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I stood there outside our sliding glass door of our apartment, watching my neighbor plunge his dick into my gf, Jen, We've shared Jen before after some drinks . . . . but this was the first time she did him w/o me. . . . . . . His gf, Barb, who was always up for fucking. . . . she enjoyed all the attention we gave her little patch of paradise between her legs.

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  . . As i sat there fighting the glare off sliding glass door I watched Barb come out of our bedroom with Mark, her old hs flame, who just dropped by for some snatch. . . B and this tall black man sat next to Jen and Bill, Bill was now plunging his cock in Jen's wide open pussy. . . he tried to drive hips thru her and the couch. . . . Jen's expression was purely sexual pleasure. . .

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  As B & M sat down one on each side of the couple fucking on my new unpaid for couch. . . They watched as Jen switched positions with Bill. . . Now Jen was on top and Barb and Mark began to rub and explore every inch of J's naked body. . . . I could see "goose bumps" on her pale skin as Mark & Barb ran their hands over Jen's nude body. Each nipple was twisted at least once bring Jen's pleasure that much higher and closer to the big finish. . . .

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  . Bills cock slid into his in tended target she squealed as it slapped against her soft flesh. . . and the wettness of her pussy. Barb pressed and pushed Jen's body down on Bill cock as Mark made little wet circles around Jen's asshole. . . with his tongue. Bill's face was turning red and his body wanted to release all that poison he built up over the last four days-without sex- Barb order Jen to rotate and face Mark. . . . With all the tongue work Mark did Bill's cock would slid in Jen's ass nicely. .

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  . . There was my gf of 6 months, fucking our neighbor and all i could was. . . . like a frieght train hitting a dog. . . . was watch! Mark was now giving Jen a taste of her own asshole as their mouths met and gently Barb guided Bill's cock in Jen's ass. . . . They kissed passionately and Jen moaned as B dick filled her ass.

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  . . Bill realizing he wasn't going to last much longer pulled Jen down on him plunging his 9 inch dick deeper and deeper in her asshole. . . OMG she yelled with Marks tongue in her mouth and his hands pulling on her pink nipples OMG i heard her yell. . . not once did they look out on the porch where i was watching. . . . . . Barb moved from Mark to her b/f watching for the pleasure in their eyes.

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  . . . Mark layed Jen back on Bill lap with Bill's cock still driving away Mark slid his huge black cock in her Pussy filling her . . . . . With Barbs encouragement Bill and Mark got into a "FUCKING" tempo in and out. . . . . . Jen brought knee almost over head and the fucking tempo continued until Bill shot his wad filling Jen's ass.

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  . . Bill left a trail of Jizzz-o-ramma escaping form Jen's ass. . . . at orders from Barb. . . Mark move away from Jen and Barb buried her face in JEN"S ass cream Bill just left. . . Jen had not delivered her world famous SQUIRT and shake yet but she was so close. . .

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    With Bill now out of the picture for a moment Jen layed back and Mark fucked her pussy at first gently and as time went on he pounded her pussy with long deep thrusts All of his dick disappeared in her . . . . . Jen's face went from a pretty pink to a scarlet the closer she got the finish line. . . . Barb now realizing she need to get fucked . . . began very innoncently rubbing her clit. .

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      . and somehow it caused Bill to stir from breif rest. . . Bills Cock still dripping from Jen's ass juices attracted Barbs attention and down she went sucking and licking. . . . Just before Jen squirt on Mark's dick Mark plugged Jen's ass with his dick. . . . She squirmed and jerked and tried to avoid it but the pleasure wave overcame her like lightening it struck her suddenly and forcefully. . .

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      . and she yelled my name as Mark plugged his dick in her once more. . . . . Jen's face and body were left weak and she had trouble sitting up. . . . But she watched Bill fucking Barb . Barb was on her hands and knees with her ass pointed toward the sky Bill was fucking one hole at a time. . . .


      . Knowing Mark had not come yet Barb offered him her pussy. . . . Mark climbed under Barb and slid his soft cock in her. . . His cock stiffened as time went on . . . . She now had two huge cocks filling her pussy and her asshole . . .

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      . and one hadn't hit the mother load yet. . . . so she prepared herself for hard ride . . . her muscles tightened as the first shock wave errupted in her pussy and to her surprize her ass filled with warm sticky pleasure preserves straight from her B/F. . . . . . as I sat there wondering what to do I thought what would my friends Sexstories  do in this situation?.

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