My Bi-Sexual Life Part 3


If you remember, I left off with me, Gary age 12, my cousin Sarah, age 16, her boyfriend Jim, age 18 and Jim's brother, Tom, age 18 We all just finished fucking and sucking each other. We all lay on the bed panting, sweating, covered in cum, enjoying the after glow of some very nasty sex.
I got up and looked at their naked bodies, taking in the view, knowing I had sucked both brothers cocks, sucked Sarah's pussy, fucked Sarah's pussy, had them all suck me off and had eaten loads of cum out of her cunt and straight out of the guys cocks.   To top it off I was still turned on and wanted more.

  I got on my knees and licked Tom's cock and balls, licked his sweet tasting sweat off his flat, tanned belly, then sucked his soft cock in my mouth.   As I sucked him I felt it begin to harden and swell in my mouth.   I looked up his body and noticed Jim and Sarah watching me suck Tom's cock.   Sarah began to stroke Tom's belly and chest, then I saw her lean over and lick his lips and chin, cleaning off the remnants of all our cum.
Jim lay on his side, is long soft cock resting on his thigh, still leaking cum.   I reached up and ran my finger over the head of his cock and smeared his cum over the head.   I stroked his thigh, loving how smooth and hot it felt.   Sarah was now licking Tom's belly, dipping her tongue in his belly button, rubbing her cheek in the sweat that pooled on his belly, then kissing my lips that were wrapped around his cock.   My hands were all over his body, I couldn't get enough of touching and sucking him.
Sarah looked at the clock and made us all get up and shower as her parents would be home soon.   I jumped in the shower with Tom and soaped his beautiful body up and paid special attention to his cock and ass.   He laughed and bent over shaking his buns at me.

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    I slipped a finger in his ass and he pushed against me and moaned.   I had never fucked a guy in the ass, but all of a sudden I was hard and tried to get my cock in there.   He stopped me and said we didn't have time, that maybe we would do it some other time. We got out and Jim and Sarah got in.   As she moved past me I stuck my finger in her cunt, then licked all the combined cum off and kissed her, sharing it with her.   We all finished dressing and left just as my Aunt and Uncle pulled in the driveway.
The next day I went to Sarah's and she had a girlfriend over.   She was hot, too.   Sarah introduced her as Kat.   I figured I had better leave so I told them to have fun.   As I was leaving Sarah told me to stay and learn how to eat pussy right.   Kat was going to teach me. So I stayed and watched as Sarah stripped and lay back on the couch.   Kat stripped too, my god what a body she had.   Small firm tits, flat belly, a cute bubble ass, legs like Sarah's, long and pretty and a real meaty looking pussy.

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    Her pussy lips were hanging down, no hair on her pussy and a clit that was huge.
Sarah spread her legs and told me to strip and get between her legs  with Kat so I could watch up close.   I was new to pussy eating but when Kat clamped her mouth over Sarah's cunt and started sucking it like a vacumn cleaner, had Sarah screaming in seconds, cumming hard, her hands beating on the couch, well let me tell you, I paid attention.   Then Kat pulled her mouth off, used her fingers to spread Sarah's very wet cunt lips apart, then using the flat of her tongue to lick her from asshole to clit.   She did that over and over and over till Sarah was panting.   Then she took Sarah's clit in her mouth, pulling on it with her teeth, lightly biting it, then sucking it hard, then biting, then sucking, Sarah cumming over and over, the couch soaked with her cum and Kat's spit.   I was staring at Sarah, seeing her body heaving with her climaxes, her beautiful belly clenching, her tits looking hard as a rock, the nipples and inch long, her head rolling back and forth, spit streaming out of her mouth.   I watched Kat eat her for over an hour, till Sarah was soaked in her own sweat, even her tan legs were soaked.   Then she sat up and screamed so fucking loud it scared the shit out of me.   After she screamed she passed out, laying there limp and Kat was still sucking her cunt, like she was possessed.   I got scared when Kat started slurping something and she pulled her face away and Sarah, still passed out, was pissing in Kat's face.   Kat was sucking it all up as fast as it came out, then she grabbed my head and spit Sarah's piss in my mouth, then rubbed my face in her piss soaked cunt.   I couldn't believe it.   Kat then pulled me up and pushed me down next to Sarah.
My cock was so fucking hard and Kat took it all in her mouth.

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    She bit down on the shaft and kept biting it as her tongue was moving all over my cock.   She grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them hard and she bit and sucked me.   I told he I was going to cum and she sucked and bit harder, her teeth deep into my shaft as I was pumping a load in her mouth.   I tried to pull away but she held by balls and grabbed my back and forced me to cum in her mouth as she went nuts on my cock.   I thought she was going to bite right through my cock, when I heard Sarah screaming at her, telling Kat to let me go.   Kat still held on and didn't release me till Sarah punched her in the head.   Kat let go and Sarah slapped her face, twice, to get her to calm down.   I looked at my cock, it was still hard as a rock and was bleeding.   Sarah looked at up close and said I would be fine, that it looked worse then it was and she licked the blood off it.   That was so fucking cool, her licking the blood off so sweetly.   Kat looked at both of us and said she was sorry she got so carried away.   She said when she made Sarah pass out, then Sarah pissed in her mouth, it turned her on so fucking much she just went nuts.
Sarah looked at me and asked it that was true, that she passed out and pissed.   I told her it was all true and the hottest and nastiest thing I ever saw.   Sarah got up on wobbly legs and looed at the mess on the floor, her piss and cum all over the foor.

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    Kat looked at it too, then she lay her head in the piss and licked some off the floor.   This chic was fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah sent Kat home and told her we would continue lessons some other time and Sarah and I cleaned up the mess and then we showered together.   My cock was too sore to fuck her so while in the shower I showed her what I had learned and ate her through 4 more cums, till she pulled me off her cunt.   She lay on the floor trembling and said I was a fast learner and was proud of me.   I went home beaming.
Tom came over to my house that evening and I sucked his cock twice.   I told him all about what I did at Sarah's and he wants to learn how to do it.   I showed him my sore cock and he sucked on the head only, till I came in his mouth.   I made him strip so I could lick and suck on his entire body.   I did that for a long time then sucked him off again, sending him home smiling and me going to bed, sore, but satisfied as hell.   I was able to make people happy and myself happy.   What a nice way to end the day. . . .

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Chapter 4 soon, I promise.   Me with 2 of Tom's friends and a black friend of Jim's.   All guys. . . . . . . . .

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