Heather and I Go Bi-Bi! Conclusion


Jason was now sitting at the foot of the bed, and suddenly, yanked the sheet that had been covering my cock, back. I didn’t have time to grab at it, and was now completely exposed to them all, having removed my boxers during Heather and my earlier foreplay. My cock was still at about half mast, and I could see that all eyes were on it. "JJ, may I? Jason inquired. "Heather, will you start this off by giving me head?" I begged. "Then I can close my eyes, and somewhere along the way, you can let Jason take over. " "That would be too easy, JJ! I want to see Jason take your cock in his mouth! So just close your eyes, and pretend!" she retorted. Well, I slid further down in the bed, slightly spread my legs, and closed my eyes. I felt the warm, moist grip of Jason’s hand, wrap around my cock. "This is one lovely penis, JJ. " I am going to really enjoy this, and I just know you will too!" And then Jason began to stroke my shaft, and I instantly felt his mouth engulf my entire cock. He began to stroke the shaft more, and run his tongue over the head of my cock. It was a very strange sensation, and apparently my cock didn’t care who sucked it! I was getting hard! Jason began to take my entire shaft into his mouth, sucking and slurping. He was either humming or moaning, as he let his saliva cover my cock. He was spitting on the tip, and licking my pre-cum into his mouth! I opened my eyes, slightly, to see if this was really him sucking me. I saw the long strand of sticky pre-cum, mixed with his spit, stretching nearly six inches, from his mouth, to my now completely erect cock.

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   The girls were busy taking his clothes off of him, while he continued his torrid cocksucking. I looked down at Jason’s "twink" body, thinking that he really did know how to pleasure me. His blonde hair, hung in his face, his eyes were shut tight, and he was now also nude. I could see his slender body, his thin arms, and long skinny legs. He was nearly 6’ 3", and I could see his long, slender, cock, laying semi-erect, on the bed. He had been on his side, and there was a small wet spot, created by his fluids. He then got onto his knees, and was crouching over my cock. Fore some reason, unbeknownst to me, I had the sudden urge to reach down and hold his long nearly 9"cock, in my hand. I reached down, took the slender, lengthy shaft, into my grip. I could feel him push with his hips, gently rocking his cock in and out of my hand. I felt his cock beginning to grow, and his sucking became more rapid. "MMM… that feels very nice, JJ. I want you to jack me off! Fuck my pretty prick with your hand. " "I want this beautiful, tasty, cock of yours, to give me its warm milk! MMM…"I looked over to Susie and Heather. They were both sitting on the loveseat, across from the bed.

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   Heather had removed her robe and was sitting naked, gently sliding a finger in and out of her pussy. Susie had lowered the top of her dress, and raised the bottom, causing it to bunch around her waist. She was slipping a moist finger up and down her pretty pussy. She still had on her black lace bra, but had slid the thong down to her ankles. Her legs were spread, and I could see her nicely shaved pussy lips. She kept a small V shape, of short trimmed, black curly hair, above her lovely cunt, but shaved the area around her sexy cunt hole. The soft, fatty, bald area around her pussy, was wet ,and was getting a little red as she fingered her pink little clit and pussy hole. I would see her look down at Heather’s damp, slick cunt, a then raise her finger to her mouth, tasting her juices, and lust to have my wife’s cunt in her mouth. Heather was smiling at me, and was rhetorically questioning, "How does that feel, JJ? I love seeing your cock in Jason’s mouth. Yes, feel his cock. Jack him off… Do you want to cum in his mouth? Do you like feeling his cock in your hand?"I did like the feel of Jason’s cock throbbing in my hand! Was this wrong? I guess I was just so overcome with the sight of these two beautiful women masturbating in front of me, that I had really began to enjoy the sensation of Jason sucking me off, while stroking his cock at the same time. I watched the girls. Susie was now fondling Heather’s breasts, while she fingered herself. I watched her take her finger from her pussy, lower her head to Heather’s left nipple, and begin to suck it. She slowly brought her slick finger from her wet cunt, and slipped it into Heather’s moist slit.

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   I was about to cum, just thinking of their pussy juices, commingling. Heather was now touching Susie, and I felt my load building, my balls were tightening, and I was ready to shoot my jiszm into Jason’s eager mouth. "Oh Fuck! Jason! I’m going to cum!" My head leaned back into the pillow. My back arched. I shot my first load of cum into another mans mouth! Jason hungrily lapped at my cock. He milked my shaft with his hand, and swallowed every drop of my steamy cum! I lay back, and enjoyed the warm afterglow of my orgasm, and thought of the show I was about to get from the girls. How I was going to get to slip my cock into Susie’s gorgeous, sweltering-wet, pussy!Jason planted a warm kiss on each of my balls, and said, "Thank-you! That was delishimo! I’ll suck and eat your cum, anytime!" "That was much nicer than I expected, Jason. " "Depending on my pay off, you may get to do that again!" I replied. The girls were now kissing and groping each other. I raised up from the bed and stated, "OK, Heather. The bed now belongs to you two!" Susie quickly stood up, gave Heather another quick suck on her nipple. Ran her tongue over her breast. Took her hand, and led her up from the loveseat, and the few short steps to the bed. Heather turned, laid back, and Susie instantly lowered her head to Heather’s spread legs and open pussy. I moved to the loveseat and had a clear view of Susie’s beautiful wet slit and tight little sphincter.

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   Her ass cheeks were smooth and creamy white. I heard Heather moan, "Yes", as Susie slipped a finger into her, and ran her tongue over her clit and juicy labia. I raised my hand to Susie’s smooth butt, stroked her ass cheeks, and let my finger wander down to her sopping cunt. My finger easily slipped inside of her tight little cunt, and I felt her pelvic muscles tighten. I rhythmically slipped my middle finger in and out of her wet pussy. Both girls were moaning. Susie slipped on to the bed and arranged her pussy above Heather, in a 69 position. It didn’t take long before I saw my wife begin to slip her tongue over Susie’s clit, and into her wet pussy. I had always imagined how beautiful it would look to see another woman’s pussy on my sexy wife’s face. What it would look like to see my lovely Heather’s face slimy with another woman’s lubrication. Now my fantasy had come true! Susie had one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen. Her cunt was so wet! Her once well groomed pussy, was now matted with my wife’s saliva. Jason was sipping a mimosa and stroking his cock, while sitting on the loveseat. He didn’t appear nearly as interested in the girls as I was, but he did give them an occasional look. "Oh god yes, Susie! Eat my hot cunt!" Heather urged.

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   Susie’s tongue was doing a wonderful dance on Heather’s sweet pussy. Licking her erect clit, and probing inside her tight canal. I slowly moved behind Susie, right above my wife’s flickering tongue, and pressed the tip of my cock against Susie’s wet slit. * He butthole was tightening and relaxing again, as I gradually slipped the tip of my cock into her tight cunt. Heather opened her eyes. She brought a hand up to my shaft, gripped my cock and pushed my next few inches of my cock into Susie’s sopping cunt. "So that is what you wanted? To sneak up on my friend and stick your cock in her? Well, do it! You have my permission! I’ll keep up my end of this bargain. " "Let her feel that cock of yours that she has always wanted. Damn, she is making me cum again!" Heather released my cock and I slid the entire length into Susie’s beautiful wet cunt. She was so wet and tight. I was in heaven, enjoying a piece of strange pussy, and with my wife’s consent! She began to rock her ass back into me as she was feverishly eating my lovely Heather’s quim. Heather was using her tongue on my balls and shaft, as she licked Susie’s cunt. "This is one hell of a nice view, but I may get hurt if I stay down here. " Heather commented as she began to ease out from under us. She slipped to the end of the bed, and I was left to do Susie, doggy style.

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  I reached around to cup both of Susie’s large round breasts, as she continued to push her cunt onto my cock. I was fucking this sweet pussy, my wife was watching me, and appeared to be enjoying the sight! Jason had since fallen asleep on the loveseat, and appeared oblivious to our passion. Susie and I rolled into the missionary position, without missing a beat. Heather moved to squat above Susie’s face, and let Susie lick her pussy again. I was on my knees, pumping my cock into Susie and watching her lick my sweet wife’s bald pussy. I felt my ball sack tightening again, and knew it would only be a matter of moments before I filled this luscious cunt with my spew. "Susie, I’m about to cum in you!" I warned. I felt her clamp her inner muscles on my cock, and the she used her tight cunt to milk the last drops of cum from my throbbing dick. She arched her back, and I knew that she had achieved an orgasm with me. I lay sideways across her body, as she finished licking Heather’s dripping pussy. The three of us lay together on the bed. My cock still inside Susie, and Heather questioned, "Well, was she worth letting Jason suck you" I rolled my eyes and replied, "Oh yeah. Just seeing you two together was worth it!" Susie was cooing, while she gently stroked Heather’s stomach and breasts. My now limp cock was slipping out of her, and a pool of my cum mixed with her juices, made a large wet spot on the sheet. Heather got up and placed a blanket over the sleeping Jason, stating, "He does have a nice long cock, JJ.

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   Maybe next time you could make me happy by putting it in your mouth!" She lay back down on the bed, covered the three of us with our quilt, and we all dozed off. Susie must have left sometime in the night. We were awakened early the next morning by Jason rummaging for his clothing. "I guess I fell asleep before you all finished. I hope I’m not so tipsy the next time we all get together. " And he wasn’t!Prologue:If you liked the story, please vote, and let me know. I have tons more to share about the times the 4 of us had, and even a couple with some other willing bedpartners. *I know at this point some of you may be saying, "Bullshit, no 30ish guy can get hard, let alone cum, twice in the same night!" Check out the liquid Yohimbe bark extract, at your local health food store or GNC. It is a natural alternative to the little blue pill! Not trying to sell the stuff, just letting you know, that’s how I can get off more than once a night!.



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