my new obsession


I’m a thirty five year old guy with a girl friend of many years.   I love girls, I love licking pussy, and I love the feel of a warm cunt around my cock.
I have in the past experimented with guys.   My first time was at a roadside restroom about 4:00 A. M. when a stranger asked if he could give me a blowjob in the bathroom stall.   The next couple of times were in adult book stores.   The first time I had a man’s dick in my mouth was at an adult movie.   I was sitting in the back row when I noticed a man behind me stroking himself.   As I turned around he slowly moved his dick toward my face and I took it in my mouth.   It was an incredible feeling.   It wasn’t long before he exploded down my throat.   Seconds later, I had another dick in my mouth with the same result.   Now I love sucking dick!
I’ve always wanted the complete experience of having a man have his way with me.   I don’t consider myself gay, as I love women.   I don’t even find men attractive.

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    I’ve just always wanted to know what it’s like to be fucked like a woman.
The problem is, I live in a small, Midwestern town.   I don’t know how to meet a man to basically have a one, night stand with.   Not to mention, I do have a girlfriend and I have to be discreet enough that she, nor anyone else finds out.
About 6 months ago we moved into a new house.   About a mile from the house is a small roadside park which overlooks a river.   Being a boater, I would occasionally drive through the park to check out the conditions of the river.   It didn’t take me long to know that this is a place that men cruise for men.
I made my first hookup about 2 months ago one late afternoon.   I parked on the far side of the park where there was very little traffic.   A larger luxury car pulled up a spot away from me.   The man in the car just kept staring my way.   I rolled down my window and he rolled down his.   I saw an older guy, probably around 60.   I could see that he was rubbing himself through his pants.

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   We made a little small talk, then he asked what I was looking for.   I told him, probably the same as he.   At that, he asked if I wanted to come sit in his car.
Of course I did!   I got in my car and sat down in the seat next to him.   The sun had started to fade, so we weren’t really worried about anyone seeing us.   He put his hand on my crotch, which I had already undone the buttons of my khakis.   My dick sprang out like a flagpole.   He stroked it while he pulled his own dick out of his pants.   I have a fairly nice dick, but his was a little bigger, with a big red head.   It was semi hard as he stroked it in front of me.   I couldn’t wait to put it into my mouth.
He leaned back in his seat and I went at him.   I had the shaft of his dick in one hand and I was sucking on the head like a hoover.   I started moving my hand up and down, matching the movements with my mouth.   His semi hard 60 year old cock became hard as a rock.

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He made me stop for a second as another car passed us.   After that car was out of sight, I continued sucking until I could feel him about to come.   His body tensed.  His grip tightened on my shoulder, and his breath became very uneasy.   In seconds he shot a big wad in my mouth.   I kept sucking until he pulled my head off his lap.
I knew he got what he wanted, so I put my dick back in my pants, got out of his car and back in mine.   About that time, the car that had passed us before pulled up on the other side of me.   As the old man pulled away, the man inside rolled down his window and said  “I saw your head bobbing up and down.   You want to go somewhere?
Of course I did!  I was hungry for cock now! 
I had been working remodeling a house for a friend about 6 blocks away.   It wasn’t completely secure, but I wanted cock.   I told him to follow me, and he did.    I had my dick in my hand the hole way.
As soon as we walked in the door we went at it.   Both of us started kissing each other and tearing at each other’s pants.

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    I had his down and I sat down on a couch, the only piece of furniture in the house, and I went at his cock like it was my last meal, him standing in front of me.   He was already hard, about the same size as mine.   I had his balls in one hand, his shaft in the other, and my mouth moving up and down like a piston.
Then he pulled away, and finished pulling my pants off.   He knelt on the floor by the couch and slowly started licking my dick.   He was much slower than me.   He held my shaft as he licked on and under the head.   He massaged my balls and then started moving his hand lower to my scrotum area.   I was going crazy.   He knew just how to massage that area between the balls and the hole.   His tongue followed his hand.
He told me to lay back on the couch with my feet in the air and of course I did.   His hands and his tongue went lower.   He rubbed the rim of my anus with his spit lubricated finger, then he stuck it in.   I tensed up at first but it felt great right away.

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    He moved it in and out a few times, moving around inside me as he did.   He pulled it out and then put in two fingers.   I was going nuts.   He was also licking around my ass as he was sticking his fingers inside me.
He told me to turn around on the couch, stick my ass in the air and pull my cheeks apart.   I did.   I felt like a bitch waiting to be fucked.   But instead of fucking me, he started licking my ass!
I had never felt anything like that before.   It was incredible.   He ran his tongue around the rim of my ass and then stuck it in as far as he could.    He did this for a little while giving me a reach around while he did, and then he stuck two fingers up my ass.   He pumped his fingers in and out of my ass and then he licked it for awhile.
He then stopped for a minute and I saw him rooting in his pants for something.   He pulled out a little packet that I instantly recognized as a condom.   I was finally getting my wish.

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    I was being fucked like a woman!  He slipped the condom over his rock hard cock and then dropped down one more time to lick my asshole.
      I pulled hard on my ass cheeks because I knew what I was about to get.
    I was so lubricated from his tongue and stretched out by his fingers that his dick slid easily into my previously virgin asshole.   It was the perfect size for my first fuck.   Not too fat that it hurt, but long enough that it felt great moving in and out of my ass.
    He was great!  He, and I rubbed my cock as he fucked me slowly at first.   Then I begged for more.   I wanted to feel his hips slam against me as I felt his head invade my colon.   He did as I pleaded.   It seemed to go on forever, but it couldn’t possibly have lasted long enough.   He fucked the hell out of me!  I was pounding on my meat like a mad man and screaming for him to fuck me.   I was loving it.
    He stopped for a second and told me to roll over.   I was going to be fucked missionary like a girl!  I lay on my back with my feet up and the air and he moved up between my legs and put his dick back inside me.   I wrapped my legs around him and he laid down on me and just started fucking me real slow.

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        I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard inside me.
    Then I started kissing him.   I put my tongue completely down his throat and he sucked on it like he did my dick before.   A wild fuck had become a passionate, slow fuck.   I was in ecstasy.   It lasted a long time but I could tell when he was going to blow.   He kept moving with the slow rhythmic strokes, so I knew it was going to be a huge load.   I told him I had to have it in my mouth.   He pulled out just before he was about to blow, pulled off his condem and I slid down between his legs, my mouth beneath his now lethal penis.   He jerked twice, and exploded right before I could get it in my mouth.   The first load hit me on the cheek, but I managed to get all the rest.   I sucked him until he pulled my head away.
    He then sat me back on the couch and went down on me one last time.   He was a great cocksucker.   Then he stuck his fingers in my ass and I just exploded.

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        I don’t think that I have ever had a bigger orgasm!  He sucked and yanked and milked me for every drop.   I had to pull his head off and then I just lay there barely able to move.  
    He got up, pulled up his pants, kissed me on the forehead and walked out the door.   I laid there in that apartment for about half an hour, barely able to move, until I wanked myself off thinking about every second of my experience licking the nearly dry cum that was left on my cheek.
    I love pussy, but I am completely addicted to dick.    .



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