Bought and Paid for, The European Trip


Steve told me to get up and shower and shave myself fresh. . . the morning came and Steve and I had made wild almost all night. I knew I was to be deliever to Mother that morning and we were supposed to be going to Europe. I began to dress but Steve told me that would, again, not be needed. He put on my collar and led me to the car and I got in. He got in the other side, "On the dash dear and spread them wide for the drive.
My feet were on the dash quickly and spread wide, my pussy still open from our lovemaking. "Here" he said and gave me a dildo, "Enjoy. " I began slipping it in and out and soon orgasms followed as we drove he pulled next to trucks and SUVs showing me off. I felt eyes on me and the heat of my sex got hotter. We pulled to the gate and again went in. Mother was at the door and kissed me deeply then Steve. "Come in please" she said and took my leach from Steve. We followed her upstairs to her bedroom.

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   She hooked my leach to a ring on the wall in the corner and told me to kneel. Then she walked to the side of the bed where Steve stood and dropped her gown to the floor. Steve carressed her huge breasts and caressed her nice plump ass and soon they were groping each other in full passionate sex. I smelled her scent as Steve sank fingers into her pussy making her drip her sweet juices that I so enjoyed.
Steve laid on the bed and she climbed onto his 9 inch coc that I had enjoyed the night before and she moaned as it sank into her. After riding him some she had an orgasm and then Steve said, "69 sweetheart. " She turned around and covered his face with her pussy and sank his cock into her throat. THe made each other cum and then she rolled over and got up taking Steve by the hand. They laid on the rug in front of me and he sank a hard cock into her pussy and they made the loudest sex I had heard two people make. When Steve filled her pussy with cum they laid there then she undid my leach. "Clean Steve's cock and my pussy daughter. " she said. Suddenly I realized she had called me daughter, I felt something inside flutter. She rolled over and kissed me, "Yes, I called you daughter, from now on. "
Finally we all got up and she handed Steve an envelope and he took out $15,000.

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   Two weeks? he said. "If we stay longer I will pay more. " "Okay he told her and left kissing me. "Go to bed dear" Mother said and I laid on the bed not sleeping wondering what would happen to me in another country that my husband had sold me into. The next moring Mother was kissing me as I woke up. Time to shower Daughter and go. I did as she said and retrimmed my pussy to make it smooth the eway she loved it and then she stepped in and told me to tend to her. I did as she commanded me and then she put on a gown, nothing under it so that her heavy breasts swayed as she walked. I was next to her on the leach and my 44EEE tits did the same. We got into the limo and two other women, both naked with collars got in also. We drove to an airport and got out and walked up steps. It was a kind of Lear jet I suppose. We went in and one of the other men took the two women and connected their leaches to hooks on the wall. I looked and now saw 9 other women, all buxom and well developed like me, large natural breasts that swelled with passion watching Mother. I stood next to her.

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"This is Teresa, she is now my daughter, unlike you who are all slaves. You will do all she says as if it was me. She can even order to have you sold if I tell her. Do you all understand. " "Yes Mistress" they all said together. "Good" she said and took me to her bedroom in the rear of the plane. We sat and she gave me wine to sip and fruit to eat. We both slept as the plane  flew and 18 or so hours later we landed in England. A long limo met us and drove us to an estate that was huge. The other women were taken while I was with Mother. I was naked and we walked into a room with about 20 or so men and women all dressed well. "We are here for the fun" one woman said looking me up and down. All had strong English accents.
We were to play a version of paint ball. THe guests were to hunt us as they would animals only with paint bal guns.

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   Each had a distinctive color. "You all know the rules, you will not fire any closer than 30 meters. YOU can hit anywhere except the face and head. You wil strike in order to bring you the most erotic pleasure. " Mother told them. She gave me to a servant and I was taken and fitted with another collar as were all the women. "These collars are GPS locators. We can follow you and track you. When hit you will stand still and be taken captive and brought back here to serve the one that got you no matter who they are. Understood?" "Yes" we all said at one time. As we were leaving Mother came to me, "Stay daughter. " I stopped and she put a different collar on me. "This one is special and I have already be paid for you by the red headed woman that looked at you.
    " I will tell you how to go and you will get shot by her as much as she likes. Understand?" "Yes mother, will you kiss me please?" She did and I was taken out.

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    "YOu have thirty min. to run and find a hiding please. Go now. " said a man. We all ran, all of our buxom tits flopping all over, mine hurting as I ran as best I could to where I was told by Mother. I hid and when I heard the voice of the woman I began running across the clear area. She shouted and I stopped. "Over to the tree. " she told me. I walked to it. "Turn facing the tree and put your hands against it and spread your legs. " I did. Suddenly my ass stun with a paint ball hitting it. I almost cried out but remembered we would be punished if we did. I relaxed and another one hit the other cheek.

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       I almost dropped to my knees. "Spread yur legs more. " she tld me and another ball passed between my cheeks hitting almost on my ass hole and then another. "Turn around and keep the hands up. I did and paint balls hit my tits on the nipples. Tears were streaming down my face and then one his my Mons and she told me "Sit down and spread them apart and tilt you cunt so I can get a good shot. " I did and she backed up several feet and aimed. Suddenly it his right on my pussy, just at the clit and I almost fainted. "Come take her. " she said and two me with a pole tied me to it like meat and I hung there between them as they took me to the house.
    We went in and I was hung from the pole and I heard voices from other rooms. Screams and begging for mercy. The woman smiled at me. "Ready?" "Yes. " I told her.

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       "Good, lets clean you up. " She took off her clothes and she was beautiful. A full figure but firm. She led me to the bath and we stepped in, and sat on the jets so they were just at the clits. "Enjoy Teresa" she said and I let go and had orgasms that shook me all over. She watched me and laughed and we sipped wine. We soaked and my body was washed by other women and soon the paint was gone but bruses remained. We got out and others dried us and we walked to her bedroom. Mother was naked streached out on the bed and Carrie took me to the bed and we laid down, I was between them and they began carressing me all over and my body was lost in passion. The night was long or it could have been days.
    I spent most of my time there in bed with someone, anyone that was shown to the room I was to make love to and did. I felt so fulfilled as we got on the plane and we slept all the way back.



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