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And then there was this time when I was 18 that I was at the A&Pshopping late one nite. There was a 18 yo I've seen their before, He offered to help me carry my bags home for a few dollars, talking to him on the way to my houseI ask him why he was out so late. Bobby told that he need money since his dad wouldn't give him any and could not find any work. Telling me that his mom ran off 6 months ago. As we were walking I keep looking down at his assin the tight shorts, he was about 4'11”Blonde hair with a nice tan. When we got there we had a couple of cold beers since it was hot out .

He saw some of my porn books a mixture of straight and gay books,I let him look at them. I could see he was getting a hard on. I told him if he want to jack off that was cool. Well I made sure the blinds were closed up so now one walking buy could seeus. He start by rubbing his crotch and I was rubbing my cock at the same time andI just pulled my shorts off and started tostroke my cock well watching him looking at the mags.
It took a little coaching to get him to take out his cockbut finely he did we werelaying on the bedplaying with our selves and I ask him if I could touch him. He just removed his handand I reach over andstarted to stock his 5 ½ cock. watching it get thicker he reach over and held my cock in his soft handmoving it slowly back and forth.

Ilean over him and just stated to blow on his cock his hand went to my head and he start to push my head downand my mouth open and I let his cock slide in to my mouth. I start to suck on his head my tongue swirling around it poking in to his slit hole, I took all of his cock in my mouth at the same time rubbing his balls.

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  I suck him as hard as I could and with my head bobbing up and down. Licking his shaft, popping his almost hairless balls in my mouth gently sucking on them.

I could feel his ballstighten up as he got ready to shoot his load in my mouth. So I started to rub a finger in his virgin butt hole and before long I had my finger in his ass up to my second knuckle. I started to pump my finger in and out of his asstasting his precum when he grab both side of my head and start to fuck my mouth as fast as his hips could pump. I slid anotherfinger in his assand that did it,he blew his wad and filling my mouth with his sweet cum,I swallowed as much as I could the rest dripping down my chin, I pulled my mouth off him and start to jack him offand he kept squirting in to and all over my face finely he stopped and my face was covered in his cum. He had this dreamy look on his young face and with out thinkingI leaned over and placed my lips on his sliding my tongue in his mouth. At first he was startled than he kissing me back our tongue intertwining he was tasting his cum for the first time as he sucked on my tongue. Somehow I ended up on my back with both of his kneesstraddling me with my cock rubbing on his cock.

With one hand on his back, the other on my cock I lined my head with hisvirgin ass. I slowly pushed his ass down on my cock. When he felt my cock come in contact with his ass. He stopped kissing me and pulled his head up to look at me. I told him to relaxand just sit on it,He slowly sat back andas my head enter him. Hestopped and got this look on his face, as I grabbed his hips i could feel my cock head at his tight rim i just slowly pumped upward pulling back a bit and pulled him down on to my cock I felt his spinster slide over my cock head as I enter 2 inches in to him, I saw his face griminess's in pain as I enter him.

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   I stopped to let him adjust to my girth. Slowly he began to bounce on my cock as I was filling his hot tight ass andfinely his ass cheeks weresitting on my hips. I look up and he had this dreamy look on his face. I just reached up and pulled his head to my and slid my tongue into his mouth kissing him hard and start to pump my hips up and down, his ass was so tight I felt like I was in a vice grip. His ass loosen up and he started to pump his hipsriding my cock pulling almost off my cock then plunging back down. I flipped him over to his back and raised his legs over my shoulders and really started to pump my 6 1/2” cock in to him. He stated to pant and scream for me toto fuck his ass “ omg this feel so goodfuck my ass pleasePlease fuck meomg don't stop”as I pumped him in long steady strokes his hips trusting to meet my hard cock I started to cum in him filling him with my hot cum. Stroking his cock he started to cum again all over my stomach. When I finished cummingI pulled out of him. He just feel back on the bed soaked in sweat and I fell beside him cuddling to him as I watch him fall asleep in my arms.



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