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“Here, let me get that for you” I said. “You look like you’re having some trouble there. ”“Oh thanks. ” Came the reply. “Look, you can tell me to get lost if you want,” I offered. “My name is Dave and there is something about you that I seem attracted to, and I guess…. . well…. I was… err… wondering if you wanted to go out for a drink or something tonight. ”“Well it seems like it’s your lucky night Dave, because I have just split from my boyfriend and I could do with a good drinking session” she replied. “Great” I said maybe a little too desperately. “Pick me up at eight” she said handing me her card with her address and phone number on. I made a special attempt at getting ready that night and just about managed to get to her front door for dead on eight o’clock as requested. The vision that greeted me although was outstanding, wasn’t at all what I had imagined. “Hi big boy” Susan said. “I hope you don’t mind but I fancied a cozy night in instead.

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  ” I was gob smacked, here I was only hours after asking a complete stranger out on a date in the local shop, and now she was stood in front of me in some sexy lingerie saying she wanted a cozy night in. With me!!As I thought of a response, I quickly glanced her over and inspected her body. Susan was wearing a matching set of lingerie which consisted of a white bra, panties, and suspender belt, which enhanced her skin tone, as she was gorgeously tanned from head to toe. Her legs were clad in sheer white stockings and she wore nothing on her feet. One thing I did notice were her breasts which I had underestimated earlier; they were bigger than I thought and the pair of melons bulged out from the enclosure keeping them in as her nipples became apparent, poking visibly out against the light fabric of the bra. “Lets get inside! Before you catch your death of cold out here” I warned. As Susan turned I followed her into the house and upon closing the door we carried on further down the hall as we came to her lounge. The room was quite bare and devoid of any clutter, and glancing round there was a black leather three piece suite with a large coffee table in the middle all facing a wide screen TV situated in front the window. Apart from that, there was a small bookshelf along the back wall and a couple of bright modern paintings which dominated the two side walls. Susan walked towards the settee and as she sat down, patted the cushion beside her, motioning me to come and sit next to her. I obliged and took a seat as she fumbled with the remote and put some soft music whilst I poured us a small whisky each from the bottle on the table. “You must be wondering why I’m not fully dressed Dave?” Susan asked between sips of her whisky. “I must admit it’s not everyday I turn up on a date to be greeted by a women in just her underwear” I responded. “You remember I told you earlier that I had split from my boyfriend, well it was a few months ago now and I haven’t been with anyone since. Then when you came up to me today and asked me out, it gave me special feeling that I hadn’t had for a long time and I suddenly realized how much I have missed having a care free fuck! And, here we are.

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  ” Susan beamed. “So, all you want from me is a good fucking and that’s it, no kind of relationship or anything?” I asked. She looked sad as it dawned on her what she was asking of me, but I replied before she had chance to speak. “Well, it sounds good to me!”With that, she leant over with a relieved look on her face and we locked our lips together, our tongues beginning there exploration of each others mouths. We sat there embraced and purely kissing for the next ten minutes until Susan broke off and lurched her hand to my groin. My dick hardened instantly beneath her touch as it began straining the thin cotton jockey shorts I was wearing. Gently undoing the buttons on my jeans, Susan soon had them open and worked them off over my legs. She then sat on my lap facing towards me, as she rocked gently against my covered cock, teasing it immensely. I was a little startled when she produced a silk scarf from under the cushion and wrapped it around my head, blocking my vision. Quickly though, the fear went and as I felt her hands working on my groin again, I decided to go with it. Pulling down my jockeys caused my erection to come popping out as it slapped up against my firm stomach. Sitting there blinded, I could almost vision Sally’s face fixed upon my eight inch dick as it lunged towards her, licking her lips eagerly. Once my throbbing dick was released, Susan stopped touching me and momentarily I became unsure of what was happening, but a hand soon came back and grabbed my erection tightly. I guessed Susan must have gone and freshened up a little as I could now smell a scent that wasn’t present before, it was a pleasant smell, although maybe a little masculine for her. I even joked in my mind that she could have swapped with a female friend of hers who was also eager for a bit of cock, and with this thought I decided to ignore who it was and concentrate on the sensations I was feeling.

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  To begin with I could feel the soft warm hands fondling my heavy ball sac and after a short time I could feel my dick being enveloped by a hot moist mouth. The hands worked back my foreskin, stretching it right back to expose the swollen head of my eight inch length which must have glistened as it usually did, whilst oozing copious amounts of pre-cum. As the mouth worked on my balls and the head of my cock some more, I could sense they were trying to take more of my dick into their mouth. The lips were slowly working up and down on my dick as upon each stroke my erection went deeper and deeper into there mouth and it wasn’t too long before my dick nudged at the back of their throat causing them to gag momentarily. They soon got over the gagging and started pumping their lips up and down my shaft as they deep throated all eight inches of my dick. I had been on the receiving end of a few blow jobs in my time, but this one rated as the best yet, and soon I was on the brink of cumming. The pace increased and as I was about to release my load, I felt a finger probing at the entrance to my ass hole. I had never had this done before and it only intensified my orgasm as I felt every nerve in my body tingle. My cock was now pumping copious amounts of my sweet man juice down this persons throat, and I could feel some dribbling out through the velvety lips as they struggled to swallow the sticky deposit. I felt my dick shrinking as the lips worked there best at cleaning me up and removing every last trace of cum. I now felt the blindfold being removed and as my eyes strained in the new light, I struggled to make out the two figures before me. It didn’t take long for my eyes to re-adjust to the light and before long I was staring at the person who had given me the blow job. It wasn’t Susan; it was another man!!!“Shit, you fucker. What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I yelled at him. “By the looks of things” he replied licking his lips, “It looks like I’m giving you pleasure that you have never felt before.

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  ” I stared at him sternly as my mind tried to comprehend what had just happened. “Look here you mother fucker, I’m no gay piece of trash and I don’t appreciate one sucking me off, especially without me knowing” I shouted at him. “Tom’s not gay” Susan remarked. “He’s bisexual, which means he enjoys the pleasures of both men and women and people don’t find this even half as much offensive as gay men” she reassured. “That’s right” said Tom. I was pretty much like you until it happened to me once and since then I have been with many men and women. Admit it, you must have fantasized about what it would be like to fuck another man before, even if it was for a few seconds?” I thought it over in my mind, and I guess he was right about thinking of other men. I did enjoy what had happened, and no one need find out if I decided to take it further. “OK! I burst out eagerly. “You’ve convinced my slightly, but I need to know for sure, I really want to fuck your ass hole and see what happens. ”“Come and get it then” Tom beckoned as he dropped his stripped and bent over. As Tom had undressed I had a good look at his young body, and for the first time in my life I was getting excited at the sight of another man. Like Susan he was completely tanned all over and it was clear from his large muscular body that he spent plenty of time down the gym. He had a large dick about the same size as mine and as it stood up erect against his washboard like stomach, I could see his head was a lot darker than my own and his foreskin was much tighter that it struggled to remain retracted. I walked over to him as Sally dropped down behind him on her knees, licking at his tight ass hole.

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   She was running her tongue around his puckered hole, working it right up his passage so he was lubricated enough to take my thick eight inches all the way in, and as she did this her hand was down on her now bare cunt.
    Her small tight lips stretched apart as she worked her fingers rapidly in and out of her glistening hole. Once Tom was lubed enough with Sally’s saliva, she moved around in front of him and started giving him a blowjob. It wasn’t until that moment that I had been so close to an erect dick that belonged to someone else, and as I set my eyes on his huge dick, I could clearly see his veins bulging all the way up it as it throbbed obscenely before Sally’s mouth. I had never given a woman anal sex before, let alone another man, though it wasn’t through lack of wanting to. His puckered ring looked so tight and at first I just ran my cock head around the pink hole, trying to prize it open slightly. Unfortunately this wasn’t working as his sphincter muscles were holding firmly shut against my invasion. “For fucks sake” Tom moaned, “Just whack it up there, and stop messing about!”Right, I thought, if he wants it like that he can have it like that as I took a firm grip of my dick; holding his butt cheeks apart with my other hand, I positioned my cock at his rear entrance and counted to three before ramming my beast right up his ass. “Aaahhhhhhh yessss!!” was Tom’s response. “Fuck me hard Dave. ” He added. As I pumped into him I could feel his tight ass hold firm against the sides of my dick, as it got sucked in. The soft and warm interior of his butt hole gave me a tremendous feeling which again bought me quickly to the brink of orgasm. I could sense I was nearly there and gave a few more hard thrusts into Tom’s ass until my cum was pumping deep into his rectum. As I lingered savoring the sensation, I pulled out my wilting dick as his muscles squeezed the last drop from my shit stained head.

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       Sally stopped sucking on Tom before he had chance to come also, and took hold of my dick as she worked at cleaning his dirt off my manhood. This and the sight of Tom’s throbbing length gave me another erection and as Sally pushed me back into the chair she straddled me again and clamped her hairless pussy onto my sore erection. Tom stumbled towards us as he regained his strength from the ass fuck I gave him, and thrust his hips towards me until his dick was hitting my lips. I opened wide and took the head of Tom’s dick in my mouth. It was the first dick I had tasted and it was fantastic! I played with Tom’s hairy balls and tried to deep throat him with no success. For now I decided I would concentrate on making him cum, and this wasn’t long coming. Sally was still bouncing up and down on my dick and as I toyed with her juicy breasts I felt Tom’s dick enlarge even more, which was a sign that he was about to release his load. I opened wide as he jerked his dick over my mouth, allowing his sweet nectar to deposit itself in my throat as I worked overtime trying to swallow the whole lot. Upon sucking the last drop down, I could fell myself about to explode again into Sally’s tight cavern. She tensed as her body shook and her pussy tightened around my thick dick as it expelled the pathetic amount of cum that remained in my sac. It wasn’t a lot after my third climax, but we both enjoyed it immensely, as we sat there hugging one another whilst Tom and I kissed deeply sharing the taste of his cum between us. Needless to say Tom is involved in our sex life still today, along with many other couples who share the same pleasures as ourselves. I’m just glad I had this experience and did not miss out on all the fun that bisexual relationships can have. .



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