Best Friends Turn Bisexual


Steve and Roger had been best friends since the first grade. Both were now seniors in college and fine looking young men. Steve was blonde and handsome almost to the point of being pretty. He stood six foot one and had a thirty inch waistline and broad shoulders. Roger was dark haired and six foot two with a rugged good looks and a slightly chunkier frame.
One evening, when both were without girlfriends,  they decide to go out to the park and have a few beers. While they were sitting there watching the sun set another vehicle drew up. Steve was about to curse the solitude being spoilt until he saw who was in the vehicle. Wow, was she a stunner: flaming red hair and amazing green eyes with the kind of bone structure that a model would have given her all for. When she stepped out of the vehicle both men let out a soft gasp; she was absolutely stunning, with legs that just would not quit and a rear end that was perfection itself.
'Mind if I share the sunset with you guys?' she asked.
'Not at all. ' the two hunks replied.
They might have been thinking about peace and quiet earlier, but right now all they were thinking about was sex. Steve adjusted his tumescent cock in his jeans and was surprised when he looked up to see Roger looking at him funny. That had been happening a lot lately, and it made Steve feel a bit funny, but a bit excited too.

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   Could it be possible that his lifelong buddy was beginning to have the same kind of weird thoughts that Steve was having lately.
He put the thoughts out of his mind as he got chatting to the sexy honey who had made the blood rush to his dick. Her name was Aura, which seemed a perfect name for her. Steve could just imagine those sexy red lips of hers parting to allow his cock knob to glide between them. Suddenly the though of watching her suck Roger's cock came into his head and it made him so excited that he became flustered.
'What's with your friend?' Aura asked Roger.
'I think he is just plain horny. ' Roger replied.
'He's not the only one. ' she said. 'I haven't been laid in over a week and I'm going out of my head. '
Steve and Roger were a bit shocked. She had only been one week without sex and already she was climbing the walls! What kind of hot number was she?
'Well, there's two cocks here going spare. ' Roger replied.
He had meant it as a joke but Aura wasted no time.

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   In a flash she was down on her knees in front of Roger and unzipping his jeans. His heavy uncut cock flopped out and she took it into her mouth and gently nibbled on his fleshy foreskin. He sighed and stroked his hand under his shirt and across his chest while Steve stood close by and watched in absolute amazement. He had never seen his buddy hard before and he was envious as Roger's cock erected and he saw that it was slightly larger than his own seven inch wanger. Roger's eyes were closed and his lips were parted and Steve was overcome by how sexy he looked.
Damn! What was wrong with him. Why did he keep thinking these thoughts about Roger. It would destroy their friendship, if Roger were ever to find out. Steve looked back at Roger's cock, now fully erect and spit coated as it slid in and out of Aura's mouth. How he would love to be the one pleasuring his cock that way. His own cock twitched in his jeans and he unzipped. Aura let go of Roger's cock and came and knelt in front of Steve. He moaned loudly as her expert tongue closed around his knob. For a moment nothing else in the world mattered but her warm mouth and his straining tool.
But then Steve felt a warm, masculine hand slide down his back.

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'Is that good buddy?' he heard Roger ask as his friend's hand slid lower and cupped around his smooth, firm ass.
Steve opened his eyes and looked at Roger in shock and amazement. Suddenly he saw that hunger he felt reflected back at him.
'Kiss me. . . ' he croaked.
Roger's lips brushed up against Steve's and his tongue snaked its way into Steve's mouth. The blonde stud could hardly breathe, he was fucking turned on. Aura fondled his balls as she worked on his cock and Roger's hand fondled his buttcheeks while they kissed. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced in his whole life before. He hardly knew where his body ended and those of his lovers began. All he knew was he wanted more. He broke off the kiss and whispered in Roger's ear.
Roger's heart thumped in his chest.

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   He had heard the words he had thought he would never ever hear, the words he had dreamed about hearing so often. He got down on his knees and helped Steve step out of his jeans. That perfect peachy ass was before him now, ready for his attention. He gently parted Steve's cheeks and pressed his face into Steve's crack. He had dreamed about this moment so often, and hadn't been sure if he could do it, but instinct took over now. He ate that ass like a pro and soon had Steve moaning like a wanton man slut.
    He needed some cock and he needed it bad.
    'Shit,' Roger moaned 'we aint got no lube. '
    'I have. ' Aura replied, after letting Steve's cock fall from her mouth.
    She took the lube from her bag and handed it to Roger. Both men were surprised by how unembarrassed they were about what they were doing and about to do. Roger scattered their clothes on the picnic table and told Steve to lay down on his back. Aura immediately squatted over Steve's face and she was soon moaning contentedly as he ate out her box while she sucked her own nipples. Roger applied some lube to Steve's little pink pucker which was nestled in a nest of blonde fur.


    Steve sighed as Roger's lubed finger penetrated him and worked him loose. Aura had been playing with his cock and now that it was fully inflated she moved down his body to sit on it. If anyone had told Steve how good it felt to have something in your asshole while your cock was buried in a moist, warm pussy he would never have believed it, but he knew different now. He waited patiently for Roger to give him the real thing. But Roger was in no hurry. He got down into a squatting position and stroked Steve's thighs while he nibbled on his smooth spunk bags, driving his buddy absolutely wild. Every now and then Roger licked up Steve's throbbing cock and into Aura's asshole, making her scream like crazy.
    At last Steve felt Roger's warm, spongy, slippery cock head sliding up his crack, teasing over his butthole. It was just the most amazing thing in the world and the more Roger teased his asshole the more desperate Steve was to be penetrated. He begged Roger to let him have it and at last the dark haired hunk pushed his hard cock into his blonde buddy's ass. Steve suppressed a yelp of pain and concentrated hard on making it good.
    A few minutes later the three of them found the perfect rhythm. Steve fucked slowly and gently, Aura rode Steve's cock like it was the last one left in town. The sound of her orgasm had got the guys fired up and Roger was now fixing to blow. He pulled his cock all the way out of Steve's ass and rammed it back home again.

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       Just then Aura gushed again and Steve's cock spasmed inside her and spunked out a massive load of cream. As he came his asshole clamped down on Roger's throbber and the big guy lost it. He wailed like a stuck pig as the floodgates opened and his heavy load of warm jizz blasted out of his cock and into his buddy's happy ass.
    The three of them took a few minutes to come down from their high before getting cleaned up. Aura said she had to go so the guys thanked her for the most amazing fuck and looked forward to spending the night together as bisexual buddies.
    Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue