Pea Pod Pt3


Pea Pod Pt3
**********The next morning on the other hand was something else entirely.
I don’t know who decided that I was the meat in this sandwich, but when I opened my eyes, I had Meka on one side and Gwen on the other and they seemed to have a new fascination with my tits.
“Look how her little legs go rigid and quiver when you suck these perfect, huge, jiggly orbs.   And look at the way her head thrashes back and forth,” Gwen told Meka as she manipulated my nipple.
“Did you notice her toes are clenched and her feet are pointed?” Meka returned.
“Mmmm yes, Doug?  Do you want anything dear?” Gwen asked innocently.
“Fuck me, fuck me.   Please fuck me,” I begged.
“It sounds like our little Doug here is a slut.   All right since you asked so nice.   Gwen, go ahead with that lovely strap-on,” Meka urged.
There is no way to describe it to someone without a vulva, what being penetrated like that feels like.   You’ll just have to believe me, if it is done right, it feels wonderful.
Gwen banged me while Meka suckled and diddled my clit.
My only job at that point was to deafen the neighborhood dogs.
Those two wicked women made me orgasm twice and then, Gwen used her tonsil tickler on my clit, ducking into my vagina from time to time, to make me cum again.

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    When it looked like I could take no more, they nuzzled me and held me until I could control my body again.
“Doog?  Is Doog good?” Meka teased me.
Gwen snickered, “Is that how you talked before you came here?  That is so hot!  You could have half the men in this city with that native girl routine.   There would be a line at the front door half a mile long waiting their turn,” she informed Meka.
“When I pulled Doug into my world, that’s all the better I could talk.   I spent two days watching television, and practicing before I could become somewhat proficient in your language,” Meka assured Gwen.
I was, recovered enough for that to bring up a question, “Two days?  I, fainted for two days?”
“Not exactly…  I gave you something to keep you asleep.   The transformation can be a great strain on a man.   I felt it was best,” she admitted.
“You went two days without eating?” I asked not believing that she had.
“No Doug, I made a couple trips to the village so that they would know where we were, and what had happened to you.   Oh and two of your wives will be visiting us in… oops!  About a minute,” she leapt out of bed in her baby doll, with us following more slowly.
There were two women standing in the living room looking completely lost, but once they saw Meka, their faces lit up and they ran to hug her.
They chattered away in the singsong language I remembered.   I heard, “Doog,” and saw Meka point at me.

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    It was a good thing I was paying attention because they shot down the hallway and latched onto me hugging me from both sides.
They started kissing my cheeks saying, “Doog,” they were saying other words I did not know as well, but I knew they were happy to see me.
Meka was still talking to them, when suddenly they let me go and latched onto Gwen, saying, “Gween. ”  Close enough I guess, because it brought a huge smile to her face, as they kissed her too.
“What did you tell them?” I asked Meka, curious to know.
“I told them to greet your newest wife and that she will be a great asset to our world,” Meka told me in a conspiratorial whisper.
“Why did you have them come?” I continued.
“Well Doug, they are your wives, and we are going to need more of our village women who can speak your language.   I figured that we can use some help while you, Gwen, and I are setting up all of the different things we talked about,” she logically concluded, “they love you very much as well, and to help out they will see to it that we are provided food and comfort.   They are very motivated and have now come to believe that you are the key to saving our world. ”
“Damn, that is one hell of a heavy load you want to drop on me,” I exclaimed as I watched Gwen be, molested.
“I have carried it alone long enough.   If you do not wish to accept it I will understand,” her lower lip stuck out in a pout.
“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it, it was a shock to know that what we plan to do is that important,” I hugged her, “I’m sorry that you had to shoulder this great responsibility by yourself for so long. ”
“It has been difficult, especially knowing that there was such little hope,” she affirmed.

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“With that portal gizmo of yours, why haven’t you linked it to my world long before this?” I asked her incredulous that she hadn’t used it sooner.
“We had no way to establish a connection until you crashed near an old portal site in the Amazon, your close proximity and unique mental resonance was what allowed me to make the link.   I have been searching for such a link every day since I was a small girl.   When my father had come from there in the past, my mother had been so excited that she accidentally jumbled the settings, so we lost our connection.   When you came through, I made quite certain, of what the settings were.   So, when you wanted to come back, I interfaced to your, ah… how to put this, well the closest is, ‘your feeling of home,’ which brought us straight here,” she stopped to catch her breath, “just before we left last time I locked the controls so that only I can change them from this location. ”
“Now do you see why you are held in such high esteem by our people?” she smiled at me as she gazed into my eyes.
“Well I promise that I will do my best to get as many of our women knocked up as I can.   I will predict that English is going to be a very popular subject in the village,” I surmised.
“Gwen have they hugged the tar out of you yet?” I asked her as we approached.
“Who are they Doug?” she asked wide eyed.
“Maybe Meka should explain,” I quickly passed this hot potato, it looked like one of those times that she would be far better at smoothing things over than I.
“Let me introduce you to Beath, and Windy, also wives to Doug,” she, matter of factly stated.   “They will be so pleased to have you as part of our family!”
“What?” Gwen screeched.   “How many of us are there?”
“About twenty, these two the ten that are pregnant, you, six others, and me,” Meka declared as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

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    When she saw the look on Gwen’s face she added, “Doug was a very busy boy back in the village. ”
“No wonder you ran away.   They turned you into the village bicycle,” Gwen snorted after saying that, “I would have thought you were in stud heaven. ”
“Actually, I ran away because I was starting to loose my desire to come home,” I told her, blushing bright red.
Meka jumped in with, “Just as it happened to my father/mother, another reason we could no longer lock onto his ‘home identity’. ”
“Don’t worry Gwen, your sister wives are here to help out and to travel back and forth carrying news and goods.   They will join us in bed though, if you want,” Meka teased.   At least I hope she was teasing.
“They sure are an affectionate pair,” Gwen declared, “Doug, how are you going to support all of this? ”
“First thing I suggest that we all get dressed.   Beath and Windy, are starting to become over stimulated,” I told them, pointing to the ladies who were touching and stroking our baby dolls.
“Eh hem,” Meka cleared her throat, giving the ladies a ‘look’.   Then she turned to us and said, “Good idea, you two jump in the shower and I’ll be right behind you.   I want to give some instructions and make sure no one gets too curious until we can educate them better. ”
After showering and dressing, (Gwen made both Meka and I do some of our own make-up) we met Beath and Windy in the living room, whereupon sitting on the sofa, Beath and Windy started serving us breakfast.
“Where did all of this come from?” I asked incredulous, for I was looking upon a miniature version of the banquet of two weeks ago.

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“I had some of the wives setup camp in the temple, as support liaisons,” Meka informed us as she dug into the piles of food we had in front of us.
Gwen remarked, “Damn girl, you are good,” then started looking over the offerings.
I already had my favorites, so I helped her out, offering different selections and describing them in Earth terms.
Once done Gwen and I started teaching the women about the appliances in the kitchen, stove, refrigerator, dish washer running water, and where all of my dishes and silverware was stored.   It was a harder task than you might think.   Every time we showed them something, it took ten minutes to calm them down.   They were like kids in a candy store.   Teaching them about the water closet…  Well don’t even ask!
When things had calmed down, the three of us wives had a powwow in the living room.
Gwen started again with, “Okay Doug, we’re dressed and fed, back to the question, how are you going to support all of these wives?”
“Obviously we need money and a lot of it, fast,” I agreed, “Let’s find out who the biggest competitor to Pfizer is, and send them a sampler with a note in it. ”
Gwen jumped in with, “I can see it now, ‘Gentlemen these chocolates are laced with a chemical more powerful and safer than your competitor’s product, Viagra.   Please have a nosh and jump your wives, then give us a call. ’  They would throw it into the trash and think someone was playing a trick on them. ”
“Good point,” I agreed, “It probably means that we should take it to them in person, which will take time and money. ”
“Which are in short supply,” Gwen agreed, looking pensive.
“How about the brandy?” I suggested, knowing full well some of the problems there.

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“No license, import, or production.   We might be able to set that up, but it will take some time,” Gwen supplied, deep in thought.
“Too bad we don’t have a fist full of diamonds or a gold brick,” I bemoaned our lack thereof.
“‘Gold, diamonds?’  Would a cart full help?” Meka asked.
“A cart like the carts that were being pushed around the village?” I asked.
“Exactly,” she affirmed.
I looked at Gwen, “Do you think a cart full of gold, or diamonds would help?”
“If it is in the form of statuary or jewelry, we would be able to buy the whole apartment complex, a truckload of bras, and strapons,” Gwen declared, “You aren’t kidding me are you Meka?”
“Oh no, we can get you as much of those kinds of things as you desire, I will send some of the women to the cities to collect some more of them, after we clear out one of the storage rooms at the temple.   The ladies can only push one small cart, with those things on it, at a time.   They are very heavy.   Many of those kinds of items were stored at the temple long ago.   It holds little value for us now,” she admitted.
I am so glad there were no flies buzzing around my apartment.   Between Gwen and I, we would have had our mouths full.
Meka started waving her hands in front of our faces, “Are you all right?”
I shook my head, to clear it, “Wow, problem solved,” I looked at Gwen, “We’ll have to be careful how we dispose of it at first, but we should be able to turn it into cash. ”
“Well that solves the money problem, so what we need to do next is Gwen and Meka get the measurements of the first of our sisters that can be taught English and are not pregnant, but who want to be.

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    While I go and rent as many of the apartments in this complex as I can, at least until we can pay cash for the whole complex.   Once we have the girls speaking and dressing well enough, we’ll set them up in the apartments, take them nightclubbing, so they can bring some unsuspecting lotharios home and have the daylights fucked out of them,” I announced, as I grabbed my new purse and all, getting ready to do as I had planned.
“Hold up there Doug!” Gwen admonished, “Don’t you believe that the manager might not think it strange that a bimbo was signing ‘Doug Gordon’, to her checkbook with the name Doug Gordon on it?”
“Not such a well, thought-out plan, eh?” I agreed,
“I’m sure from that side you forget what you look like sometimes, it’s easier to remember from this side,” she pointed at my hooters, and giggled, obviously joined in with by Meka.
“Now that you have had your fun at my expense, what would you suggest we do to remedy this little problem?” I asked obviously miffed.
“Looks like two big problems to me,” and they started up giggling again.
I just stood there with my little arms crossed on top of my breasts, which for some reason they also found immensely funny.
By the time, they wiped the tears from their eyes, and stopped, I was starting to storm out of the room, when Beath and Windy stopped me and comforted me, as they bitched out Meka.
All four women dragged me back to the sofa, and the two non-English speaking members were still speaking angrily at Meka.
Meka quickly had a change of attitude, “I am sorry Doug.   You have been doing so well as a woman, I forgot how difficult it is on the newly transformed, as our wives have quite fervently reminded me.   They have told me, that they should kick my ass, take you to bed, and make sure that I do not join you.   Believe me they are quite serious too!”
Gwen’s eyes were big and round when she heard this, “They wouldn’t really…  You are a priestess, aren’t you?”
“That fact would not save me their wrath,” she shared with Gwen.
“They would beat you up for teasing Doug?” she asked wide eyed again.
“Oh no.   They would beat me senseless,” she informed Gwen.

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“Doug we were only kidding.   If you don’t perk up I think there is going to be one hell of a cat fight, and Meka and I won’t come out on top of it,” Gwen urged, huddling close to Meka.
I kissed Beath and Windy, making sure they knew that I appreciated them, and then shoed them into the kitchen.
“They weren’t going to get in a fight with you were they,” I asked Meka not quite believing her myself.
Meka held out her trembling hand as evidence.
Gwen saw that and went pale.
I sat next to Meka, and held her to calm her down.
“Gwen did you have any suggestions as to how we can accomplish our tasks, without getting me arrested?” I asked her as I held a very scared Meka.
“I won’t let them hurt you Meka so calm down,” I told my trembling wife.
“I was accused of a most heinous crime, by them and if they had not been able to defeat us, others would have come and finished the job.   It is thought very bad form to ridicule the newly transformed.   I will not do it again, nor will I allow Gwen to,” she promised, “Thank you for saving us and making me feel better. ”
I received a very earnest and passionate kiss.
Gwen started, “Uh, Doug?  Do you still want to know what we can do?” asking in a timid voice.
“Sure Gwen,” I replied nonchalantly.

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“I can go and rent the apartments, you just go on-line and transfer some money to my account,” she explained. ”
“Sure no trouble.   We’ll hold down the fort,” I answered.
“Before I go Doug, I have to say I’m not sure I can deal with this whole subservient thing, just because you are the ‘husband’,” she remarked as she picked up her purse.
Meka had finally stopped shaking, “Not because he/she is the husband, and no one is being subservient.   Doug has just gone through one of the greatest traumas a man can.   To make sport of someone in his/her position is thought to be cruel. ”
“Oh my, I had not thought of it in those terms, until now.   I apologize too, Doug,” she kissed me and headed to the office.
“Feeling better Meka?” I asked her loosening my grip, “I have to go transfer some funds to Gwen’s account.   Do you want to come and watch?”
“Sure Doug, because I have no idea what the words you just said mean,” she stood up, and accompanied me, to the computer and watched as I booted up, went on line, and transferred the money to Gwen’s checking account. (I had done this before, so her account number was already on my system. )
“It works somewhat like the portal, a bit less sophisticated, but I think I will be able to manage with only a bit of tutoring,” she said with confidence.
“It’s nice to know that the portal is Windows compatible.   I just wonder how Gates managed that one?” I rambled.

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“Not gates, portal, it works like the portal,” insisted Meka.
“Never mind Meka, I’ll explain later,” I assured her, should we find the time I would tell her of Microsoft.
“Let’s go and start to show the other wives the ways of this world.   I can’t wait to see their faces when they wear a bra for the first time,” I was thinking of my first time and how wonderful it felt.
Meka started to blush, “I am not sure that I can face them yet. ”
“Come on, let’s grab a couple of your bras, and confront them, (No way, would one of mine fit them, unless they plan on wearing them on their heads. )” I urged her.
“I know that they will wear them with enthusiasm, and feel so pretty, that maybe they will forgive me,” she surmised, quickly snatching up a few bras and taking them with us.
She offered the bras to the others, who would not take them until I kissed Meka on the cheek.
“Thank you, Doug.   They see you have forgiven me, so they will also, this time,” she told me, sounding ominously like she was skating a very thin line.
The women had no objections at all with me helping them into their bras, though they presented Meka with repeated looks of disgust.
I finally had to grab their hands and hold them all together, before they would begin to warm up to each other again.
“Thanks Doug, I have never seen them so angry,” she sighed in relief.
“I was not all that upset, I don’t know why, but normally I’m not so thin skinned,” I admitted with as much introspection as I dared.


“You are still trying to become used to the hormones twisting your psyche,” she informed me.
“Oh, you are still on, the stolen manhood thing, eh?” I asked her.
“So how long have you been menstruating Doug?  Have you any PMS that you are experiencing?  You are having issues, and will have trouble for some time to come dear.   That is why it is so, looked down upon, by my people to treat a new woman, badly.   We women of experience need to help the poor unfortunates with the transition.   We have been, blessed with the time to acclimate to our bodies.   The newly transformed need our understanding and help.   It is the feminine way,” she informed me.
We heard the front door open, “Doug, Meka, you still here?”
“In here!” we yelled together.
She met us in the living room, “We now have four new apartments all surrounding this one. ”
“Good work Gwen,” I declared, “We’ll get these beauties knocked up yet. ”
“Thanks Doug,” she told me, “could we talk about your name now?” she asked as she sat next to me on the sofa.
“What’s wrong with my name?” I put to her.
“Well to be perfectly honest Doug, you no longer look as though you should be called, Doug,” she stated emphatically.
“I have been thinking about that quite earnestly,” I, replied, “There aren’t any obvious female versions of ‘Doug’.

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I heard Meka and my two protectors hold a short discussion, and then she turned and informed us, “By unanimous decision, we wish to submit a name that means, ‘Gift of God’. ”
Gwen and I exchanged looks, hers was impressed, and mine was scarlet.
I stammered out, “I’m honored, I just hope it sounds like a regular ‘American’ type name.   What is it?”
“We have decided that you should be named Dolly, our gift from God,” she pronounced proudly, a solemn expression on hers, and the other’s faces.
Before I could utter a word Gwen piped in with, “It’s perfect!  I agree, Dolly, is Doug’s new name. ”  (She was as aware as I, the association of ‘large bust’, and Dolly Pardon, which explains her quick decision. )
“Ah… but… uh…” was my intellectual response until I realized that I was out voted.   “Okay, call me Dolly,” I responded resigned to my fate.
“You do not look so pleased, with your new name Dolly,” Meka asked with a puzzled expression.
Gwen, always the tease, told her, “Dolly is just stunned by the great honor, you have done her,” suppressing the giggle that I knew was, wanting to burst from her.
Meka told the other wives and I was smothered by women squealing, “Dolly. ”
When it all died down, Gwen was eager to make it official, “The first thing that we need to do, is change everything, your checking account, and anything else that we can to just ‘D Gordon’.   Then I think that we need to get you a birth certificate, with a bit younger age, and the name ‘Dolly Ann Gordon’, affixed to it.   After everyone sees you using your ‘D Gordon’ identity long enough, we will be able to convince most of them that someone miss-entered your information into their computer systems.   I’ll be able to verify it is really you, and you always have been a woman.

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“Great, it sounds like a plan Gwen.   I hadn’t come to the realization that I cannot be ‘Doug’ anymore.   Although ‘Doug’ is the only one who can legally prove to be a citizen and have my money and possessions,” I told her, but I started to cry anyway.
Meka held me, “Why are you crying Dolly?”
“I don’t know.   It’s like ‘Doug’ is dead, and I miss me,” I blubbered.
Meka looked over at Gwen, “This is normal for someone who has been transformed.   She is struggling with a new identity. ”
I wound up in the center of a group hug.
“I’m okay now.   Can I breath, please,” I asked, since I’m the littlest of the group, they hadn’t realized that they were crushing me.
Gwen announced, “We have to finish getting, Beath and Windy dressed.   I am taking everyone out for Ice cream. ”
“Can I make a suggestion?” I asked.
“Sure,” the two English speakers replied.
“It’s about names.

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        Windy is a normal name around here, but Beath is way different.   Would she object to us calling her Beth?” I asked, not wanting to insult her, but her name was close to Beth and it would make things on Earth easier for her.
    Meka explained to her and she agreed to the change.
    We dolled everyone up and drove us all to, ‘Swensen's Ice Cream Factory & Shoppe’, where we entered, and were seated by a very nervous looking fellow.
    “What’s wrong with him, he acted like… I don’t know,” I asked Gwen in a near whisper.
    “Turn on your old hound dog, male mind Dolly, and then pan back and look at what is seated at this table,” Gwen coached.
    “I never thought of that.   We are five very hot looking babes,” I told her, with a very strange mix of feelings.
    “Bingo!” she answered.
    Gwen wound up ordering for us all, her main theme being, ‘Chocolate’.
    When we were, served and the expression on our otherworldly wife’s faces, were delightful.   They all had a mixture of shock, surprise, and enjoyment written there undeniably.
    Meka, the spokeswoman, declared, “Never have we tasted such a food. ”
    Windy had been shoveling it in a bit too fast, and cried out, not knowing the source of the pain.
    I handed her the water glass and after a couple of sips, she relaxed.

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    I told Meka, “Brain freeze, when you eat something frozen too fast, the back of your throat gets too cold.   She just has to eat a little slower, and it won’t happen again. ”
    Meka translated, and the women went back to enjoying their treats.
    When we finished, and were driving back to my apartment, I suggested that we stop at the grocery store and pick up more ice cream, which we did.
    Once inside my place I grabbed Meka and asked if we could all bring the ice cream to our other wives in the jungle.   She hugged me and said, “Dolly, your wives will be so grateful.   We can tell them your new name as well. ”
    We were mobbed the instant that we stepped through the portal, with much hugging and squealing.
    Meka announced, in her native tongue, my name is now Dolly, the only word she uttered which I recognized.
    They responded with uproarious approval.   Of course, none of them had seen me since the transformation, so many were intensely fascinated with my boobs.   That led to their discovery of brassieres, which of course meant that I was disrobed to the waist.   There was much groping and caressing, and Meka almost had to take a fire hose to them to save me.
    I found out later she had to promise there would be a rotation, where they each would get to bed me, like had been, done when I first came to them.   It seems the ladies wanted to play with my girls.

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    When we passed out the ice cream, (I had brought plastic bowls and spoons. ) there was much showing of gratitude.   I tried to get Meka to tell them it was Gwen’s idea, but Gwen wouldn’t let her.   I wound up covered with ice cream from the waist up, with all of the kissing, from ice cream covered faces.
    Beth and Windy were nearly, stripped by the women examining their new clothing, which they were proud to display.
    Meka had to promise that they all would be wearing clothing just like it soon and that as soon as they managed to learn English, they would all be taught to pick up men, which had the women cheering and promising to study very hard.
    The men of Reno were in for a treat and some very enthusiastic sexual partners.
    We popped back to the apartment with two more wives who were, taken in hand by Windy and Beth to be shown, around and introduced to the wonders of Earth.   Later the four of them will be seated in front of that ‘wonderful teaching device’ to absorb English.
    While that was going on, I jumped on the internet trying to look for resources that could help me establish my new Identity, and learned a new term, ‘transgendered’, which took me to all kinds of different sites.   I soon learned of a ‘Therapist’ in Reno from a site called ‘http://www. drbecky. com/therapists. html’.
    I called the number and asked to speak with the therapist, and obviously, she could not come to the phone.

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        I left a real hook to get her to call me, I told the receptionist that I have a new cure for gender dysphoria, and want to discuss with her, the exclusive rights for her in Nevada, and please have her call me soonest.
    Twenty minutes later the phone rang with a woman on the other end who told me her name and continued with, “This is probably some kind of sales job from a drug company, like Prozac that won’t really help, but I still had to call, on the outside chance that you are not B. S. ing me. ”
    “Actually, I have a cure that you will not believe until you see it Doctor.   This might sound strange, but I have discovered a way to turn men into fully functioning women.   You see it happened to me, quite by accident,” I took a deep breath and continued, “I was calling you first to find out how I can establish a new identity, since I am not male anymore.   Can you help me?  If you can or even if you can’t can I arrange with you to visit me at my apartment, so that I may show you how we can help your patients?”
    “Your apartment?  I am very hesitant to go to the apartment belonging to someone, which I have never met.   Is it alright if I bring a friend?” she offered.
    “Male or female?” I asked back.
    “Does it matter?” she asked suspiciously.
    “If you bring a male, bring a transgendered male or they won’t be allowed the full demonstration, it is simply too dangerous, that is if he wants to continue being male,” I informed her.
    “You must be joking!  Just to visit your apartment, a man would not remain a man?” she said incredulously.
    “No, I said if he wanted to view the demonstration, he would not remain a man.   You’ll understand after you visit.

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        When would you like to come over?” I inquired.
    “It’s four O’clock and I’m through for today.   Let me have twenty minutes to grab some paperwork, and call a friend, and I’ll be on my way,” she agreed and I told her my address, we would see her in about an hour.
    When I told Gwen she was ecstatic, and she asked, “Well is she bringing a man or a woman?”
    “She never told me, so we’ll see when she gets here. ”
    **********When Dr. X (I don’t want to get sued or have the poor woman buried in phone calls) showed up, she had with her a man wearing a dress, and it was painfully obvious.
    We were, introduced all around and I started with, “Hi I’m Dolly,” dumb huh?  I quickly recovered my balance with, “The former Doug Gordon.   Until two weeks ago, I was a man. ”
    The big guy in the dress gasped loudly.
    I picked up an old photo of myself and showed it to them, “That’s me, or it was me anyway.   If I had put on a dress, I would have looked like…” I let it drop realizing it would be impolite.  
    “You met my wives.   Yes, I said wives.   Three of them sitting here with us, were not from around here.   You will understand shortly.

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        Am I correct in assuming that Francis here is suffering gender Dysphoria?” I asked knowing the answer, but I thought it best to make certain.
    “Yes, Francis has been living as a woman for five months now,” Dr. X confirmed.
    “That’s a hell of a lot longer than I have.   Anyway, are you ready to see why I brought you here?” I stood up preparing to lead them on, “Oh, and I am going to need your most solemn vow to never tell anyone about, what you are about to see. ”
    Both made their promises.
    Dr. X handed me the large manila envelope she had been carrying and said, “This is everything that you will need to change your identity, except my signatures on the documents, which if what you claim is true I will be more than happy to provide. ”
    “Oh Dolly, that’s wonderful,” Gwen hugged me excitedly.
    “Thanks Gwen,” I hugged her back, “Last chance Francis, if you follow me there is no going back, you will be sitting down to pee for the rest of your life. ”
    “I will also be thanking you every time I do,” was his answer.
    We led them into the back room, “Hold our hands, you are not going to believe this,” and promptly walked them through a solid looking wall.
    In the stone temple, all of my other wives surrounded us quickly but were, shooed off by Meka.
    “You were lucky Meka was here,” I told Francis, “My wives would have nearly fucked you to death if she hadn’t sent them packing. ”
    His eyes grew big and round.

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    Dr. X, just looked puzzled, so I started negotiating, “Francis here is going to be the only freebie, the next man who wants a change will have to agree to stay male for a month at least, before being changed, to provide stud services. ”
    “That might be a problem, most of the transgendered men once they reach Francis’s stage have been, well… chemically castrated by hormones,” she informed me.
    “That’s not a problem.   My wives have a kind of super-Viagra that would bring him around in twenty minutes whether he thought he could or not.   Come along Francis, let’s go loose Mr. Happy, and fulfill your dreams,” I started marching them up the hill to where we had spotted the plant, the last time.
    When we neared it, Francis passed by me, walking in a trance like state, toward the ‘lady in white lure’, and just as it happened to me, Francis was taken, except, he didn’t struggle.
    Dr. X screamed, “Oh my God… Francis!”  However, the only evidence left of him, was a big overstuffed pea pod.
    “That’s all there is, other than to come back in a week and help the beautiful Frances back to Earth,” I realized my mistake the instant I said it, but too late the Doctor folded up like tissue paper.
    We carried her down to the temple and five or six of us lie with her until she came around.
    “Feeling better Doctor?” I asked.
    “Oh my God, I’m half naked in a bed with five women,” she screeched.
    “Don’t worry they won’t molest you, unless you ask them nicely,” I giggled and pulled away from her so she wouldn’t feel like she was covered in tits.

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        “You were in shock.   This is the old jungle remedy they use to bring you out of it. ”
    “Come on girls let’s get dressed, and take the good Doctor back to my place,” I announced, and Meka translated.
    Once on the sofa, again I told the Doctor my long and strange story, and asked her about my proposal.
    She agreed that if Frances comes back like I promised, she would put the proposal to a select few of her patients, and if they were unwilling to perform the sex part, other arrangements might be made, like sperm donors, or substitute studs.
    We shook hands and agreed to meet in five days, during which we were quite busy, selling jewelry and such.
    The day arrived and we ported back with a picnic lunch to await Frances’s birth.   We didn’t have to wait long.   Meka had plenty of experience with the plants so she had calculated the birthing time almost exactly.
    We watched it fold open and the different tendrils as they released her.   Meka helped her stand up, and a beautiful redhead with about a D cup bust, who stood around five foot two, came walking toward us.
    “Francis, is that you?” Dr. X asked.
    “Bet your sweet ass it’s me!” she declared.
    “That was the code phrase we work out.


        This is unbelievable.   You can really change a man into a woman.   Ca… Can she have babies?” she asked
    “Only if you can get some man to fuck her, then yes, she can have babies,” I teased.
    Frances came over to me blubbering her sweet heart out, hugged me, Meka, Gwen and finally Dr. X.   “I’m a real girl.   I can feel it.   Thank you, thank you,” she declared.
    Dr. X was crying, so I asked, “Why are you crying?  Are you just happy for her?”
    “No, now I wish I hadn’t had the surgery to become a woman.   This is so much better,” she wailed.
    I hugged her, “You are still genetically male aren’t you?”
    She stammered, “Y… ye… yes, I suppose I am, why?”
    “You had better call your office and tell them you are on vacation for five days, then,” I told her.
    “You mean… I can still do it?” she squealed.
    “I don’t, see why, not?  Damn I did say that Frances was the only freebie, well I guess you will just have to help us by sending clients to see us, and we’ll call that the fee.   Okay with you?” I looked deep into her eyes smiling.

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    She pulled out a pocket recorder, spoke into it briefly, and said, “Just play that over the phone to my receptionist, I can’t wait,” she marched strait into the maw of the plant and declared, “Take me!”
    Five days later Dr. X was so happy she boinked the lot of us.
    **********That was two years ago, we own our own apartment complex now.   Our drug is in the final approval stages by the FDA.   The village if five times the size it was when first I was there, and I am now eight months pregnant.   Isn’t life strange?
    The End 
    COPYRIGHT:Pea Pod  (Version 1. 4)
    By Wholeman
    Everything else is Copyright (c) 2003, by: Stone on the Moor LTD.   Freely archived, copied, transmitted, and redistributed, printed, fantasized about or masturbated to or used to perpetuate marital bliss.   (Just don’t tell her you read this stuff)


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