Tom called me a couple of weeks later. He invited me to go shoot some pool. Showering to get ready for our date I wondered what he had in mind. "Shooting some pool" could mean anything. Balls. pockets. sticks. I couldn't figure it out. I put on a pair of my wife's blue satin thong panties under my cloths and headed out to meet Tom at the address he gave me. To my surprise, when I arrived it was a pool hall. Maybe there would be some wagering. That could get exciting. The possibilities were endless. I decided to just go with the flow and see what developed. Once inside I met Tom and two of his friends, Dan and Hank. We all had a good time drinking beer and playing pool.

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   We were there for a couple of hours and to my chagrin there were no sexual innuendos, no slaps on the butt, in short nothing sexual at all. Around seven Tom jumped up. "Shit! It's late. I've got to get home, Diane will be worried. " He left. Hank and Dan said their goodbyes too and we all headed to our respective homes. I had had a great time and I was looking forward to seeing Tom again. We continued to hang out together and had some good times watching football, going to a hockey game, grabbing a beer at the local tavern, helping each other out with home repairs or other projects around the house, having picnics with our wives, or whatever else seemed like fun. I stopped wearing panties when I went out with Tom and just thought of him as a friend, mostly forgetting that his tongue had been up my ass. We were in my basement one day playing video games (the wives had gone shopping) when Tom said, as casually as could be, "This game has gotten boring. How 'bout a suck?" "What!" I said. Flabbergasted. Shocked that one of my friends would ask for a suck in my own basement. Again Tom said, "How 'bout a suck?" "I didn't think you wanted that kind of relationship. It's been over three months.

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  " "So? I'm in the mood. Are you in?" I answered, "Yea, but are we gay lovers now?" "Tim, sex is just a small part of a relationship. It's not supposed to define who we are. It's just something we do like building your deck last week or going fishing next week. "He was filled with a lot of wisdom. "Yea, Tom, Your right. I guess you're just like any of my beerbuddies. " "No, Tim, we're not beerbuddies, we're suckbuddies. Friends with benefits. But that doesn't change who we are. I was Tom before I met you and I'm still Tom now. " That was a defining moment for me in understanding my sexuality. I knelt down on the floor between Tom's legs. It sure is great how our friends make us grow and learn about life and ourselves. I unbuttoned and unzipped Tom's pants.

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   I could see my friend's cock clearly outlined in his underwear. It had been a long time since I had seen it, my friends cock, and in a way this was going to be the first time for me. This was just real and all the other stuff had been unreal. I rubbed my hands over the soft bulge in his shorts and kissed Tom's penis through the thin cotton material. I slipped my thumbs into the leghole stroking the junction of thigh and testicles. Tom smiled, "This is gonna be good. " He said. Digging my fingers beneath the elastic band at the top I pulled his underwear down, releasing the upper half of the most beautiful penis I have ever seen in my life. I ran into a snag and couldn't get the cotton barrier down any further. Tom raised his hips up off the couch allowing me to slide his underpants down to meet his pants. He lifted first one leg then the other so I could remove his pants and shorts. Sitting forward he pulled his shirt over his head tossing it aside. In my wildest fantasies I never imagined a very handsome naked friend sitting on the couch in my basement. Leaning down Tom pushed my hair back out of my eyes with one hand. With the other he took hold of my shirt and began unbuttoning it.

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   Together we removed my shirt. I stood up before Tom as he took his turn removing my pants, underwear, and socks. There were now two naked men in my basement - Tom and me, me and Tom. I sat next to Tom on the couch. We fondled each other's cocks. Mine came to its full hardness instantly while his swelled just a little. I was having so much fun I actually laughed out loud; Tom did too. Again I knelt down between Tom's legs. I engulfed his dick in my mouth sucking and kneading with my lips and tongue. He was about five inches long and my mouth was full. Tom said, "You're great man. " I answered, "Mmmm grff. " His member started to come up to its full length, which I remembered being nine inches. As it stretched out it hit the back of my throat forcing my head up and away from his sweet-musty groin. I attempted to deep throat him but without him fucking my face or pulling my head down this proved to be too hard.

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   I struggled even more to take him all the way down. Tom said, "Hey man, don't try so hard. Take what you can and don't worry about the rest. " His attitude was so refreshing. I worked on what I could removing my head from its impaled position to lick and suck up and down the sides. I tongued his balls and considered licking his ass as he had done to me so long ago. There was no compulsion to do it and I realized that not only did I not want to, but Tom would be happy with what I gave freely with my whole heart. I gave him the best blowjob I could sucking as hard as I could, slobbering all over his pole. I jacked the bottom part of his cock with my hand while bobbing on the upper portion. After a few minutes I sensed a readiness to come. I redoubled my efforts and wetting my finger I played with his crinkled winker. Tom wiggled his ass and pushed it down on my finger just as his gorgeous tube steak expanded in width spewing out jet after jet of delicious juice. I spit it back onto his prick and sucked it off again a few times before swallowing. Pleased with myself, I sat back on my ankles, leaving my hands on his thighs and a smile on my face. Eyeing my cock that was sticking up from between my legs, Tom put both hands on my face saying "My turn.

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   How would you like it?" Content yet horny I moved to the couch and said, "Give me the full treatment. " He went down on my balls first slathering them with kisses and licks. Oh, the feeling was fantastic. His licking went lower to that area just beneath ones jewels and then without quit knowing when he stopped licking one area and started on another he was swirling his tongue around my butt hole. He pushed me over onto my stomach and really went to work on my ass. He offered long wet licks from my balls over my ass and up to my crack followed by deep thrusting tongue fucks. All this time his hands continued to caress my cock and balls from behind and between my legs. Eventually his fingers found their way to my manpussy. The tingly sensation of anal stimulation was again driving me closer to my climax. He jabbed a fat finger in up to one knuckle, then the next, then all the way. He pushed on my prostate impelling globs of clear dick syrup to leak out. Tom caught it in the palm of his other hand, sharing it with me. I was real close to cumming and I could tell Tom was excited again too as I could feel his hard-on bumping against the back of my legs. Tom rubbed the head of his big prick on my balls, then said hoarsely, "Tim, I'm gonna have to take a diversion here before I get you off. Do you mind?" My reply was, "Whatever you need buddy.

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  " Circling my asshole with his cockhead he slowly worked inch after inch of his tool into my insides. The pressure and the feeling in my ass and on my prostate were ecstatic. Urgently I said, "Jerk me, jerk me now. " My friend reached around me, pistoning into my butt, grabbed my cock and with two or three wanks I was cumming like a running faucet. Tom caught what he could in his hand and using it to further lube his giant stick plunged forward collapsing on top of me. I felt his cock twitching and jerking in my ass as he dropped his second load of the day. We stayed that way for a few minutes, breathing heavily, relishing the feelings of shared fun. After we caught our breath the silence was broken when Tom said, "What's hard cylindrical and full of semen?" "A cock?" I questioned. "No, a submarine. " Said Tom. We fell apart laughing. Taking my beer, I handed Tom his. His spent penis was hanging down about seven inches. I love his cock. And Tom is a great friend too.

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   Everyone should have a suckbuddy. Now I almost never see Maria, (from the story gloryhole illustration) almost never visit the forest preserve, or the bookstore. Tom and my wife keep me very satisfied. I also don't have to pester my wife nightly for sex, instead I find it with Tom when I need it and I give her my best when she needs it. My wife and my friend fill emotional needs in me, that we all have, in both sexual and nonsexual ways. I am content and don't need to pursue anything more. Other stories by MVP: costume in a costume, glory hole illustration, steely, zebulon, sissy, buddy, and gym. Best to read them in order. .



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