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Hi, Wally here again. This is another story of some of my adventures. The first besides Darryl was Jake. He was a couple years younger than me, and hung around me and my friends mainly to bum a buzz. He was cool so we tolerated him usually. One night while Mom wasout partying, Jake stuck around the apartment pretty late. We smoked some weed and joked around in our usual way. callingeach other homo and such, playing video games and upon a win thevictor would say stuff like "yeah bend over motherfucker!"Darryl was already a few months into his forced vacation,and I hadn't had any kind of sex since. I figured I would see what Jake would do. I let him win a few fights and soon I got the bend over victorycry. I went for it and said "ok, you say it all the time, so Iwill bend over if you will. " Jake got a wierd look on his face and quietly said "you serious?"I knew I had him then. I said "well why not try it? It's bound to feel good fucking ass. " He seemed to think a minute and said "Ok, where can we go?" I told him to follow me and headedfor the bathroom. We went in and I found my little jar of vaseline. Off went the lights and we both dropped our pants.

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  Neither of us wanted to seem gay to the other, just tradingass. I scooped a fingerful of vaseline out and poked it into my ass. He asked if he could go first and I said "sure". "Are you hard yet?" I asked. He whispered that he was and I bent over the bathtub, resting my head on my arms on the side ofthe tub. My dick was hard as a rock as I felt him touch mybutt. He moved in behind me and I felt him poke below my ass. "up" I whispered, and he aimed a little higher. I spread myknees a bit to lower it to him and felt his dick press rightonto the hole. "There" I said, and he pushed forward a little,the head starting in slowly. I made a small sound when he pushed about an inch into me and he stopped to ask if I wasok. "Yeah go on. " So on in he went. He got it all the way inand I felt his pubes against my buttcheeks. He held my hipsand started to fuck me slow.

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   Too slow. After a minute I started backing into it, so he would know he wasn't hurtingme and could go ahead and get off. He got the hint and spedup a bit. A short minute or two later he thrust in hard andheld it there. I could tell he was cumming in my butt and I loved it. He stood up and took the vaseline. Wiping someon his butt, he took my former position and said to go realeasy. I didn't really want to do it at all, I had what I wanted. But to make it seem less like I loved a dick in myass, I went ahead and poked one off in him. He kept sayinghe felt like he had to shit, so I came as quick as possible. We then cleaned up quick and went right back to playing nintendo. About a week later, Jake talked his Mom into letting me stay at their house for a night. Both of us had plans butnoone said A thing. I sneaked in the vaseline just in case,and sure enough I needed it. We played a while then he showed me a porno he swiped from his mom.

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   We watched it fora while then he said "I'll bend over if you will. ""ok" I said, and produced the vaseline from my gaming bag. He barred the door and turned off the light. We shed our pants and I volunteered to be the first to get reamed. I lay flat on my stomach on his bed and spread my legs. He got on top of me with his cock smeared in vaseline,and after a couple of pokes and some maneuvering on mypart, he hit the hole and slid probably halfway in. Aftersome slow in and outs to get us lubed up, he started fucking me with a good steady rhythm. His thrusts were mashing my rock hard boner into his mattress, and to mysurprise, that combined with the cock in my ass made meexplode, firing my cum right into his bed. He had to feelsome contractions or something becaus he grunted, and aminute later drove his pecker in all the way, unloadinghis cum into me. He got up and grabbed a towel. He handed me the vaseline and told me again, to go easy. I said "It's ok I don't want to this time. " He askedwhy and I just shrugged. "It's ok, really" I said. He leaned over and accidentally stuck his hand in my puddle.

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  He wiped his hand off and looked at me. I think he knewthen why it was all ok. We never did anything after that, I dunno why. Soonafter we both moved away. Another story to come soon. Wally. .



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