A Most Exciting Experance: Part 3: Eric's Story


Idon’t fall in love; it wastes too much time and money. Instead I prefer to just fuck around andhave fun. However if I did ever fall inlove, I think I know whom it would be with. My kid sister has been dating her best friend for almost 3 yearsnow. They’ve been sleeping togetherever since their first date, and I can hear everything they do from myroom. Usually I just go out for somefun of my own but sometimes I stay in and listen, not on pulpous I just don’thave anybody else to do. After a whileI started to feel a little jealous of Sarah, she was in love, and I wasbeginning to wonder what that felt like. So for a few months I started thinking, who have I loved, if anybody? I finally realized that out of all the guysI’ve slept with, I never “loved” any of them. So than I started thinking Is there anybody that I might love? That’s when I thought of Calvin, I’ve knownhim as long as Sarah has, also it was very apparent that Sarah loved fuckinghim. She always said he was the mostconsiderate lover she has ever had; by the way he is only her 3rd.
SoI decided I would seduce him and find out. I waited until his birthday, if I could love, I could wait a few moreweeks to find out. I knew that he likedbeing submissive in bed, and that he liked to have his ass hole playedwith. Sarah, Calvin and I had alwaysbeen open with each other, and talked about sex a lot. Well I did it, and it worked, Calvin fell inlove with me, I don’t know if I love him too, but my feelings for him arestronger than they ever were for anybody else. We kept it a secret form my sister for 6 months.

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   We were going to wait another couple ofmonths to tell her but she found out on her own.
Itwas a Friday, and as usual my parents were gone for the weekend. Sarah told Calvin and me that she was goingto have a sleepover at one of her girlfriend’s house. Calvin and I decided to use this opportunity to have a fuck festall night long. We started at 10:00p. m. and by 1:00 decided to take a small break, only an hour. Than at 2:00 we started back again.
Wewhere in the living room, as it had the most floor space of any room in thehouse. I had just started playing withCalvin’s dick, getting it hard. I likedto start by playing with the tip, and then lick it up and down the shaft. He was moaning already, but then I heard himgasp.
“SARAH?!?!” I looked up and there she was, my kid sisterwas standing there with the door wide open. The funny thing is that she didn’t look surprised, almost like sheexpected to see us doing this.
“Look,sweetie, I can explain…” Calvin started, but Sarah quickly cut him off.

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“My,my, what have we here? You 2 weren'tdoing anything you shouldn’t be doing where you?”
“Sarah,look, its not what you think. ” Calvinwas still trying to explain.
“Calvinbe quite. Eric what’s going on?” There was a tone in her voice that soundedalmost like she was just asking because it was expected of her to ask.
Shethan told us both to sit on the couch, and had me tell her everything. So I told her how I seduced Calvin, andforced him not to tell her. I made itsound like Calvin was completely innocent. Even said once that he didn’t want to do it, that I was blackmailinghim. The whole time she just sat therelistening to everything. Calvin and Iwere still naked, and he was actually trying to hide his body, looking soashamed and scared. After I was done,she asked Calvin if that was true. Heexplained how most of it was, but that it was actually his idea to do it thesecond time. He explained that he lovedit, and me, also saying, “Sarah, I love you too, with all my heart. ” every 3words or so.
Whenwe got done she stood up and said, “Well don’t let me stop you.

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  ” She smiled and winked and walked over toCalvin, as she said this. Calvin lookedat her, and she explained, “I’ve known about his for almost 2 months now,honey, and I love you too, more than anybody. And Eric I love you, and I’m just so happy that you 2 love each other aswell. And I won’t stand between you 2,as long as you don’t stand between me and Calvin. ” She punctuated her speech by kissing Calvin’s cheek, then walkedback to her chair.
“Never!”I answered.
“Good,but I don’t’ want you two to keep this a secret form me anymore ok? And I want to watch you two. ” She smiled and Calvin looked so happy. He jumped up and rushed over to her, hisdick still hard, and bouncing with every steep. He kissed her, but she pushed him away. “Not me, sweetheart, him. ” She pointed a finger at me, than sat back down.
Calvinsaid simply “Yes ma’am. ” And kneeled down in front of me.
“PretendI’m not even here.

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  ” Sarah told us.
Calvinleaned in close. Both of his hands onmy neck, pulling me to him. I wasslightly shocked at his forcefulness. But once his lips touched mine, I forgot all about that. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue andrubbed his tongue with mine. I betCalvin’s lower lip, slightly and then leaned back and gently pushed himdownward.
Ispread my legs, and Calvin took hold of my dick, and started stroking. Than he lowered his head, and opened hismouth so he could suck me. I placed myhand on the back of his head, and set the pace for his bobbing. He is just so good at blowjobs; I couldn’tbelieve he had never done it until me. Then I remembered that Sarah had taught him, and looked over. My sister had already removed her pants andshirt; she was just wearing her bra and panties, a deep red, Calvin’s favoritecolor.
“Wellwhat do you think of your student, sis?”
“Helooks to be doing a fine job. ” She giggled.

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“Youhave no idea.
    ” Then I noticed that herhand was under her panties, and I laughed inside. Haha, My sister is playing with herself, while her boyfriendsucks my dick. Haha.
    Ipushed Calvin out of my lap. I laiddown, and told him that we were going to do something new. I told him to get a condom and put it on me. I knew that he had to walk right upnext to Sarah to get it, and wanted to see what he would do. He walked up and stood next to her for asecond. Then Sarah gave him a ‘comehither’ look, so Calvin leaned down and kissed her. It didn’t last long, and he was back with the condom. He sat down next to me, and stroked my cockto get it firm, then rolled the condom on.
    “Nowyou’re going to do all the work. I wantyou to face your girlfriend, and sit on me. Impale yourself on my dick. 

      ” Hejust nodded his head and straddled me. He started down, slowly. I wasusing lubricated condoms, but he was still worried about it. He looked cute when he was worried, althoughI couldn’t see his face. I saw Sarah’sthough, and her eyes were glued to the point of entry.
    Oncethe head of my dick was in Calvin’s ass, he just dropped. My dick went in as far as it would go. Then he rose up, and then back down, hestarted bouncing. It felt great, evenafter 6 months Calvin’s anus was as tight as ever. He started masturbating also. I saw that Sarah had taken her bra off, and was playing with hernipples. He obviously liked seeingCalvin jack-off, cause her nipples were hard and erect.
    “Youlike this don’t you?”
    Sarahgiggled, “Yes, I do. Calvin you look sosexy with a dick in your ass, and very masculine. ” She knew exactly what to say to Calvin.

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    “Thankyou baby. ”
    “Okay,enough of this. Calvin get on all4s. ” I simply pushed him forward, andhis face was inches away form Sarah’s wet panties. I moved behind him and spread his ass cheeks. I thrust my hard cock into his ass holeagain. Each thrust pushed him close toSarah’s cunt; he was loving it, and started playing with him self again.
    I kept thrusting for another few minutes. And then Calvin called out. “Sarah, I love you, OH GOD I LOVE YOU BOTH,SARAH…ERIC!!!!” With this Calvin shothis load all over the floor, and it was the biggest load I’d ever seen himshoot.
    “OHGOD CALVIN, I LOVE YOU TOO AHHH!!!!!” and Sarah too came, and sprayed Calvin’s face with her juices.
    ThanI came, I didn’t say much just some grunts, and moans. I didn’t want to ruin the moment forthem. I did however pull out and spraymy load on Calvin’s back; he always looked sexy sprayed with cum.
    Asthe three of us laid there, Calvin crawled up into the chair with Sarah, andthey kissed and held each other.

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    “Sarah,I love you, I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?”
    “Oh,Calvin, yes, yes I’ll marry you. ” I sawSarah cry as she said this.
    Wellthat’s how my sister found out I was fucking her boyfriend. They got married a year later, I was thebest man. I don’t know if I loveCalvin, I know I lust him. And I know Icare about him. I don’t know maybethat’s as close to love that somebody like me can get. I hope that even though they’re married,Sarah still lets me “play” with Calvin, but I’ll understand if she says no, butI don't think she’ll mind too much. I’mbeginning to miss them. Besides thereare plenty of other guys for me to fuck until they get back from their honeymoon.




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