The sleep over


Topic: The sleep overAlright, so I invite my friend Kelsey over to get drunk and high on new years eve. He comes over, and we crack out the booze. We start drinking and by midnight we're pretty ready for bed. I lay down on my bed, and Kelsey crashes on my couch in the other room. We fall asleep and dream. . .
I woke up in a start. I had a sore ass and stomach. My ass felt like I just finished having a huge crunch, and my stomach felt like it'd been under a tree across it. I got up and realised my boxers worked off in the night, so I put them back on spedily. I walked into Jons room to see him laying there, on his stomach, with hand cuffs on his wrists and ankles chaining him to the bed. He had a dust mask on with a wet spot over his mouth and a small bottle of liquid medicines on his night stand. I walked over and put my hand on his arse, smooth and firm. "I could always tell he had a godly ass.

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  . . " I felt it in complete confidence I had no feelings for him. I'm completely heterosexual and am very compfortable in my sexuality. I look at what the hell Jon was up to when I saw the remote in his hand, and the static'd TV. I took the remote and pressed play and the video started to go. It was Jon and I last night, drinking and having a kick ass time. Then the camera goes off, and we pass out to sleep. Then the camera goes on, its Jon holding it, walking to the living room where I slept. . . What the hell is going on here?! I wonder to myself. he then grabs a bottle of oil, his bottle of medicine, and his dust mast and walk towards me. . .

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 It was late afternoon when I woke up. Stiff, sore, and wet. I unchained myself and walked into the living naked, feeling my filth. I sat on the couch and pressed play on the remote. My film started to play. Kelsey's face is the first image, infuriorated at me for defiling his virginity, but I had no choice. It was for his--, our own good. He then turns the camera to show me, on my stomach, tied to my bed. Kelsey proceeds to kneel on top of me, and slide his penis into my ass. Squating up and down over my back side he begins to moan and breath harder. I can tell he's cumming. He then gets up, smack my ass, and walked off screen. I'd thought that to have been it, all I had intended for him to do. But then from stage left walks big black bubba, a massive guy with a massive cock. Almost the size of my forearm, I turn around to fart out a huge blob of this gooey cum all over my couch when I realise by fast forewarding, Kelsey took his invitation a little too publicly.

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  . .
 I watch in horror as my best friend Jon chloroforms me in my sleep, undresses me, rolls me over his couch then ass fucks me and blows his load to the roof of my fucking mouth! He then walks up to the camera and tells me it was for the best, and if I'm in I accept his invitation. Naturally I accept his sweet ass, but I aswell pick up his phone, and call some of my friends from downtown. . .
I finish watching the movie of me as I lay passed out on my bed. I had never had sex with another man until I had Kelsey over my couch, sliding my cock around his insides until I brick in his back. Hell that's why I let him have mine. But now, I'm used goods. . . I'm a whore. . .

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   21 guys blowing loads in my ass in one night?. . . I better press redial. . .