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The day that I met Kat, up in a hotel outside of Fredricksburg to play. We had a great time, but she had to leave early and had only been able to play from around 18 to 3. I had told her about me emailing a guy in the area and him coming over around 7pm to play. I always try to plan things well in advance and had been able to email and talk to the guy for quite awhile and was comfortable meeting him at my hotel room. Well, after Kat and I had played, I had been able to come 3 times and was still worked up thinking about her bent over the table, coming over and over again as I got her hornier and hornier. Also thinking about her using the strap-on on me. She had only done that to me once, and it was her first time using one on anyone. After I told her that men have a hot spot like a womans clitoris and its the prostrate she was pretty curious. Most men dont ever realize how hot you can get with a little assplay. Well this 2nd time, after she had screwed me for awhile, with me laying on my back, she asked me if she could do me from behind so she could grab me by the hips and work it into me, (that even made me hotter, because she told me she wanted to experience from the giving end, her favorite position) like I had done her eariler. Well, we ended up coming hard again and she had to leave a shortwhile later.
I cleaned up and took a couple more enemas. If I know my ass is going to get some play (it can be messy and I am not into gross stuff kinkly yes gross no) I always take several enemas so I am clean as a whistle. . even if its me playing with myself. LOL
The guy coming over was Dave, he was 36, 6'2, 200lbs, was a builder and worked out so was pretty buff, well built with 7 1/2" and thick.

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  . . The best thing he was a top. Sometimes, I just like to just lay back and get my ass screwed over and over again, and most guys out there that are bi, are bottoms, or so small that it doesnt matter anyway. . . LOl I have been on both sides of it, but a lot of times just because I have a big dick, guys just think I am a top always.
I met Dave at the door with a beer at 7:30. The only thing I had on was a towel. We talked for a bit, he got a kick out of the toys I had laid out on the bed. Well after about 2 minutes,,,lol, he said he felt overdressed and got out of his clothes. I got up and went over, got down on my knees and started sucking on his cock, I loved the feeling of it getting hard and feeling my mouth. Its funny how something when it is small,,,how its so big/long/ and hard. He stopped me after a bit, telling me he didnt want to come right away. He wanted to know about what I had done eariler with Kat, and I told him.

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   When I told him about her and the strap-on, he had me turn around and bend over and spread my cheeks. He worked one, quickly 2 and then 3 fingers into my ass. Telling me that she must have really fucked the hell out of me because I was all slick and opened up. He sucked on my cock for awhile, and even 69ed for a bit,,,me on top of him, and him sucking me, with 2 fingers in my ass. He had me lay on my back, put three of the pillows under my ass, grabbed my by my feet and started fucking me. Kat, says my cock is 10" but its only 9 1/4" but maybe it deos swell up sometimes, but I was stroking my cock and it felt like it was 12" and he told me that I couldnt come, until he told me too. . . I was taking my fingers and licking my own precumm off of them. He put my legs back over either side of my head, laid down on top of me, and really started working his cock into me. I was in heaven, and hot and horney as hell. It feels so good to feel like a wanton slut sometimes, and just to let yourself go. He told me he was close to cuming and pulled out. I grabbed his cock and started sucking on it, taking it all the way down into my throat. .

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  . he came and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into my mouth,,,I pulled it out, and cupped and squeezed his balls and stroked from the bottom of his balls, all the way out his shaft and got another hot spurt, to spread over my lips and cheek ( I was beating off myself, and shot a hot load myself, the 4th of the day). We laid back and drank a couple of beers. Dave told me that he didnt have to leave until around 12, so we had time to relax and get ready for round two. I started sucking on him and getting him hard again. He started asking me about the toys I had, which were the 18" double headed vibrating dildo that I had used on Kat eariler, a 10" veined dildo with an attached handle for the user to hold, the 8 1/2" strap-on that Kat had used on me, and the 12" strap-on that is about as big as a soda can. He had me lay back against a couple of pillows against the headboard so I propped up and could watch what he was going to do. I had my legs spread open and my ass propped up in the air by 2 pillows.
    He started fingering, licking and sucking on my ass, telling me that it had been a long time since he had such a clean hot ass to work on. He knew now that when I had told him I was a nympho, I had been telling the truth. After he had 4 fingers in me, working more lube up into my hot hole, he reached over and started working the Manhandler dildo into me. I was laying there, him pushing it into me deeper and deeper, taking it out and spreading more lube onto it. Leaving it, in and getting up, and coming over to the side of the bed, and letting me suck his cock. . .

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      telling me to work my ass on the toy. He took it out, and had me bend over the couch arm and fucked me with his cock for a while, By then I wanted to cum again, but he told me to hold it back for awhile. He wanted to watch me play with myself. . . so I had him pull up the chair, right across from the bed, and started playing with the double headed dildo, giving him the controllers. . . I played with one end of it, and ended up doubling it up and sticking the other end in my hot ass. I told him to give me the controllers, and come over so I could suck on his cock. . . He told me he was going to come agin, but I turned the tables on him and told him he would have to wait and watch me play with myself for awhile. I had him sit back on the chair. I took out a bud light longneck bottle that I had cleaned and took off the lables.

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       I started working the bottle, up into me, and slid off the bed after a few minutes, and starting sucking is cock, while I was working the bottle up inside my ass. I would stop sucking on his cock, when he told me he was going to cum. . . I was horny as hell now again, and got up, bending over and letting him see me pull the bottle out of my ass. . . just the bottom 2" sticking out of my hot hole. I got the 12" strap-on off of the bed, and gave him the bottle of lube and the strap-on, bent over in front of him and told him to put it in me. He was like, I will do better than that, and strapped it on himself and just fucked me silly, with me on my back and him holding my legs up and spread apart. While I jacked myself off to another orgasim. He ended up, after I came, having me lay on my stomache reaching back and grabbing my ankles, so my back was arched and he had a st8 shot for pumping his dick down my throat, where he came again. After he left, and around 12, before I went to sleep, I was thinking about the days fun, and ended up playing with my fingers and a toy or two again and got off one more time.


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