Rockin' and Bobbin' with Robin Pt 1


Let's just say I met Todd on the Internet. One of those sites his parents would have been horrified to know their little boy frequented in an effort to get laid by a woman his mother's age.
He was medium height with shaggy brown hair and a well-developed body. A handsome kid who looked about two or three years younger than his drivers license said he was. We talked on the phone after he answered my ad so he knew what he would have to do to get what he wanted. He had already agreed. I showed him a pic of me and of my friend. I'm 45, she's 40. My friend's pic was the one that convinced him. His picture was what convinced me to set the whole thing up.
He pulled up next to my car at ten that night in the hotel parking lot and got out. He was wearing what I'd suggested. Running shorts and a t-shirt. I knew that was all he had on.   Being a teenage boy and knowing what he'd been promised, his cock was already hard and bulging in his shorts.

      He got in on the passenger side of my car.

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    "Hey man, what's going on?" I asked. We shook hands. He had big hands.
    "Not alot. " He glanced at me and then away. "Is she down or what?"
    "She's waiting in the other parking lot," I said. "Let's see your cock. "
    He reached down and slid his cock out of his shorts. It was thick, hard and eight and a half inches. Mine was hard too. I'd always wanted to play with a teenager and this one looked good.

      "Jerk off for me. "
      He started stroking. I did too. It was a risk in the parking lot but that was part of the turn on.

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         In less than half a minute, he moaned a little. "I'm gonna cum. " His hand moved faster. Suddenly he started shooting his load. One, two three strings shot from his cock and hit the dashboard, then four more just as thick and just as much, then two even after that sprayed all over the floor.
      "Now do me. Like we talked about. "
      He reached over and wrapped his hand around my dick. Stroked me to get it super hard then leaned across the console and took it in his teenage boy's mouth. He'd sucked kids his age, he'd told me, but he sure did it better than I expected.   I shot my load in his mouth a minute later.
      "Do I get to fuck her now?" he asked.
      I put the car in motion and we headed over to see Robin.




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