Truth or Dare pt. 1


This story is a work of fiction.   Names, characters, places, and incidents are fiction. Anyresemblance to actual events or persons is coincidental. Micky Copyright (c) 2006I had been fantasizing about having sex with my two roommates for months. After living withthem for a year and a half, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. They were gorgeous! Theirnames were John Michael and Kirk. John was 42 and Kirk was 47. And even though I was only23, I found myself very very attracted to the both of them. John was tall with dark thick hair anddeep hazel eyes and he was very built. Kirk was a little shorter than John and had thick blondehair with beautiful blue eyes and a lean build. So when John got the idea to play truth or dare one Friday night, I was thrilled. We all sat in theliving room floor and John turned on a movie in case we got bored with the game at some point. They both laughed about how they hadn’t played truth or dare in so long. “Who wants to go first,” John asked with a grin. “This was your idea, buddy,” Kirk said. “Why don’t you start us off?”“Ok, I will.

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  ” John then dared Kirk and I to kiss. I acted like it was no big deal, but really it felt sogood. He was an amazing kisser. After a while, we all grew bolder. And before we knew it, we were all three naked (as we hadbeen dared to remove all our clothing at some time during the game), and sitting in John’sbedroom. I couldn’t help but stare at their beautiful bodies. Kirk and I had dared John toconstantly stroke his cock during the entire game. He got his revenge though. Because of John’sdare, I had to straddle Kirk, and he was lying under me . With both of us being naked and hiscock and my pussy rubbing against each other, I could feel how hard he was and it was turningme on. And I am sure he could feel how wet I was getting. I tried my best to stay still so thatmaybe he wouldn’t know how much I liked where I was sitting. He kept staring at me the wholetime I was sitting on top of him. “Are you okay,” I asked him.  “Yeah,” he replied.

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   “I just, uh,. . . . haven’t done anything like this in a while. ”“Oh, well, me either,” I smiled down at him and winked. He then smiled his beautiful big smileand began to rub his hands up and down my thighs as John and I talked. My turn was up next. And I had picked dare. I was then dared to kiss Kirk’s nipples. I was ratherdisappointed that I would have to unmount this beautiful man, but also thrilled that I would beable to put my tongue to a part of his body.   I gleefully swirled my tongue around his nipple andsucked it into my mouth. Kirk seemed thrilled, too, as he moaned and lay his head back andclosed his eyes to enjoy what I was doing. We all then decided to simply ask questions about eachother.   “How many times have you ever had sex,” John’s question brought back so many memories.

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   Atthe same time, I noticed that he seemed to enjoy watching me with Kirk. He stared and gentlystroked his hard on as he watched us. “Uh, too many to say, really,” I said shyly. “But I have only had one partner. ” This was true. I hadonly had sex with my ex-husband. Since then, there was no one. . . at least not yet. “Oh ok. So. . . .

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  ,” John was hesitant to ask his next question. “Was it a woman - your partner?”“No, a guy. Named Brandon. I have done things with other girls,” I admitted. “But it never wentas far as I wanted it to. ” I saw John’s face brighten and then I knew he must be turned on by two women together. Idecided to go to Kirk’s other nipple and he seemed happy that I did. “So what about you,” Iinquired. “How many times have you had sex, John Michael?” He smiled. “Like you said, too many to count. ” He looked at Kirk who still had his eyes closed. “Kirk?”“Hmm,” Kirk seemed almost half asleep. “What?”“How many times have you ever had sex, buddy,” John seemed very eager to hear his answer. “Five,” came the reply. John and I looked at each other, astonished.

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   “FIVE,” we both said aloud together. “Why only five, darling,” I had to ask. “Well, my ex-wife wasn’t what you would call ‘at her peak’ when we married. So, we didn’t do itvery often,” he said it as though he were simply giving a recipe. “But, my god, man! Five times? That would drive anyone crazy,” John was appalled. “Didn’t youever confront her about it. ”“Nah. Just figured she would eventually come around. Never happened. We were married a wholeyear, then divorced. Wasn’t a big deal. ” It was then that John and I just stared at each other for a moment. I am almost certain that webegan to read each other’s thoughts. I was thinking, ‘We need to show Kirk a good time. ’ Andthen, as though he had read my mind, he winked at me and smiled.

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   John had always wanted Kirk,I knew that. Kirk and I wanted each other and we both wanted John. It looked as though tonightwould be the night everyone got the chance to take what they wanted. John sat up from where he was lying at the foot of the bed and lay down on the other side of Kirk. He looked at me as if to ask my permission to do what he was about to do. I smiled and nodded,still occupying Kirk’s right nipple with my mouth. Kirk was still lying back with his eyes closed. John slowly bent his head down and softly kissed Kirk’s vacant nipple. Kirk let out a small gaspand jumped. He stared straight at John with a shocked look on his face. John just stared back,deep into Kirk’s eyes. It was then that Kirk finally realized that John had wanted him for so long. Kirk then placed his hand on John’s cheek and began to stroke it softly and they both smiled,looking longingly into each other eyes. They began to kiss passionately. They finally broke awayfrom each other after what seemed like forever.

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  John then went back to the task at hand. He began to kiss and suck on Kirk’s nipple. Kirk loved itwhen I was doing it, but now that both of us were sucking and rubbing our wet tongues on bothof his sensitive pink nipples, it was driving him mad! He kept tossing his head back and forth andgroaning softly.   His whole body squirmed and writhed around. I slowly began to move my lips down his body. Kissing and licking every inch on the way. I ranmy tongue slowly down his thigh and back up again, making him shiver. I was loving thesensations I was giving to his body. Then, just before my lips reached his most private, sensitivearea, he lifted his head and told me,”I have never had that done before.
    ” I stopped and looked up at him with much sympathy. “That is tragic,” John said. And we all had to laugh. “Um, I have never told either of you this, but I am bisexual,” Kirk confessed. That didn’t botherme. It actually made me love him even more.

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       “And I have always wanted to experience the feelingof a man inside of me. ” John stared at him and Kirk smiled. “I was wondering if maybe youwanted to try it. ”“Sounds like a good idea to me,” I piped up. They laughed. “Seriously, since you have never hadanal sex before, it may hurt a little. And I could suck your cock to help ease the pain while John isinside of you. ” “That sounds like one of my fantasies,” John laughed. Kirk then rolled over on his side and John positioned himself behind Kirk. I lay on my side facingKirk’s gorgeous cock. “You ready,” John asked gently.                     Kirk nodded. John pressed his cockhead up against Kirk’s tight little hole. I saw Kirk wince atfirst but then, as John’s cockhead slowly moved in and out, his face relaxed. I started to suck himharder and harder to take away more of his pain.

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       I was sure that the neighbors could hear Kirk’smoans. As John moved further in and out of his ass, he began to enjoy it more and more. “Oh man. That feels good. . . . ” Kirk said. John also began to groan as his well-lubed cock slid in and out of Kirk’s tight virgin ass. “ Ahhhh. Ahhhhhh. Oh yeahhhh. ” Finally, John’s cock was all the way inside Kirk. John didn’t move for a while, so Kirk could getused to him inside his ass. He started to kiss Kirk’s neck and shoulders.

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       I was still sucking hiscock, moving my mouth slowly up and down his hard shaft and sucking hard on his now purplecockhead. Kirk began to moan and started moving his hips back and forth, so John new he wasready to really be fucked. John then began to thrust deep inside of Kirk’s ass, hitting his sensitiveprostate and making Kirk cry out with pleasure. “Oh fuck!!! Ohhh yeah. . . Mmmm. ” Kirk’s moans were growing louder and louder with each ofJohn’s thrusts. I kept sucking Kirk’s beautiful cock harder and faster, taking all of him into mymouth and deep into my throat. Whenever John’s cock would hit Kirk’s prostate, I could feel his cock stiffen in my mouth. “Ohhhhh my god!!! It feels so good!” Kirk panted. “Ohhhhhhhh. Oh my god! Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me!” “Mmmmmmmm,” John groaned. He began to push his cock deeper inside Kirk and was thrustingfaster and faster.


       He buried his face in the back of Kirk’s neck and wrapped his arms aroundKirk’s beautiful body as he came. “Ohhh god. ”“I’m cumming. Ohhhhh sssshhhhhiiiiittt!” I felt Kirk’s cock explode in my mouth and I felt hisentire body stiffen and jerk. I couldn’t help but swallow every drop of him. When he was done, John slowly pulled his cock out of Kirk and I let him slide out of my mouth. The two of them rolled onto their backs, exhausted and breathing heavily. I lay there, staring atthese two beautiful men. John was still breathing very hard and he looked at me with a huge grin. Knowing that I had not come yet, he motioned me to him with his finger.                                         Micky.