Seduction pt 4


So mum had gone off earlier than usual and strangely I thought, - No not her going early. No! it was my stepdad having put on and dimmed the room light,but making it less dimmed than usual. He pulled the curtains closed and it wasn't exactly dark yet. I knew what he was up too. He wanted us to be on the settee as we'd been before. I sat dressed in my normal clothes and done nothing,just sat there and waited to see what he would do next.

He sat alongside me where-as in the past he didn't until I asked or made an excuse for him too. - "May as well get comfortable eh?" - I grinned a grin and said nothing. - He went on, - "Its usually you wanting to sleep on here but I'm wacked at the mo' - If I nod off for a bit,give me a shake when you need to get into your night-clothes" - I couldn't resist a torment, - "No need,I know how they go on myself" - "You know what I'm on about" - My most innocent look was beguilling - "Its those short short PJs I bet" - "Why would I wear them in front of you?" - "Because you've been wearing them all week,I'm not that stupid,I know what you're up too"

I felt heat in my pussy,I knew the other week I had him,but now he was begging as far as I was concerned" - "Only good boys get treats,are you a good boy?" - I had a surprise from him now. - I need a pee, want to see my 'good boy' - I knew he was being rude but acted the innocent, - "Oh! Where is it upstairs hidden,or can I see what you've got?" - Grinning widely,he left for the little room with me in tow. I shot ahead of him before he got to the stairs,I wanted him to see up my clothes as we went up them.

I wasn't disappointed either,having headed, oh so innocently towards the bedoom,I quickly back tracked as he went to the toilet. Now standing sideways on,I knew this was to give me the view I knew he intended me to have. He dropped the zip and pulled his now stiff cock out to pee. - I admit it shocked me although I'd seen it half hard before. It stood stiffly pointing towards the ceiling at a sloping angle.

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   - "Bugger me! That's a whopper,I've not seen one that big" - as I feasted my eyes on it. It was no lie,I hadn't seen one as big as his. - He,after getting trouble making the hard thing pee,now shook the end drips off as he put it away with a smug smile on his face.

Now back down on the settee,I had wet knickers and his dick had shrunk to a bulge again. I had those thoughts again,surely I couldn't take that big-a-one, COULD I? I also had no shock at him showing me it as he pissed. In fact it seemed rather a natural thing for him to do I thought. Now sat side-by-side,he nodded off. Letting him stay for awhile I put my hand down my waistband to feel myself as I thought about where this was leading.

Now I was sure he was asleep,I gently pulled his hand to my waistband and tried to feed his fingers down to my pussy inside my knickers. The skirts band was to tight so I loosened it off while my knickers were far more elasticated. Having pushed his hand inside,I tingled as I felt the fingers touch my pubes. He moved slightly and in panic that he was waking,I froze. Then I felt his fingers pass over my pubes and a finger slid into my pussy's slit. I could feel how slippery I was as he moved it back up a bit. Then just as his hand went to go down again,he jumped, - "Oh Fuck! Sorry! Sorry! I was dreaming,thank christ I woke up" - He drew his hand out of my panty's as though he'd been burnt.

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I sat gutted,I was really enjoying my excitement at being fingered,while knowing my friend would never believe I'd actually done it to him. He stood unsure it seemed as to sought how I would react, - "What happened then? Were you asleep as well?" I nodded yes, - "I'm not sure,you jumped and woke me up" - "Why did you jump,what happened then to make you?" - I lied. - "Dunno,suddenly I came awake" - I wondered if he'd cum off in his pants. - "Its getting later,better get ready for bed hadn't we?"

Obediently I complied,My pussy wanted him to play with me,the sooner the better. - Now my shorty PJs were perfect for tonight,the legs were enorous gaps being as my petite frame was simulated by my slim thighs,I had no intension of making this easy for him,in fact I'd even took note of him being right handed,so I would lay so his most suitable hand wasn't the one that suited my loose legged PJs. - We settled back down now in my under car rug desired position. I,having lain across his lap in a positionthought most suited,made a point of wriggling to get comfortable, - What a lie, - I was wriggling to give him a hardon. Now there we stayed until he asked if I was asleep. - "No. I like you patting my bum"

No standing on ceremony this time. He had his hand straight up inside my loose PJs leg and under may panty's and off he went as though in a hurry to get back to where he'd last been. EG. feeling in the crease of my bum. I tingled as I felt his fingers slide up and down the crease again. not right in against my bums hole but nicely sliding along it.

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   I felt him going down further and further towards my pussy end but I knew he had now come up against my cute young ass cheeks. I also knew it wasn't only my thighs stopping him going farther through my legs,it was my panty's not being loose enough for his hands.

I made no attempt to help him - Let him figure it out for himself,the horny old gett was making my pussy drip love juice. - "You asleep there?" - "mmm" - He obviously decided I wasn't so continued playing with what he had. It was having a suitable affect on his cock. It pressed against my boney hip and I just had to move to a more comfortable position. As I tried to do so,he said, - "Getting uncomfortable is it,turn yourself up to the other end,you'll change sides that way" - He was right,lost now was my torment of making him use his left hand,as I climbed across and round a mutual groping took place, me placing my hand on his obvious hardon and he grasping my pert firm tities as he tried to stop me falling off his lap. - FALLING OFF MY EYE - My limpet like grip around his rock hard gear shift would never have allowed me to fall anywhere.

I resumed my sleepy mode and he didn't question if I had fallen asleep as he placed his hand inside my PJs/Panty's and went back to feeling my bum. But now he started exploring just what he could get at. I felt his thunb trying to move the tighter knicker leg from my bum down between my legs. I felt him playing around and thrilled at how sensitive he was making the skin between my pussy and bum hole feel. I knew it was because his thumb was tickling my fine pube hairs between my legs.

Being on my side,I helped now by raising my top thigh open and up towards my belly. He took this opportunity offered to ease my panty's gusset slightly away from my pussy.

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   Now more loose he wasted no time in sliding his thumb knuckle down inside the gusset while his other hand eased the knickers towards one side. - I also realised now why he had put the dimmer higher than usual as I felt the coolness of him peeling the car rug away from us. - He wanted to look at what he'd been desiring to see for so long. - My pussy slit! I could hear his breathing and feel the thump! thump! thump! of his heart as he explored my nakedness. - Of course it may have been my own heart thumping with excitement as he played with my quim!

As he slid his thumb and fingers through the slippery groove of my pussy,I felt his knuckle drift across my tiny orifice. The gooeness told him I was fruity. - "You enjoying it?" - I jerked my buttocks, In an instant he touched my little clitoris and I came off. The orgasm was mighty in its nature but biting my lip I contained my need to scream. But he knew he'd made me cum because I couldn't contain my hips from fucking his finger as it slipped up and down across my throbbing nub. - As I panted in my after-throws of orgasm, I felt his body stiffen jerk a few times then relax as he gasped for breath. - That's why on finding his pants stuck to the towel I knew I'd made him cum without ever either of us touching his cock.

We now lay enjoying the aftermath of our secret sexual activity. - You enjoyed that then?" - MMM! - "This could become a habit for us!" - "MMMM!" - " Want it too?" - "MMM - MMM!" - He pulled at my knickers and I lifted to help him in doing what he wanted. - Now with my knickers and PJs eased down more he went back to playing with my pussy. He had his knuckles bent and was letting them lube my whole slit with my love juice.

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   Then in an instant he straightened his thumb and pushed it in to my pussies hole. I felt a slight stinging and he held still. - "Alright?" - "MMMM!" The sensation made me pull my other thigh up my chest and I knew he was getting my panty's out of the way so he could see my pussy properly. - Hardly being able to contain himself, he wiggled his thumb inside me. - "MMM - MMM - MMMMMM!" - "Fuck! You're tight Soni" - In an instant his thumb was fucking my tiny pussy like a piston, - "Come on my beauty,cum for your daddy" - God did I? I felt the most fantastic orgasm as I made an unearthly sound of orgasm. I felt my love juices urge from inside me on to his fisted fingers. - Then I lay smouldering in the after glow.

After I don't know how long,but I do know he was revelling in looking at my cunt and ass,because he'd now pulled my clothes right down off my lower body and kept saying, - "All so beautiful. All so succulent,All I want is to fuck it and play with it forever" - I trembled as he lifted me like a feather and kissed me right on my bum hole then my sopping wet pussy. He done it over and over then said. . . "Next time eh! Who Knows!" - I knew he meant,he intended to fuck me next time. - I couldn't contain myself. - "Dad,that pushing your thumb in me,does that mean I'm not a virgin now?" - "No Sonia,you're still a virgin but you've lost the little membrane,this is what it takes inside you to take your virginity" - "Grinning nyphet I became.

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   - "Or one like it" - "You little bitch,you can be a right witch like your mother,you wouldn't rob me of that pleasure after the pleasuring I just gave you? would you?" - "You better be quick then,there may be others waiting their chance!"

"We can't tonight,to dangerous,she went into the flat just after you screamed out,lucky it was before she got back,we'll need to do it earlier. Okay" - I looked at my watch,it was late,but not as late as she usually arrived back. My black witches heart clicked into gear - I was born on halloween - Mums up to something in there,I'll find out somehow!!!

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