Initiated by brother in law


About two years ago I went camping with my brother in law on some very secluded family owned land and when we went to bed he stripped totally naked when he got in his sleeping bag.   I was a little surprised and suddenly felt kind of akward, but he is a real easy going guy and said it felt great and was the only way to sleep in a sleeping bag so I did the same.   I have had plenty of same sex thoughts over the years, but never came remotely close to acting on it.   He is pretty good looking though, tall and thin like me, and that's kind of what I thought may be what would turn me on in a guy.   The moon was full and we didn't have a fly on the tent so when I got some pretty good wood in the sleeping bag and it was pretty obvious he started kidding me about it.   After a little while he reached over and started rubbing it through the sleeping bag.   At first I jumped a little but he just kept gently rubbing me through the thin bag.   I remember thinking to myself that A: there is absolutely NO WAY I can possibly be taking this the wrong way, and B: if not now, then when.   I rolled over so that I was facing him and kept rubbing away so I decided to kiss him.   We started with just lip contact, but it wasn't long before I was sucking on his tongue like I hadn't eaten in days.   After making out pretty hot and heavy for about ten minutes, I decided to go for it and he unzipped his sleeping bag so I could slide in next to him.   I was amazed at how incredible it felt to have our bodies tight to one another, with our penises rubbing each others.   He had one hand massaging my back as he reached reached down to masturbate me but it didn't take long at all before I shot a load between us.

  He wiped a small amount of it up with his hand and put it on his tongue and I immediately began kissing him again.   I was surprised how good it tasted to me at that moment and I immediately decided I was going to give my first blowjob.   I don't know how good that one was, but I gave it my all and I swallowed most of his load to boot!  I was pleased with how much I enjoyed the taste of him and getting him off and we kissed a little while and fell asleep together.

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    The next morning we did some more making out with a couple hand jobs, but it didn't go any farther.   That is the last time he and I did anything like this and we haven't really spoken of it since either.    Since that time I mentioned what had happened to one of my best friend's, who had a couple bi experiences in college and had told me on more than one occasion when we were drunk.   We have been "getting together" once or twice a month at his office after he closes and long make-out and oral sessions have turned into full on sex.   He, like me, is very orally fixated and my favorite thing is when he has his dick buried in me and I can feel the stubble of his upper lip against mine while I rake my tongue across his.   I love the feel of his ass in my hands and I love the taste of his semen.   I love to worship his (very fit) body, but I do not love him.   We have discussed it and both decided that we do truly love our wives more than anything, but as far as physical lust goes, nothing can compare to the satisfaction that two truly compatible men can give one another. .



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