The G-string Effect


It’s funny the way clothes can have an affect on sexual behavior. Everyone knows that sexy clothes make men horny, but for Tina, it worked just as well for her.
She lived in sunny Florida. The weather was nice today. It was bright outside, somewhat hot, but the wind was blowing enough to balance the temperature to a comfortable level.
Tina wanted to sunbathe today. She never made it. As soon as she felt the string of her bikini slide up her ass, she immediately felt tingles stirring within her.
Instead of sunbathing lotion, she put on a pair of sexy, fishnet stocking that matched her bikini perfectly. She left through the back door because it was the quickest route to the upstairs bedroom where Doug, her boyfriend, was resting.
She was walking with an exaggerated switch. She felt like the sexiest woman in the world. Her ass was exposed and there was a part of her that wished someone was out there watching, thus the exaggerated switch.
She made it to the middle deck. She stopped.
She turned towards the acres of hills and trees past there yard.

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   She smiled seductively and cupped her tits.
Then she pulled them out and started squeezing them. With her mouth wide open in a porn star kind of expression, she turned around again and lowered her G-string to the ground little by little as she slowly wiggled her supple ass from side to side.
Then she fingered her asshole, slid her fingers down to her pierced clit, spread her pussy lips open, took her G-string off completely, and started walking up the stairs to the top deck.
It would have seemed strange to any onlookers, but that’s kind of what Tina was hoping for. She was hoping that somewhere out there in those trees and hills there would be someone watching her. The thought turned her on. It made her wetter. She was in an exhibitionism mood today.
She went inside and sat on the white loveseat across from the bed. As expected, Doug was stretched out relaxing his stresses away, but the sight of Tina walking around ass out caught his eye and woke him up completely.
He was a little confused. He couldn’t help but wonder why she wasn’t wearing a bottom, but the look on her face answered the question. When she sat down on the loveseat and licked her fingers like she was sucking a cock, it became clearer.
He realized her tits were exposed.

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   She lay back and spread her legs wide open. She licked her fingers and started fondling her asshole. (Tina had a sensitive ass and she loved anal sex. )
Doug got up without saying a word. He stood over her and watched as she masturbated in front of him.
Tina was a long-haired brunette with big, firm tits and an ass to die for. Sometimes she could pass for a Latina depending on how she made herself up, but today she looked like good-old American beauty.
Her nipples were erect. Her tits jiggled as she pleasured herself. She was breathing heavily and driving Doug crazy with lust.
He wanted her, so after he watched her getting her pussy and asshole greasy with her fingers and dildos, he took off his clothes and joined in.
“Ohh,” moaned Tina as Doug took the dildo and slowly pushed it all the way up her asshole. ’
“Yeah, all the way in there,” he said.
The dildo was purplish-blue. It started out small at the tip and got bigger towards the upper end, but not gradually bigger like you might think.

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   It got bulkier at each level, almost like anal beads. It felt really good, which was why Tina always used it for anal stimulation.
She was playing with her pierced clit as she moaned in pleasure from what Doug was doing to her with the dildo. It felt so good having that thing up her ass.
He pulled it out and put it in her mouth. Going from ass to mouth (ATM) was something Tina loved doing. She liked dirty sex the most and this was right up her alley (no pun intended).
“What do you got for me?” she asked as Doug tossed the dildo aside.
He stood. His cock saluted her. It was fully erect and throbbing.
Tina sat up and took hold of it. She pulled him closer.
There were traces of pre-cum dripping all over the head. “It’s already wet for me,” said Tina as she licked it off.

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   Then she took his throbbing member in her mouth.
She sucked it a few times, then pulled it out and spit on it. She used her hand to spread the saliva around. She deep sucked it while she used her hand to stroke to lower portion that wouldn’t fit in her mouth.
“Yeah, yes, yes!” moaned Doug.
He’d grabbed the back of her head and was ramming his cock in her mouth. Tina was slurping and making sounds that made it seem like she was choking even though she wasn’t. Her deep brown eyes looking up and him and her humongous hoop earrings shaking all over the place made it seem more erotic.
“Oh, it’s so big,” Tina moaned as she took a break to catch her breath.
Doug wouldn’t give her long. This time he grabbed her hair—both hands full of it—and guided her face in and out while he humped at her mouth.
“Yes,” he said. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he kept repeating as looked down and enjoyed the view of seeing his big dick disappear down her throat while her perky tits swayed back and forth. All you could hear was choking, slurping, and desperate gasps for air.
“Oh, yeah,” moaned Doug.

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She took his dick out of her mouth and looked up at him when he finally let go of her head. She was kneeling with her legs wide open. She was fingering her clit and both the holes a few inches away from it.
“Put it in your ass?” asked Doug.
“Uh-huh,” she responded.
“Lay down,” he said, and she happily obeyed.
She lay on her back and lifted her legs high and wide. She held her head high because she wanted to see it going in.
“Stick it in my ass. OHH!!” she screamed as the huge head pushed into her. “OH, FUCK!!! Oh, god, it’s so big. Yeah, fuck my ass. Yeah, that’s so good. That’s so good. ”
He was pushing deep into her every time.

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   Her ass was a lot tighter than her pussy. It felt like a deep tunnel of happiness.
Tina was busy fingering her pussy. This was why she loved anal sex so much. She could get pleasure from two places at one time. She’d been addicted to the sensation ever since the first time she felt a cock in her ass.
Tina liked it so much that she was getting wilder with each passing second. She was sucking air, hissing, moaning, and even growling.
“Yeah, yeah. It’s such a good dick,” she shouted. “Such a good dick!!!”
“Yeah,” said Doug. “Turn around.

    He rolled her over. Like many men, this was his favorite view of a woman’s body—bent over naked with her face down and her ass up.
    He knew it was the same orifice, but there was something about entering from this position that made it feel better than the last.

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       He felt tingles racing through his cock as he went in her and started humping her sweet asshole.
    Tina was looking over her shoulder at him and holding her ass cheek open with her left hand as she moaned with delight. They made eye contact. He touched her hand and started caressing it as they continued to go at it.
    “Oh, yeah, fuck that ass,” she moaned. “Fuck it. Oh yeah, yeah!”
    The more she encouraged him, the harder he fucked her. After a while he climbed all the way onto the couch with her, putting him in that jack hammer position that he did so well. He’d rise all the way up and slam his cock down in her so deep that he felt his prick hit the back of her ass.
    Tina was caught in the middle of a pleasurable, yet painful, situation. It hurt, but it felt too good to stop. She was still fingering her wet pussy and crying out in ecstasy.
    “Oh, yeah, baby! Fuck, yeah! Yeah, right there!”
    Doug flipped her onto her back again and continued assaulting her ass. Between the tight fit and all the moaning she was doing, the guy was getting ready to pop his load soon.
    Things were getting intense.

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       It was like everything Tina said or did added to his lust.
    She licked her fingers and asked, “Is that where the cum’s gonna go?”
    “Yeah,” he moaned as a vision of shooting his juices on Tina’s face flashed through his mind and triggered a rush of tingles so intense that it almost made him lose it right there.
    “Oh, yeah, I love you fucking my ass. ”
    Doug’s cock started tingling more.
    “Deeper, deeper! Oh, fuck!”
    Still more tingles. It was starting to burn like fire.
    He grabbed her by the thighs, pulled her closer, and thrust into her for all he was worth. They were both moaning at the tops of their lungs.
    “Oh, right there; right there, baby! Fuck it! Fuck it!”
    Tina was fingering her clit and pussy. Her juices were dripping all over his cock, making her hole more slippery, juicy, and wet.
    He pulled his cock out just as he was about to cum. He didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted her to ride him.
    They switched places. Now he was sitting on the loveseat and she was sitting on him with her big, fat tits bouncing in his face as she rode on his cock.

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    He was already on the verge of cumming so it only took a few minutes of fast anal fucking and shouting dirty words in his ear to bring him over the edge.
    “You’re gonna suck the cum out?”
    “Yeah. ”
    She dismounted him. She got on her knees. She started sucking his dick in a frenzy as she corkscrewed her hand up and down the shaft. She was spitting all over it and choking on it as if her life depended on sucking cum out of his dick.
    Doug could feel it coming up fast and strong. His leg tensed as hot jism shoot free of his dick.
    It was getting everywhere. A lot of it landed in various places on Tina’s face, like her hair, cheeks, and forehead, but the best part was what landed in her mouth.
    Tina loved the taste and feel of cum. Once a sizable portion was on her tongue, she closed her mouth and swallowed it down. Then she opened wide and waited for more.
    Once Doug was done, Tina grabbed his dick and sucked hard to get the “leftovers” off—and out—of it. She licked every drop off his fingers and then started wiping it off her face so she could eat that too.

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    Doug looked her over. She was covered in it.
    Cum had spilled to her tits and was dripping all over the floor. It was a big mess to clean up, but they both felt it was worth it.
    She looked into his eyes. “It’s all about ass, baby,” she said as she tasted the last drop of cum from her face.
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