blonde’s tits, now bloated to twice its  normal size, slipped from her body and disappeared beneath the surface, Becky’s tit sprayed milk high into the air as the worms fought over the nipple.

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   One finally won and settled down, its body pulsating as it sucked the milk from the bloated tit. All the while Becky was moaning and her body twitching, suddenly she convulsed so hard that the worms were all thrown from her body, two worms had slid into her cunt and were fucking her trying to get further in, there was another scramble as they fought to get to the nipples that were spraying milk into the air. “Come. ” Said Siree at the open door. “So they worms made the milk flow?” asked Sarah as she passed Siree. “Yes the laying of the eggs release enzymes that stimulates the flow of milk and the fluid stimulates the release of sexual fluids. , the worms feed on these and any bodily waste” Siree explained. “Better than a colonic irrigation. ” Giggled Emma as she went out of the door. “Oh so that’s why the worms were desperate to get into the …erm. . ” said Sarah“Yes,” continued Siree, “into the cunt and ass. ”Sarah blushed red. “I see by your colour change that you are embarrassed. ” Said Siree, “have I not got the words right?”“Well,” Sarah said, “you have, it’s just a little,… crude.

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  ”“Should we not be a little ‘crude’ in a place like this?” asked Siree, a small tinkle in her voice, “Do you not like the words?”“Weeelllllll,” admitted Sarah face burning with embarrassment, “I do find them a little…. exciting. ”“Then,” smiled Siree, “I shall use them when I can to add to your excitement and enjoyment of our facility. ”“Oh you don’t have to trouble yourself over that” said Sarah really embarrassed now. “Oh it is no trouble Mistress Sarah. ” Smiled Siree. Siree pressed a panel at the side of the door and this lit a green light just above the door on the outside. “In an hour,” she explained to Sarah, “the light will glow red signalling the attendants to remove your friend from the pool. ”“An hour of constant stimulation. ” Gasped Sarah remembering the pink slimes effect on her just from having it rubbed on a nipple. ”Again the tinkling “laugh” from Siree, “Yes, that makes them tired enough for us to remove them. In the past, if we removed them before this time, we have had clients injure themselves in a effort to return to the worms. ”Sarah giggled, “All that ecstasy must make them want to stay forever. ”“Ahh but ecstasy has a price. ” Said Siree, “in four hours she would slip into a coma, in eighteen hours it is irreversible.

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   In three days she would be dead. ”Sarah’s eyes widened in horror. “Dead?”“Yes the worms then eject the body from the pool, the eggs inside hatch and a new pool starts. ”"Eeeewwwwwwwwwww thats gross. " said Sarah. Siree looked at her and spread her hands in a gesture that Sarah took to be a shrug. "Thats life. " she said. “But the eggs in Becky?”“A little radiation kills them, harmless to your friend. ”“Oh” said Sarah. “Now Mistress’s” said Siree, turning to the others, “Who shall be next?”Clara and Janet both had their robes open and were busy kissing and caressing each other, Sarah found herself staring at them, especially the older woman’s breasts. They broke off from their fondling and Clara said,“We want the Powder Puff!”