My First Experience


Although we were happy, recently married life hadn’t been very sexually satisfying and it wasn't going all that well especially as my wife didn’t like experimenting very much, although she didn’t mind any new things I tried.
I was and have always considered myself straight, not fancying other blokes but recently having come across  some bisexual movie clips on the internet I found myself becoming curious and began looking more and more at the different cocks on show. I became fascinated at all the different shapes and sizes, only ever having seen other cocks before in the locker rooms when at school. I soon became addicted and found myself wanting to hold and feel them in my hand and rubbed against my naked body, fantasying about stroking and sucking them.
One evening, with Sue, my wife, out with some of her friends I began surfing the net, getting more and more aroused watching the clips, I slid my shorts down, stroking my hard cock and playing with my balls.

Our friends who lived next door moved and our new neighbour moved in, after a few weeks he invited us for drinks but my wife said she didn’t want to go so I went on my own.
Alan didn’t have a lot of furniture so I sat on the low couch as he drank his scotch while sitting on the chair a foot away from me. He asked me questions about work and where I was from originally and about any new friends I might have in the city, which I had none.
I didn't know Alan's age, but I figured he was about 20 years older than my 22 years but was slim. He was wearing loose fitting jogging bottoms and as he crossed his legs it highlighted quite a large bulge and I could see the outline of his penis. He got up and poured us another scotch and when he came back he joined me on the couch. That was when I noticed that I was beginning to get an erection. Since I was in rather tight jeans, it was very noticeable.
Alan continued to talk, about what I don't know, but as he talked he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing my leg and upper thigh. By this time my erection was throbbing and I didn't stop him from what he was doing. He pulled the zipper down on my jeans and undid the belt buckle.

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   My mind was screaming that this had been what I had dreamt about and I couldn’t have stopped him even if I had wanted to.

    He pushed my jeans and pants down past my knees. When his hand touched my erection I thought I would cum immediately. Alan didn't speak a word as he got down between my legs and his lips engulfed my 6 inch cock. I was in heaven as he did an marvellous job of sucking my cock and when I felt his wet index finger that must have been coated with his saliva slip between the cheeks of my ass I pushed up off the couch to allow him access.
    He was very gentle as he slowly inserted the index finger into my anus and continued to suck me. Once his finger was completely inside me he began a fucking motion with his finger and this was too much for me and I came hard in his mouth. As he pulled back I was fascinated to see some of my come dribbling from the side of his mouth as he smiled at me. Kneeling on the couch between my legs with his pants around his ankles his 7 inch erection had precum dripping from it and there was lust in his eyes.
    He said nothing as he rolled me over onto my stomach and half lifted me until I was on my hands and knees on the bed. He slowly inserted his cock into my anus which had been somewhat loosened up by his finger. It hurt, but I said nothing as he slipped into me. When he was all the way in he stayed still as I got used to the feeling. He pushed my head down into the pillow so that my ass was sticking up in the air and he slowly began fucking my ass.
    The pain subsided and I felt myself with another erection.

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       When he heard me moan, he picked up the pace and began slamming into my ass. I couldn't believe how hard I was and before long I was squirting my cum onto the couch. I felt Alan grab my hips and plunge one last time and felt the warmness of his cum fill my arse
    To be continued. .



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