Liz L is not a lesbian


Let me tell you about a Woman I met.
Her name is Liz. She’s 43 never been married and been with only one man in her life up until she met me. Between her last boyfriend and me Liz has not had sex with a man in 18 years.
Liz is a very smart beautiful woman and has worked at a law firm for almost twenty years.
The first few days I knew Liz I told her I knew one of her favorite country singers Lorrie Morgan. I told Liz Lorrie was Bi Sexual. Liz begged and begged me to introduce them. Liz is not lesbian.
One night while I was making love to Liz, she ask if I wanted to see a porn movie. I said sure. Liz was having a hard time having an orgasm. I immediately fast-forwarded the tape to a lesbian scene. At this point Liz had a beautiful orgasm. Liz is not a lesbian.
One night Liz and I were supposed to get together, she blew me off saying her back hurt and was tired.

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   Later that night an old female friend of mine called and we got to talking and lesbianism came up. This female friend told me she could only have an orgasm if she was thinking of a woman. She says she is not a lesbian or even bi sexual.
Later that night I get an idea to call Liz and ask if she would like to go out and meet this female friend of mine. She jumps at the chance saying she’ll take a quick shower, get dressed and meet me. Wow!! That backache must have cleared up quick. Liz is not a bi or lesbian.
Back when I first met Liz was at her condo where her good female friend of 30 years was staying. For almost every weekend I would come and visit Liz, her good friend was there. Each night when I went home Liz and her girlfriend shared the same bed. Liz is not a lesbian.