Teresa and the Sex Faries


Teresa got her first period at the age of 18 and by the time she was 18 had 36D breasts. Although she did not know much about sex she got very erotic dreams that had to come from somewhere. As I said, Teresa had matured very young and her body was a torment to keep under control. It did not help that little voices kept telling her to do things that a good girl and some bad girls should not do. One afternoon as she had been shopping the most lustful thoughts came into her mind, voices whispering in her ear, Your titties should be played with Teresa, you want to show them off and have them sucked and biten till they hurt. You want your pussy fucked hard, don't you? Admit it, You want to be bad, it will be what gives you the feelings you want. Her face was flushed and she was hot all over suddenly cumming in her panties, soaking her jeans as if she had pissed in them. After the orgasm a voice said to several others, "Oh yeh, she is a little slut, she is a squirter. . lets make her cum again. " Suddenly her nipples felt pain as if someone was biting them hard, both at once. She ran to her room and locked the door. She ran to her bathroom and looked in her mirror. It was if there was something in her blouse, moving around all over her titties especially around the nipples. Then again a rush of pain/pleasuer shot through her body as her pussy soaked her jeans again. She melted to the floor almost crying, "What is happening? Why me? Oh please stop.

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  " The voices got louder, now from all over the bathroom. "Now, she is ready, now we have her, she is ours, let do it now. " "Yes, he is right, take her now, make her out little slut, make her do everything. " Her clothes somehow came off her body and through tears she thought she saw some creatures, some small and some bigger, all of the had fierce faces and glowed. They were all unmistakely naked and their sexual parts were exagerated. Some of the ones that looked female had huge titties and nipples, liquid leaking from them, their pussy lips swollen and bright pink and naked, juices almost flowing from them. One such creature shoved a hard nipples into her mouth forcing it to her lips. "Suck it, suck it little slut, suck out my milk and be my slave. " She did as she was told having no other choice. Her body seemed to be covered now with hands and feet, mouths and lips and sucking and probing. Suddenly her legs came apart, forced by pairs of rough hands or paws? Sharp nails dug into her flesh inside her thoughs if she tried to pull them together, then the pain of something forcing entry into her pussy, "Oh, no, no please stop, it hurts. " "Oh, does it hurt? Too bad, shut her up. " Another thing slipped into her mouth, down her throat, gagging her. She saw out of the corner of her eye in the floor length mirror creatures all over her body. ONe had forced himself into her pussy, he was humping madly almost yelling with lust.

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   Another had pushed into her mouth equally madly fucking her mouth. Several others were on her titties sucking and biting her. The the juices began filling her, making her dizzy, feeling suddenly sexy, enjoying the things being done to her young body. "Oh yes, of, that feels good, more please more.
    " "See it is the fairie juices that does the spell, fill her up and she is ours anytime we want. " Juices filled her pussy, her mouth and the milk from the titties of the female faries filled her tummy as she now willingly sucked them as if hungry. She fell asleep, soundly. A coule hours later she heard her parents car in the driveway. She got up and in the mirror there were marks all over her body, little teeth marks, Her nipples had several that had been bleeding from the lustful bites of the faries. as she sat up her pussy ran a milky liquid on the floor. "Oh my, it was not a dream, it was real. " She got up and got in the shower. She washed herself in hot water for a long time then put on her PJs that covered her all over and went to bed. The night was filled with voices and dreams of things that men and women did with each other and other things, animals mating with women, all kinds of things that a good girl and many bad girls did not do, but somehow she was doing them, everything the voices told her she ws doing. Teresa woke up the next day, the marks were gone.

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       What? "Maybe it was a dream. " Then her pussy was sore and her nipples were still very sore and a sweet taste was in her mouth. "Maybe it wasn't. " She dressed and left for school on the bus as usual. She stood because none of the boys or others on the bus would get up for a girl to sit. Besides, most of the boys liked trying to look up her skirt and at her chest which was at the right level if she stood and they sat. Then it began. "Nice nipples we sucked last night Teresa. " "Yes, very nice titties" said another. Then another "And I loved sucking yur pussy clit Dear. " She felt heat spreading over her body to her hips, her pussy getting wet. "Oh notplease, not now. " "Huh?".