The Party!


I had been so excited all week long knowing what was going to happen on the weekend. My wife’s friend from work had invited us to a sex party, well more like a club but very private and only way to get in was by invite only. It was male initiation night so all new males would have to fallow all the rules set for that night. I had no clue what it would be but I was game. The night finally came and like a school kid I was jumping for joy. My wife and I made it to the address and wow what a house, you could tell this person had lots of money. Once we got into the house we were received by two very sexy women who checked our invites and then instructed that males take the right hallway and for women to take the left hallway. I kissed my wife and told her I would see her on the other side. As I walked down the hallway my knees were shaking with excitement and not knowing what was going to happen. Once I made it to the end of the hallway I entered a room with two more hot looking women. I was instructed to take my clothes off and place into a basket on the table, so I did. Then the two ladies walked over to me and the redhead started to kiss me while the blond started to suck my cock very hungrily. Once I was as hard as I was going to get they stopped and pulled me over by my cock to a wash basin. They started to wash my cock and then they applied shaving cream on me and started to shave my balls and around my cock while the whole time still rubbing my cock and keeping me at the point of arousal. Once finished the redhead put a rubber cock ring on me and then she sucked me to the point I thought I was going to blow my nuts off but she stopped and grabbed a tube of some kind of lube or gel and she placed the tip inside my slit and squirted a good amount up in my cock, at first it kind of burned but then I could not feel anything but yet my cock tingled and I constantly had precum oozing out of my cock more then normal for the rest of the night. Then the blond threw me a white polo shirt and told me to put it on, so I did.

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   Then she tossed me a red silky skirt that would not cover your ass or cock and told me to put it on. I kind of froze and I was instructed again to do as told or I could leave, so I put it on. Once I was dressed I was led to the greeting room and it was filled with women and men. All the women were wearing a pink corset with a pink silky skirt that covered to the globes of there ass’s and to the top of there pussies, they were all hot looking and my cock started to drool even more then in the changing room. The men were dressed in two different ways, most in green polo shirts and black silk boxer shorts but some not many were dressed like me. I figured these were the new guys just like me. I found my wife and she came over to me and grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze and said I was going to have fun tonight, then she looked down and seen all the cum leaking out of me and said what did I cum just now? I said no it has been doing this ever sense. . . And before I could finish telling her The man of the house started to address the party. He welcomed us all here and then asked for all the men who was wearing red skirts to step forward, so I did what was instructed of me to do. Once all of us new guys were up front the speaker then instructed for us to be blindfolded. I was starting to get a little nerves but I was into this so what could I do? Once we all were blindfolded the house speaker then laid down the rules. All of the new guys had to form a line and this was hard to do being blindfolded but we did it, then we were told to place our hands on the guys ass on each side of us and keep them there. I feel a hand on each of my ass cheeks and I placed mine on one ass cheek of the guy on my right and on hand on the ass cheek of the guy on my left.

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   Then the house speaker said that this was going to be a test and that we were going to have our cocks sucked by several boys and girls and we would have to guess if it was a guy or a girl sucking our cocks. If any guy cums while this is being done would be taken out of the lineup and would be taken away to serve the punishment set aside for them. Who ever got the most guesses correct of boy or girl sucking them would win and he would be able to go to the sex room and start his training while the rest would have to service only! So it started and the first one I could tell was a guy, I almost melted right in his mouth. He was warm and his tongue was flicking across my underside of my cock and I started to shake, to make matters even worse I could feel the guy on my right his ass started to shake in my hand and I could tell he was having problems trying not to cum. Feeling the hands on my ass shaking and grabbing me was so hot and this guy sucking me so good. Then the speaker said stop and then we had to say boy or girl, I said boy. Then the speaker instructed for the cock suckers to mix up so that I could not guess who was next by the answer of the guy next to me. Then it started again, this time it was hard, this one felt very sexual and more loving and worshiping my cock so I figured it was a girl. This one was started to deep throat me and lick my balls while my cock was all the way in her throat. I started to shake and I could not take it anymore, I tried to hold it back but I was so close. The guy on my right was shaking even more and he was having a hard time standing up, I could tell and I tried to help him by grabbing his ass and pulling him up but it was to late he shot his load in the mouth of his cock sucker. The person sucking yelled out "he is finished" and it was a mans voice, they took the guy away and I had no one holding my right ass cheek and no one to hold onto with my right hand. It was this that made me hold off from cumming on this sucking session. As before we were asked boy or girl and I said girl. Then we started all over again just like last time and this person was one of the best cock suckers I think I have ever had, I could not handle it, I was going into a dream state, my mind was drifting into sexual thoughts, being blindfolded my cock was taking over my body and I started to shake and I started to get weak in the knees and then it happened, I started to cum and I could not control it.

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   It felt different though, there was no pressure or build up it just oozed out in a continuous load. I was told later it was caused from the gel put inside of my cock. Then I heard the same male voice that was on the cock next to me who lost his load just before mine yell out "he is finished!" They led me away still blind folded, when they took the blindfold off of me I was in a booth and I was told by this very sexy but dominate woman that I would have to suck every cock that comes up to the booth (that’s when I noticed it had two glory holes in it, one on each adjacent wall) and then to spit the cum into this canning jar and fill it up to the red line. I was also told that I would even see some pussy back into the holes but I could not fuck any of it, my job was to suck out all the cum and spit it into the jar as well and as soon as I got to the redline I could come out and start my serving. She handed me the jar and told me good luck and shut the door and I heard a lock clasp on the outside, I tried to open it but no deal. I waited for I would say 25 minutes until I nice sized cock slip threw the hole, I started sucking on it, he was about 6 ½ inches but very thick and I could taste pussy and ass smell pussy and ass on it and I went wiled. I wanted this guy to cum down my throat and I sucked on him with a fevered lust. He started to swell inside me and I could tell he was about ready to cum and I sucked even harder and pumped on his cock faster, He unloaded so much in me but I was so into his cock I forgot my goal and swallowed his load. After he pulled out I realized what I had done and just shook my head in disbelief. Then I heard a noise behind me and I stared at a huge cock, at least 9 inches long. I sucked on this peace and I could taste ass on it. I sucked him for about 5 minutes and he started to cum but this time I did not swallow. I spit his tasty load in the jar and turned in time to see another cock dripping with precum and no sooner did I place my lips around his cock he started to cum. This went on for a while before I finally seen my first pussy backed up to the hole and her pussy was well fucked I could tell, she had cum running out of her pussy and so I stuck my tongue in her hole and started to suck on it and was getting a mouthful of all the many loads she had taken. I had to stop three or four times to spit out what I had in my mouth into the jar.

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   When I got to the point that very little was coming out of her sweet pussy hole I started to swallow her juices just for my pleasure. I had several more cocks and pussy after that and then here came another pussy but this one looked very familiar, I could tell this one was my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. I stuck my tongue up her hole and she squirmed into me and she relaxed and the flood of pussy juice and sperm filled my mouth. I could not collect all of it, some of it ran on the floor but I spit out what I had and went in for more. I was so horny I wanted to fuck her right then but I knew I could not do so. It was with her pussy that filled my jar to the red line so I knocked on the door and the lady who locked me in opened the door with a smile on her face and asked me if I had fun. I said yes the best I could, hard to talk after sucking on so many cocks and pussies. She looked down at my cock and seen my cock was dripping like a faucet. She grabbed it and led me to a room with people having sex and she told them "here is another one!" Then she told me to drink the jar of cum and pussy juice. She said if I could do so I then could go into the party room and finish my initiation.
    She handed me the jar and I started to drink it down as the room cheered me on. As I finished with some of the cum dripping down my chin I was told I was a good male and my training was going good. She then kissed me and she said I tasted very good and that it was time and she grabbed my cock and led me to another room. This room was dark but lighted up by only a black light. In the middle of the room was a sex harness hanging from the ceiling and she helped me into it.

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       Once I was strapped in she kissed me and asked if I needed some release, I said yeah and she licked the tip of my cock then she laughed and walked out. Soon after she left a group of very well hung guys walked into the room, they all had on the green polo shirts and by this time no bottoms on. They walked over to me and started to touch me. One guy who was the smaller of the two got between my legs and he started to lick my ass, while another started to suck me off. I was going into a sexual frenzy and started to moan but only to receive a cock in my mouth. I am sucking on this cock but I was like a well fucked pussy, my mouth was worn out and I could hardly suck, all I did was open and let him face fuck me and he entered my throat and that was what was giving him the pleasure, not my lips. Then I felt a cock enter my ass and he was big, it hurt but I was so far gone I did not care anymore, I wanted to be fucked like a bitch. He waited for me to adjust to his cock before he started to pump me and when he did I was out of control, my cock was oozing so much cum by now that I could feel it and I know the guy sucking me was just drinking it down. I could feel the guy in my mouth start to grow fatter and pulse and I knew he was going to cum in my throat. I could hardly breath now and my mind was going crazy, then someone entered the room and said I needed help and he gave me a popper, I lost it, I cummed and I felt cum flushing down my throat all at the same time. The guy in my ass cummed soon after but only to be replaced by another. This went on for a while and I was so sexually drained I could not take it anymore. I needed to rest and catch my breath but no deal, I was in this and I could not stop it. I could feel all the cum in my ass dripping out of me and running down my ass crack and I could here it drip on the floor. The pace of men coming into the room was slowing up and I was glad.

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       By the time the girl who had put me into this thing came to get me. I was covered by cum all over my white polo shirt and red silk skirt from all the men cumming in me, on me. I was spent and could hardly walk. I was taken to a hot tub and I stripped and took off the cock ring and got into the tub and just laid there with all my muscles twitching and convulsing like I had ran the marathon. Oh did the hot water feel good. After about an hour in the tub by myself a girl came in and helped me out and she dressed me in the green polo shirt and the black silk boxers. I was in now, I felt like I had just made the varsity football team. When I ran into my wife later on she said I was strutting around like I was in highschool with my letterman’s jacket. Hell it might as well been one, I worked hard for it is all I knew!!! I could tell she had fun too, her pussy was well fucked and her lips well greased with sperm and pussy juices from all her sex play. I kissed her and I could taste it on her lips. I got very horny again and I wanted to fuck her so I led her over to a lounge chair, pulled off my boxers and stuck my cock in her very wet very well fucked pussy and I slipped in very easily. As I was pumping in her she was telling me of what she knew, she told me all the cock suckers were men, no girls at all and that I looked so hot being blindfolded and losing my control to the man who made all of the guys lose it, not one guy past the test, she said that it was set up for us to fail the first test. I started to fuck her harder now just hearing her tale. She told me that they were in the room next to the booths having sex and that some of the men would be fucking the girls up the ass and they were the ones coming to the booth to unload there cum and any of the men fucking pussy could cum inside and after the girls had a few loads could then walk very carefully to the booth without losing there collected loads and let us guys suck them clean so that they could go back for more. At this point I started to work up a fast pace in my wife’s pussy when I felt a cock touch my asshole, he entered me easily and he was fucking me while I fucked my wife’s so sloppy hot pussy.

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       We all came about the same time and collapsed on the lounge chair and I still in her and he still in me. We stayed that way until we all got horny again and started another fuck session. This was the greatest night I ever had with sex in a long time. I can not wait for the next party and yes I will be wearing my green polo shirt and black silk boxers with the pride of a veteran.



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