First with a Male Massuese


I love sex.   I am always looking for it.   One day I was looking in a singles mag and I found a massage service.   They said that they had the prettiest girls.   I figured that I'd give a shot.   I didn't realize what a sensual massage was.   I thought that the girl would get naked and massage you.   I was pleasantly surprised when she started to pour oil on my cock.   She gave me a heavanly handjob and I was hooked.   I started hiring girls every time I saved up the cash.   The experiences were awesome but, they kept raising their prices.   My first was $150 and now I was looking at $250 or $300.   Yes they did a little more but that was getting costly.
For shits and giggles, I looked up gay massueses.   I am not gay but, I am very horny and I'll do what I have to do to get off.   Suprisingly, male massueses were only $60 dollars for an hour.

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    I called a guy and he said that he would stay 4 hours for $120.   I hired him.
He came over and we chatted.   He found me attractive and said that he'd stay as long as I wanted him to.   I thought that was odd but, he flattered me.   He also hinted if he got something out of the deal that he would be "my friend".   I guess he wanted me.   Anyway, I stripped down to my underwear and laid on the bed and he massaged me.   It was a real massage.   At one point I could feel him sweating and I offered him to strip so that he could be comfortable.   He stripped down to his undies and continued to massage me.   I don't like guys but knowing that he was hot for me, was actually getting me horny.   He could tell and he slyly kept inching my undies down.   Eventually, I was naked.   He had amssaged me into a trance of relaxed and horny.

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    I didn't even know that he stripped out of his undies too.
He asked me to lay on my back.   I was semi hard.   He would massage my hips and upper thighs so that he could teasingly touch my cock.   Then he'd tell me to flip back over and he'd massage my butt and tease my hole and my nuts.   He was driving me crazy.   He did that a few times until I was aching for it.
Then he got a little more aggressive.   He started just grabbing my cock and jerking it.   I wanted to cum but I wanted this to last.   He stopped again and had me lay on my belly.   He then massaged my back to calm me down, keeping me on this roller coaster of pleasure.   Then he shocked me.   He put his cock in my hand.   I wasn't sure what to do.

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    I had never done that before.   His technique had made me so horny that I just let my drive take over and grabbed it.   I stroked it lightly and asked him to give me some oil.   He said OK and asked me to flip over.   I did and he saw my full erction and he knew I was ready.   He gave me the bottle and as I started to oil up my hands, he went down on me.   Oh my God!  was all I could say.   His mouth was incredible.   I placed my hands on his head and closed my eyes.   It was so good.   I tried to regain control of myself and I asked him about diseases.   He paused and said he was tested and is fine.   He even said that he had a card to prove it.   Then he went back to sucking me.   With the pleasure I was in, I just said "Cool" and closed my eyes.

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He flipped my legs over his back and worked me with his mouth.   His oral technique was a s good as his teasing massage.   He kept getting me ready to cum then he'd stop and  suck my balls.  At one point I opened my eyes and looked down at him and saw that I was unconsciously fucking mouth.   He had brought me to the depths of animal instinct.   I was humping like a horny dog.   Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and needed to explode.   He read that and brought to the point again.   I told I was going to cum and expected  to do what all girls did, pull away.   He didn't he lovingly took my load in his mouth.   I don't know if he swallowed or not.   I didn't care I was in heaven.   That was one of the best cums of my life
After that he massaged me more and I begged him to suck me again.   He did it again.   He was so good.

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    For his trouble, I offered to let him do what he wanted.   He just wanted to kiss me.   That was tough.   I let him kiss my neck and ears but I didn't feel comfortable with kissing on the mouth.   He got real hard from kissing me and started to grind into my pubic area.   He was moaning, kissing me, and grinding into me.   I grabbed his ass and that sent him over the edge.   He came on me.   He popped so hard that he got my chest and and chin.   I thought that I would be mad but I was so turned on by it.
We showered and we talked.   He told me that I reminded him of an old boyfriend.   He gave me his card.   I paid him.   He siad that we were "friends" and that he would give me a free massage on my birthday.


    Now every year I look foward to my birhtday.   I don't know if I am gay but, that guy was the best sex I've had.