Tash and I (part 1)


 Hi, my name is Ash, i am your typical 18 yr old teenager. i have dirty blonde hair, tan skin, slender body(like to keep fit) about 5"3, 34 C, shaven
Tash- slightly tanned(not as much as me) brunette, slim, 5"7, 36 D, shaven but with landing strip
it was a hot summers day, the sun was shining, the air was fresh and i was home alone! normally this wouldn't be the case. Being only 18 i would usually be surrounded by the annoyance of my parents. Lucky for me they had decided to go away for the weekend for some "us" time. Naturally as any teenager would do being home all by themselves i decided to invite some friends over just to relax and have some drinks. The only problem with this was that they weren't going to be here until tonight and i had still had a whole day to kill.
So i decided to kill sometime watching a little bit of tv. It was around 12:30 when my friend Tash called telling me all about just how horrible her parents were and that she is currently on her way to my house to cool off. By the time she had arrived the heat of the summer day was at its worst. lucky for us though my pool was only a couple of footsteps away. it didn't take long before we had stripped down to our swimmers and jumped in the pool. The sensation of the water hitting my body was amazing! After about 18 minutes of swimming around we both jumped out and took up positions on the sun lounges i had next to the pool.  
We had decided to lay their ad take in some rays. The lucky thing for me is that i tend not to burn but rather Tan very easily. Unfortunately for Tash this was not the case. After drying off Tash quickly jumped up and ran to get the sunscreen.

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   upon return she started to apply the sunscreen to her body. insuring not to miss a bit. Tash had nearly managed to get the whole body but naturally couldN't get the back. She quickly asked for assistance which i accepted. Tash handed me the bottle of sunscreen but before turning around she asked if i could hang on a second. with that she quickly reached behind and undid her bikini top allowing her beautiful 36 Ds hang out. now this is not uncommon, Tash and i tend to change together all the time and have on occasions hooked up at parties hehe it drives the boys crazy and you can't match the beauty of a females kiss.
Anyway Tash lay down on the lounge while i lathered her back up. after finishing i decided what the hell and removed my top too allowing my not as big but very perky 34 C breasts to hang freely. The benefits of living in the Suburbs is you can be has private or as open as you like and it doesn't matter. Lucky for me my mother and father like their privacy which meant that on our rather large block we had numerous large pines to cover our backyard from prying eyes.
About an hour passed since the tops came off and very little conversation had arisen. it was about this time that Tash rolled over a decided to hype up the conversation. being as close as we were we were not scared of talking about anything. it also helped that we both were highly experienced when it came to the matter of sex and all things alike.

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   we chatted for a bit before Tash brought up the conversation of masturbation and the vibrators that we had brought on one of our drunken travels home one night back from the city. (why does i alway seem that sex stores and alike always stick together in one area in the city?)
"Please tell me you have used it since we got them!" Tash exclaimed 
"yer i have once of twice, i like it but its not as good as the real thing!" truth be told the feeling of it on my clit compared to nothing else. IT WAS AMAZING!
"hehe yer i know but still i can't get over just how good it feels!"
The thing about Tash is she is not shy and will use anything of yours at a whim
"You better not go using mine tonight then you little whore you! hehe"
"Of course not. . . . hehe" with that we decided to take one last swim and then head inside. We had decided to leave the tops behind as the heat in the air was still hot and but rather ice against the naked flesh
As the afternoon pressed on Tash and i decided to hit the drinks early. Being the trusted little girl i was daddy had brought us some alcohol. it wasn't uncommon, he knew that is we didn't get it from him we could easily get it from someone else. so as we walked around in our shorts with a drink in hand we decided its time to get ready. we both headed for the bathroom. i told Tash she could have the shower first. Quickly she obliged and jumped to it. she stripped down completely! This hit me, i just realized that out of all these years i still had not seen her completely nude.

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   sure the occasional share of bathroom but she was always behind some distorted glass. However on this occasion she was in plain sight and behind a clear panel. (my old house had curtain her house has distorted glass) The beauty of her body was amazing. As i looked up and down her body i was amazed to see the small landing patch above her vagina. as the water trickled down her body i realized how much this turned me on. What the hell was happening! all of a sudden my concentration was broken my the sound of my cell. it was the friend telling me how they are going to be early! SHIT how was i going to get ready in time.
 Tash must have realized something was wrong when she called out questioningly. I quickly told her the situation to which she replied "don't stress quick jump in with me. without thinking twice i stripped and jumped in with her. Now all of a sudden we had gone from casually walking around topless to full on nudity in a shower! No one can deny that this was hot and thats just how i felt! The touch of her body every time we moved around sent a tingle down my body! I felt so confused and yet so turned on.
    Before anything could happen she turned the shower off and leaped out into my room yelling at me to hurry up now. As we got changed i noticed her pull out some very sexy lingerie and place it on underneath a rather short a seductress dress. I got rid of this though and quickly went back to drinking and getting ready. Once the girls arrived everyone else started coming.

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       Yes i will admit it got a bit out of hand but the alcohol fueled night went along nicely.
    Half way through i noticed Tash leave with some guy to the bedroom. Little whore was going to be getting some tonight. as i turned around i walked straight into some guy holding a beer. OW SHIT! just my luck now covered i beer. i ran off to go change before i started to smell even more. i made it halfway down the corridor to my room before i decided to pull the dress off taking my bra off to change as well. i knew as this was well away from anyone i had no chance of getting caught or so i thought.  
    I barged into my bedroom and flicked on the lights closing the door behind me. To my surprise there was Tash and James going at it. i tried to get out without them noticing but to my horror didn't make it. Tash saw me topless and motioned for me to come over. Like a magnet i was drawn to her. I walked over while james continued to pound her vagina. this sight was amazing.

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       her Pussy spread open with a big cock sliding in and out. i just could no resist. i walked up and in an second had locked lips with her. The moment was thrilling. Tash was getting fucked, moaning with pleasure and there was i passionately kissing her and this time not for show! needles to say my pussy started to grow wet has Tash started tweaking my nipples, sucking each one. a flood o pleasure released all over my body. James just accepted me and pulled me out of the grasp of Tash taking me to his mouth and rubbing my soaking shaven pussy through my panties. He quickly removed them a pulled me on top of his face. He quickly started sucking my pussy while flicking my clit. the pleasure was intense. their i was in a pyramid of sex. James lying down, me on his face and Tash on his cock bouncing away.
    All i could feel was james' tounge going in and out and all over my pussy. I quickly took control of what i could and started grinding into his mouth increasing the pleasure. by now i noticed how close i was to Tash.

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       I reached over and started making out with her. my hands exploring her body while our tongues locked together. My hand found the top of her pussy. I slowly reached down and started playing with her clit while she bounced on james! i continued this while my mouth made its way down her neck to her tits. sucking each one. i felt her body start to tense as i did this the bad started to curve. i could tell she was close. i quickened my tongue on her nipple and increased the pace on her clit. the feeling of being eaten out and making out with another female was to much i too was getting close. All of a sudden i felt her shudder and a wave of pleasure sweep down her! this was to much for me bring me to one of the most amazing orgasms ever! After 2 minutes of pleasure we both jumped off and decided to finish james off. we couldn't just leave him! 
    We both went to work sharing his cock. One licking the tip while the other licking his shaft. He came rapidly gushing his cum into my mouth. I couldn't keep this load to myself i quickly pulled Tash over and pushed my tongue into her mouth sharing it between the both of us. after breaking the kiss we both swallowed.

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       it took about another 18 minutes until we all got up and decided to join the party again. I couldn't stop thinking about Tash all night! The party quickly ended and all that was left was Tash and I.  
    After cleaning up with a lot of sexual tension we decided to jump into the pool to cool off. We both stripped nude and jumped in with the intention of taking tonight's events to the next level! 
     TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . . .
     stay tuned for part 2
     let me know what you think


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