My New Friends


I had bounced around from job to job for many years. During one of my unemployment sessions, I found a job with an international corporation. Things went well and I found myself promoted. My name is Mitch by the way.
So as I managed the human resource department, I had a difficult time finding employees. On a lark, I asked my brother in law's kid to try a job with our company. My brother in law married my sister a few years back and honestly, his family was far more beautiful than ours is. Randy, his son was 23 and looking for work so it seemed to be a good situation.
Randy and I had shared a few beers before and worked on his dad's house together so I knew he was a good worker. He showed his abilities quickly, but what everyone liked about him was his looks. He looked like a young Tom Cruise. He was shorter, but well built from his time in the military.
My story really starts after Randy was promoted for the the first time. Since he was such a good worker, his promotion came quickly. It only took a few months of his charm and work ethic to secure him a good position. He was making more money and seemed to be happy.

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   His wife decided to celebrate with a bar-b-que and invited only me, as I had given him his chance with our company. Kathy said she wanted to have a formal dinner for him on the weekend with all of the family, but she also wanted me to know how greatful they were.
So it came to be Thrusday and after work and a shower, I headed to their house. For whatever the Karmic reason, Randy and Kathy lived less than a mile from my house. I arrived early, bring a bottle of wine and my best attitude and was greated with the same. Kathy at 5'9", was darling. Her long legs accentuated the short shorts she was wearing and that adorable smile lit her face up like a Christmas tree. I had always found her attractive, but since their lives had financially changed, she was more vibrant than ever.
Smelling the steaks starting to simmer on the grill caused me to inhale deeply. I smelled Kathy's perfume and my head stirred. And yes I mean the head in my pants. I followed her to the back deck like a puppy, watching her ass the entire time. As we rounded the corner, she wispered to me that Randy must have had a few too many beers becuase he had removed his shirt. I didn't think much of it as I had seen men bare chested most of my life.
We walked through the sliding glass doors which led to the back yard, and for the first time in a long time I was greeted with a sexual feeling.

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   Kathy walked right up to Randy and placed her mouth on his. I could tell they were French kissing because of all the moaning that was going on and the way their bodies melted towards one another. Kathy remarked that she wanted to see how aroused she could make his musclar pecs and dipped her head to his very hard nipple.
"Honey you are gonna make me hard and embarrass our guest. ", Randy said as Kathy's teeth teased his hard nipple.
"I doubt Mitch would be embarrassed by anything we could do. I have heard stories. ", Kathy said looking directly into my eyes as her mouth left Randy's body. She continued to caress his 6-pack stomach as she gave me a wink.
"What kind of stories have you heard Kathy?", I asked feeling the tingling in my pants that was caused by her very sexual display.
"No I am kidding. I haven't heard any stories. I was just judging from that monster in your pants that you have had your share of wild times. "
"I have. .

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  . . . . I", I started to speak but became very self conscious of my body since I could feel the blood finding its way to my cock. This beautiful woman was caressing a very sexy man right in front of me while talking about my cock. I felt as though I was in a dream.
"So you are a stud arent you?", Randy asked. "I could tell by your swagger at work that you are not embarassed to have sex with a stranger. I bet you are so confident that you think you can make any woman cum?"
Holy shit. I was standing on a balcony, watching a sunset with a pair of very sexy and lovable people talking about my sexual prowess. My cock hardened further. Nearly with out a cognicent sentance, I muttered something like I have never had complaints and that I am told that since size matters, and I fill the need well.
As it turns out, that was all the encouragement Kathy needed. "Show me big boy.

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   I can see that it wants to come out of those shorts. You don't wear boxers do you?"
"Actually I don't wear underware. I hardly see the point, until now that is. Damn it. "
I think they both knew I would show them my cock and since they both wanted to see it I was intrigued. "Are you two serious?"
Randy spoke first as he cupped Kathys left breast, "Hell yes, if she thinks it is bigger than mine I want you to prove it cause I have the biggest one she has ever had. "
Kathy blushed a little while her hand found Randy's crotch. "Yes I want to see it to Mitch. Please?"
I think it was the please that got me. Her tone had softened from the smartass bitch she usually was and it actually seemed as though she was interested in my cock. You know how that feels when someone wants to see your body because they actually like you as a person.
With a deep breath I grabbed for the top button of my jean shorts. As I pulled it from its hole, I looked Randy in the eyes and said, "You better not ever tell your dad about this. He will tell my sister and she will tell everyone and I will not live this down. "
"Aww come on.

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   You can trust me. " As those words left Randy's mouth I felt a tightness in my stomach that I couldn't explain. I felt as though I was in deeper than I should be.
Looking directly at Kathy I continued to un-button my jean shorts. As the denim separated from my skin, the shorts fell from my waist to the warm redwood benieth my feet. My cock stood out like a sundial measuring the tick of the clock. I couldn't help it. I was being cohersed by a very sexy woman, while her husband that was caressing her titties. The warm evening air made my naked body feel good.
I heard a subtle gasp from one of their mouths and was surprised when I determined that Randy had indeed gasped as the sight of my cock. He squeezed Kathy tighter and thrust his hips towards her groping hand.
Kathy stepped from his hold but kept her hand on his now harding cock and reached for my swolen head. She looked me in the eyes as she stroked the shaft of my cock and caressed Randy's shorts. Leaning in, she kissed me deeply on the mouth and drove her tongue into the recesses of my cheeks. Randy stepped forward to maintain his grasp on her harding nipple.

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   We continued to kiss when I heard the propane bar-b-que turn off with a pop.
Kathy led me by the cock with Randy in tow. She was gentle with my hard meat as she led me to their bedroom. As I looked back to see if Randy was pissed off, I noticed that he was already naked and bringing his 5 and a half inch thick meat to a full fledged hardon. He was getting off on the site of his wife taking care of me.
With a shove, my back hit the cotton bed spread. My legs, dangling over the edge were spread by Kathy's thighs. I watched her take her tank off with out ever letting loose of the cock she now had in her hands. It was Randy's. He was attentively watching her flesh touch mine as she unrobed. Kathy knelt on the floor and pulled me towards her. She caressed my thigh with her right hand and stroked her husband with the left.
Taking me in her mouth I again heard Randy gasp. He was loving the experience that was unfolding before him. Kathy sucked my cock with passion and an intensity that caused me to close my eyes and moan deeply with pleasure.

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   She licked my shaft and teased the head of my cock with her tongue, all the while sliding her hand up and down Randy't thick shaft. This continued for who knows how long, and the next thing I know she was sliding up and kissing my body where ever her mouth found itself. She licked my navel, sucked my nipples and kissed my neck. I could feel her skin inch its way up my body when her tongue found mine, deep in my mouth. I felt her naked thighs against my torso and tried to remember when she got naked.
As her thighs found the sides of my face I could smell her clean wet pussy. I knew the next thing I would feel would be a warm wet pussy on my mouth. I was waiting to feel the hardness of her clit againt my upper lip. The anticipation was intense. I felt her hands in my hair, bringing my head to her wanting pussy when I felt a mouth engulf my cock.
For a second I felt like I had broken her. How could she be sucking my cock and straddling my face at the same time? A bit later I realized that Randy had taken my shaved balls in his hand and took as much of my cock into his mouth as he could. My head was spinning with thoughts that are too confused to share, but I liked it. I loved his strong hand against my thigh as I sucked the juices from his wife's pussy. The feel of his strong body against mine as I teased and sucked her hard clit.

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   Holy shit, what was I doing?
The night progressed; and if there is time and wanting from a reader, I would be happy to share the rest of the story. . . . . .
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