Rob and Sarah


It had been a few months since I’d seen her last. Last time around, I had been at her place on vacation from life and work. She lived alone, down in Arizona and we’d known each other for a few years through mutual friends. I hadn’t known her when she lived in Colorado but I had met her when she came back to visit friends and family.
We got along really well from the start, lots of similar tastes and we both had some of the same friends, so we hung out a lot. There was some sexual tension at first, being of opposite sexes and both in our prime, but as things were, one or both of us was always occupied. For the first time, however, we were both free and that alone would be making me horny as hell. To top it all off though, in just a few minutes I’d be seeing her beautiful face one more time when I picked her up from the airport.
She was coming up for a week or so, and although I didn’t have much specifically in mind, I knew who and what I wanted. I figured to start off the week I’d take her to a party some friends of mine were throwing. It wasn’t going to be much really, just a couple of friends, good music and some liquor. Since we were all quasi-nerds it would mostly be guys, but a few girls, including Sarah, would be there.
My phone rang and I saw that Sarah was calling.
"Hiya sexy, where are ya?"
"I just finished grabbing my bags, I’ll be outside in front of the Frontier door in just a sec. "
Nice, I’d be able to just pull over and help her in.
"Cool, I’m coming up on you now.

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I killed the phone and started looking toward the terminal door. It took me a second to spot her in her jeans and white T-shirt; the last few months had been VERY good to her. Both her clothes were new, and tight in all the right places. I was getting a little worried that I might not be able to get out of the car without embarrassing myself, but I figured I could hold it off for a bit longer; I’d just have to hurry.
I put the car in park and hopped out. At 5’5" she was a smidgen shorter then I, so our hug was at just the right height for her head to be at my shoulder. She had beautiful brown hair and brown and blue eyes that seemed to swirl and entrance. After ending the hug I had little choice but to stand there and drink her in for a moment.
"Sorry…I was admiring how good you look" I stammered a bit
She blushed slightly "Yeah, ever since I left John, I’ve been feeling better and better about myself. Does it show?" She gave me a little twirl and I had to stop myself from grabbing her right there.
"Yeah, definitely! You look…. Incredible!"
"Thanks, I’m glad you think so" She smiled.
It was strange; there was something behind that smile I couldn’t quite place. Like a secret she was holding on to. I was skimming the surface of something but I wasn’t sure what it was, yet.

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   I had the distinct feeling I’d find out soon.
"Let me grab your bags" I said as I picked up the largest if the three.
"Sure", she said picking up the smallest.
"You want that one in the trunk too?" I asked nodding to the one in her hand.
"No, maybe later, though"
Again with the smile, there was definitely something there. I realized there was something in the bag and I had the sudden overwhelming urge to know what was inside.
As we drove home we talked about all the idle things we always did and a few minutes before we got back I told her about the party.
"It won’t be much after all, just some friends hanging out. "
"No, I’d love to go! I’ve got all week so I definitely want to spend some time with you. "
"Cool, it’s tomorrow night, so for now lets get you settled in, then we’ll have a relaxing night"
I’d bought quite a few bottles of wine as well as some rum for the party and after getting home we ended up cracking open one and putting in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. It was an old favorite for us both and was really relaxing.
"Hey, Rob, did we ever play the drinking game where you drink every time you see a cat being hit?"
"Naw, but I think I could break out the rum for that!" I said grinning. Maybe I won’t even have to wait for the party, I thought.
As the night progressed, between the rum and the wine, we were getting drunker and sillier. By the time the credits rolled we were close enough that her body heat was mingling with mine.

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   I didn’t want to get up but I wanted to get "Alien" started. Oddly enough Sarah had seen the second one and liked it but had never seen the first one. The way I figured, she’d be snuggling up to me in no time. Things were going mostly to plan. She had her legs on my lap and per usual I was massaging them lightly. Now I’ve got to say right here, I’m a lap slut. You get your legs in my lap and you are partially safe, if it’s you’re head there’s no return. And if my head is in your lap there is oral in the future for you. Sarah didn’t know this per se but in the past we had always kept it platonic (with me struggling of course) and massages were not new. In the past, I was barely able to hold back for both our sakes but with nothing stopping me now, we could go as far as we wanted. By the time the Nostromo crew had landed on the planet, I had been massaging her leg for about 18 minutes and was ready to move up in the world. I started massaging just above her knee, and then her thigh. As I got to just below her waist I started to change tactics. Rather then kneed I started to rub and stroke and pet. She gave a little sigh, as if she was relaxing but it sounded odd, not sexual but rather the sort of sigh someone asleep would sigh.

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"You still awake Sarah?"
No answer.
Damn. She was asleep; I was out of luck.
I went back to her legs, massaging them as almost idle work, as I continued watching the movie. I couldn’t continue now, I thought. She was totally passed out. A few minutes later, I noticed my hands were back on her thigh. Damn, now even my hands are getting horny. Well, we knew each other and I know there’s chemistry. She’d probably enjoy it if she woke up, and if she didn’t wake up, who would know?
I start back at her thigh, slowly working my way toward the inside. I was outside the bikini zone but well inside the shorts area. "STOP!," I thought. I’m not gonna do this to her, maybe once we’ve established something she’d let me wake her up this way but not yet. I sighed and resigned myself with the knowledge that tomorrow night I’d be sure and Sarah would be in my bed.
The next morning I woke up to Sarah shifting in my lap.

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"Oh! Didn’t mean to wake you this soon, Rob!" she said. For a second she almost seemed disappointed I was awake.
"Not at all, Sarah! I’m glad you did, now I can make you some breakfast. "
For the rest of the day I was aching for evening to come again. Everyone was planning on be there by 9, and although most of the unattached guys were heading over early to get stuff ready at Mike’s house, because of Sarah, I wanted to show up later. At 8 we started to get ready to head out when I realized I was supposed to have grabbed chips but had neglected to get them earlier.
"Hey, Sarah! I’m gonna run to the store real quick. Want to come with or do you need anything?" I called out
"No, I’ll just start getting ready!" she called back.
I figured since I was gonna shower anyway I might as well jog to the store since it was only a block away and a quick jog was even faster then driving. As I started to run, I thought about Sarah. In my mind she was slipping off her clothes as she turned on the shower. First the shirt pulled off and discarded like an old skin, then her jeans peeled off. I could see her in her panties and bra, black and matching of course, nothing complicated but simple, comfortable and the sexier for it. By the checkout line I was glad I had jogged, it kept my blood pumping in my legs rather then other places. At the same time, I wanted to get back and ending up practically sprinting because of it.

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   I got back to the house and slipped in the front door. I tossed my bag on the front hall table and walked toward my bedroom. As I passed the bathroom I realized the bathroom door was open. As I walked by, I saw her. It wasn’t intentional mind you, I hadn’t left the door open and it was open just enough to catch a glimpse in the mirror. None the less, one minute I was walking down the hall and the next minute I was watching Sarah lathering up her silky skin tracing little circles around her perfect, perky breasts. She swept her hands down between her legs, and for a moment I was sure I was going to watch her masturbate right in front of me. I was probably only there for a few seconds but it felt like an eternity as I watched her upturned face in the cascading water. The waves of soapy water wash down every sensuous curve of her body. My heart stopped as she turned toward me and I ducked away quickly. I wanted to join her; I wanted to throw open the door, throw off my clothes and join her slippery body under the hot, wet water. I couldn’t bring myself to it, for things like that I feel I have to be invited in. I stood there for a long moment afterwards, thinking about her sexy body until I realized that once again I was getting hard with every second. I quickly went back to my computer in the living room and sat down. After a few minutes I heard the water shut off and restrained myself from wandering back to the bathroom again.

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"Hey, Rob, didn’t hear you come in. I was in the shower. You get everything you needed?"
I turned to see her in a bathrobe toweling her hair and was greatly relieved to be sitting down.
"Yeah, I think I got everything I needed to bring but I’ll call Mike before we go to make sure. "
"Cool, well the shower’s free now!"
Shocked out of my daydream of having my hands inside Sarah’s bathrobe I realized I probably had a nice sheen of sweat to go with my rapidly reddening face.
"Great, let me hop in and out, then I’ll change and we can head out. "
A hot steamy shower later and I was feeling ready for what would hopefully be a big night. She grabbed her small bag from the trunk and we hopped in the car and headed to Mike’s.
The party was pretty much in full swing when we got there. There was about 18 guys and, with Sarah, 5 girls. Unlike the other girls, Sarah was unspoken for, although everyone there knew she was my friend. Normally, I would only expect them to restrain themselves for a few hours. With her looks though, and the way heads turned when we came in, I figured I’d have an hour, max, to make my desires known. I wasted no time in getting us our first drinks of the night and introducing her around the room. I did my best with body language to let it be know that she was off limits for the moment.

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   After making the rounds we sat down for a bit on the couch when Sarah dropped the bomb:
"Did I see you outside the shower before we came?"
"Yeah…. Possibly," I stammered "I…I probably passed there on my way to my room. "
"Did you like what you saw?"
HOLY CRAP! Here I was, about to make a move on her when she turns around and asks me if I liked her hot, naked body! I had spent the last 24 hours restraining myself when we probably could have been humping like rabbits the very first hour.
"Well. Yeah. I’ve always thought you were pretty but now you look stunning. And ever since we’ve been single again at the same time I’ve been waiting to see you again. "
Sarah laughed. "I’ve been thinking the same thing! I’ve wanted you since we first met but other things have always gotten in the way. "
"Sarah, I…. "
Any other words were lost and she covered my mouth with hers. The shock lasted a moment and then I started kissing her back with earnest. Completely forgetting the setting I put my arms around her and up her shirt, holding her close. It was only when she started lifting my shirt that I even thought about the rest of the room. By that point, the rest of the girls and their significant others had already moved into other rooms and we were alone with the remainder of the guys.

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   I hesitated for a moment and Sarah responded to it.
"I’ve been waiting too long for you, I can’t wait any longer. If your friends want to watch, let ‘em!" she breathed in my ear.
An exhibitionist, I thought. I kind of figured but she had been closed off when she was with John so I had never gotten to see this side of her. I threw caution to the wind and let her take off my shirt and then proceeded to lift off hers. I couldn’t tell you what anyone else was thinking but I could probably guess. You see; all of my friends at this particular party were bi or, like me, not exactly adverse to another guy around. Me personally, I don’t find guys attractive, but sometimes I have these cravings that I’ve always just satisfied with butt plugs, long dildos, and anal beads. I’ve always kind of wanted a guy in my ass but I couldn’t imagine doing it without a woman present. As a result, I guarantee that every guy in that room wanted her, or me but mostly both of us, and frankly, I was inclined to let ‘em.
After I lifted off her shirt I saw her beautiful breasts for the second time in as many hours, but this time they were held back by a black satin bra. Not being one to keep caged animals, I slipped the clasp and let the bra hang for a moment, pressed between us. We broke off the kiss for a moment and I let my hand slip between the soft satin and her firm flesh. She moaned slightly as I caressed her, just circling her nipples.

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   I was torn; on one hand I wanted to fucked her silly and on the other I wanted to make slow love to her.
    I was saved from the decision as she pushed me back on the couch with one last kiss on the lips. As I moved backwards she continued kissing down my chest. As she got lower she undid the zipper on my jeans and I quickly wiggled them down. She pulled me down a bit farther so my ass was hanging off the edge of the couch. I knew where Sarah was going with this but she insisted on teasing me. Instead of pulling down my boxers she simply started kissing them. She occasionally nudged the waistband farther down and with each nudge my anticipation grew. During one nudge she finally managed to free my fully erect penis and in the process brushed her lips over its head. Electric shocks coursed though me with that lightest of touches. I felt electrified as she put her mouth around it and kissed it fully. She slid down my 7 inch pole and back up again. For a moment my vision went black as I was thrown, head first, into ecstasy. With a slight inhale she finally came up for air to give me a wet kiss. As she did, she teased me with her crotch, so close, yet shielded from penetration.


       I move my hands to her ass and held her for a moment and then slid around to the front to unzip her own jeans. I had them open and was about to slid them down when Sarah moved back down to resume her position between my legs. As she looked up she gave me a smile to say "Not yet, but soon. "
    As she continued her rhythm I knew there was no way I could last much longer, I had wanted her for too long and she was too good. Just before I reached the breaking point I pulled her up and spun her down to sit next to me. As I spun her down I also managed to slip her jeans to her ankles and uncover her matching panties. I knew enough about women to know she had probably been waiting for me tonight.
    "Your turn" I grinned.
    When it comes to teasing I can give better then I can take. With Sarah sitting back with only a pair of panties I resumed kissing. I kissed her on the mouth at first, with my hands roaming her beautiful countryside always fleeting, never staying in one place for too long. After a few deep kisses, I started to make my way down to her neck and shoulders. As I reached her nipples and gave each one a long suck, Sarah let out a soft moan. I made my way to her glistening, wet pussy while fondling her nipples again. I licked and sucked and drank until she was on the verge of a massive orgasm.

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       I didn’t stop kissing but I moved away from her beautiful pussy and started kissing my way to her mouth again.
    As I got there, my cock was lined up perfectly and I teased her by rubbing it around her moist, pink hole. I slipped it in and asked Sarah if she had a condom. She said "Not a problem, I made sure I was protected before coming, but you’ll want this. " She smiled. She reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. As if on cue, Michael, who must have been watching the entire show, asked if we needed any help.
    I looked at Sarah and got a look of eager anticipation and responded, "Sure, we’d love it. "
    As Michael and the other guys stripped, Sarah laid me down on the floor and whispered "You’re gonna like this, I promise. "
    She straddled my eager cock and I slipped in easily accompanied by a moan from Sarah. Michael came up from behind and smeared lube all over his tool. The two of the other guys took up position on either side of our heads while Jason lubed up his cock and got behind Michael. Michael slowly eased his dick inside Sarah’s ass and she moaned again. As Michael continued his motion slowly, Sarah started to move back and forth on my cock as well. Michael and Sarah switched off giving blowjobs to the two guys above us.

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    "Hey Rob," Sarah said, "Want a taste?" as she offered her current cock to me. I hesitated for a second, as I really didn’t want to suck on a guy’s dick but at the moment I would have done anything she asked. I took James’ cock in my mouth and started to suck on the head, He started moving forward and I tried to take the entire thing inside my mouth. I gagged for a second and in between moans Sarah managed a giggle.
    "It’s…. Mmmmmmm…It’s alright, Rob. It takes…. . ahhhhhh…practice. "
    I offered James’ cock back and together we managed to give him a fairly good double-barreled blowjob. It didn’t take long for Sarah to explode with an orgasm. Is she did she clenched her pussy and I came deep inside her as well. Michael didn’t last much longer, and after a few slowed thrusts with his eyes shut he pulled out of her tight ass. Jason evidently wasn’t done yet and I watched Michael’s expression as Jason continued to pound his ass. Sarah managed to roll out from Michael and I slipped out as well.

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    "You’re all messy," Sarah said slyly. She then started sucking her juices and mine off my semi-erect cock. It didn’t take much for me to stand at the ready again from her ministrations.
    "Hold on a second," I said as then laid her down started sucking her clit in a 69. After a few moments of cleaning I moved back around to enter her again. As I did I felt something at my ass and turned to see Derek behind me. I eased back into him and started fucking them both. Between the cock in my ass and Sarah’s wet pussy it didn’t take me long and I came hard, clenching my ass in the process. This proved too much for Derek and I felt his hot seed deep in my rectum. Sarah moaned as another orgasm swept over her. I slide off of her as Michael slipped in.
    As I got on my hands and knees I saw Jason standing above me. Without another thought I took him in my mouth and started sucking for all I was worth. It seemed that Derek wanted a piece of me as well as he slide his cock deep inside me. I was being fucked from both ends when something wet enveloped my own cock.

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       I took break from Jason and looked down to see Sarah’s head encompassing my own little head. She caught my eye and grinned. It was only a second, but that look told me that everyone else was simply a bit player in her…no, OUR little story. It wasn’t Jason above me; it was Sarah. It wasn’t Michael going down on her; I was. They were my/our friends, but at the moment they were nothing more then flesh vibrators; there for our pleasure.
    The rest of the night passed with various people taking breaks when needed. Since it was my first night with anything approaching gay/bi sex and Sarah was a guest of sorts, everything revolved around us for the most part. The other couples came back in and after scant moments they joined in with gusto. I watched Sarah with one of the girls, licking and sucking all over. She saw me take Michael in the ass while he fucked one of the other girls. Toward the end, the night wore down on us so Sarah and I cuddled naked under a blanket on the couch. Before we finally fell asleep we managed to glimpse what was probably the last orgasm of the night for our happy house.
    I woke up gently and pleasantly to Sarah’s lips firmly wrapped around my morning wood.
    "I wanted to do this yesterday morning, you know.

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       It was kind of in reaction to the night before. I was awake toward the end there, at least somewhat awake. I was hoping you’d finish what you started, but I also understand why you didn’t. So…now you have my official permission. You can wake me up in whatever way you see fit. " She smiled, and I knew