Late Summer Experimentation


By the time I was a freshman in high school, I was pretty well aware of most things sexual (unfortunately, besides sex itself). I'd been looking at porn for years, masturbating, fingering girls. . . all the good stuff. The only thing I hadn't really experimented with was anything homosexual. Being only 14, the thought had never really crossed my mind. I was too busy worrying about trying to impress any semi-attractive girl out there. Well, times haven't changed much, but I did have a night that I may never forget.

One night in August, I slept over at my best friend Ryan's house. I was pretty excited for a night of movies, talk about girls, and of course, since football season was coming up fast, playing some madden. All of that did indeed happen, it was a really fun night, perfect way toend a summer and prepare for going back to school.

Then we were starting to wind down for the night.

It was late, about 4 AM. We both laid on each end of the couch, with our feet in the middle facing each other. Channel surfing, we noticed that a girls gone wild infomercial was on one of the stations.

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  Even though everything is censored, being 18 year old boys this was enough to get us horny. Naturally, we watched it. As we continued, my dick started to continue to getharder and harder.

Ryan and I both knew each other was familiar with porn, and, though we had never talked about it, we both knew that the other one was familiar with masturbating, as well. We were still in that uncomfortable stage where no one talked about jacking off, but you don't just watch porn without playing with yourself.

By this time, I couldn't take it anymore. Finally I said to Ryan, "dude, this is gonna sound weird, but I really, really need to jack off right now. "He kinda smiled and said, "I'm so glad you asked, because I can't take it anymore. "

Since we were both already in our boxers and ready for bed, we both simultaneously reached down and started stroking our hard, fourteen year old dicks. It felt soooooo good, I had never watched anything sexually related for so long without jacking it. I looked across at Ryan and saw a look of pure ecstacy on his face. His eyes closed, mouth open, letting out a soft moan. I had never seen anything so hot in my life.

My instincts took over. Without thinking, I said to him, "Dude, come here.

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      "He stood up immediately, hand still on his dick, and walked over. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. "Eww man what the hell!" He screamed and pulled away. "Just go with it dude, just go with it. "And he did. For the next 18 minutes, I pleasured his previously virgin cock to orgasm. Licking up and down the shaft, bobbing my head up and down. I was so turned on that I was doing this, I actually came without touching my dick at all. It was so hot!Finally, he said that he was gonna come, and shot straight into my mouth and all over my face. Yum.

    We sort of just stood there for a few minutes, both still hard, both still horny. . . but we needed to wind down. GGW was still on the TV, and by then I was horny enough again.

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      I said out loud, "now it's my turn. " I ordered him down on his knees and plunged into his virgin ass. He screamed out at first, but after a minute or so it subsided. I could not believe I was fucking another guy in the ass. Taboo and hormones overthrew me. After a few short minutes, I came in his ass.

    We both got back on the couch, sitting in silence. After a while he said, "I'm not gay, you know. ""Me neither dude," I said. "That's the beauty of it. "We never spoke of that night again. . . now he has a boyfriend.

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