Teen plays billiards-gets first anal!


I'm 47years old,married,not much sex after 25years,so I get off when I can. Porn,internet,at least 5 times a week. Last Saturday,while my wife and kids were gone for a few hours, I decided it was a good time to jack off to some internet porn. After about 18 minutes of this,and really getting horny,my doorbell rang! Looking out to see who it was,I was pleased to see it was one of my daughters friends,who live down the street! Now, Tracy is 18 years old,5'0" tall,90lbs,short brown hair,tanned skin,perkiest little breasts I've seen in awhile,and the hottest,tight,bubble butt(my favorite!)I've ever seen. My 7. 5inch cock was about half hard in my shorts,and I had a t-shirt on,so I opened the door. She asked if my daughter was home,I said she'd be back in a few hours. Her eyes glanced down at my shorts,and I know she saw my half,hard cock,then asked:"I am home by myself,and bored,so can I hang out her till she gets back?"I said:"Of course!let your parents know that your here though. " She called them,they said no problem,cause they know and trust me(if they only knew my thoughts!!)Tracy was dressed in a loose white top,no bra(I could tell by her pointy nipples),and a short,Levi mini-skirt. I asked:"What would you like to do?'She said:Doesn't matter,whatever you want. " (Wow!) If she only knew! I suggested a game of pool,knowing she'd have to bend over the table,so I'd get a chance to see her little titties,and her ass that I've jacked off to so many times. We started playing,and after a few minutes,while she was taking a shot,and I was standing behind her(of course!)she bent over the table,and I about blew my load! She wasn't wearing panties!! That perfect ass was inches away from me,and my cock started to grow some,looking at it. It was better than I thought. Her butt cheeks were so firm and tight,and I could see no pubic hair,and just a peek of her virgin pussy lips! She stood back up and asked:Am I doing this right?"I said:"Let me help you. " I pushed myself against that ass,as she leaned over a little farther,and told her how to shoot the shot. My cock was now harder,and pushing into those tight cheeks.

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   She shot it,turned around and said:"I like pool,its fun. " We continued playing,she would bend over,I'd see those titties,that ass,she'd have me (help) her shoot shots while I stood behind her,still pushing my now growing cock into that ass,when I decided,I'd had enough of this cock teasing. On the next shot when she bent over,and she was taking her time, I grabbed that ass! My cock now was rock hard! Startled,she turned around and said:"Do you think you should really do that?" I responded:"Your ass is driving me wild,just look!" My cock was sticking out of my shorts! She looked at it and said:"Wow! thats big! I liked you rubbing it against my ass while were playing,it felt good!" I grabbed her,looked in her eyes,and said:"I know your to young,but could I get off to your ass,I'm dying too!" She then kissed me deeply!!I kissed back! She then said:"I 've thought about you to,and wondered how big your cock was,and I've even masturbated thinking of it. " I was shocked,then answered: "You don't know how many times I've jacked off thinking of you and your hot body and fantastic ass!Hearing that,she kissed me again,and said:"Would you like me to suck it a little,I've never done it you know. " I said:"Oh yes,whatever you want. " In minutes she was going wild on my throbbing cock. Up and down her head went,licking,sucking,stroking,my god! she was like 3 Hoover vac's sucking! I thought she'd suck my cock off my body! I told her I was about to come,when she asked:"Do you really want to come on my ass,or would you like to be the first one ever to be in it?" I'd thought I'd died,hearing that! I said:"Are you sure you want me?" She answered:"Yes I do,you have such a nice cock,and I know you want it so bad,so please do it. " I grabbed some vaseline,trying not to shoot my load!,had her bend over the table,pulled off her top,and skirt,and lubed up that tight butthole. She liked me rubbing her hole and moaned in pleasure. She said:"That feels good,I really like that. " I told her its going to hurt a little at first,but I'll be gentle,and it would be okay. She said:"I know,but do it,fuck my little butthole!,please put your cock in me!" I put the head of my throbbing cock up to that little,pink hole,I couldn't believe I was doing this!I started to push a little in,it was so tight! She screamed in pain,"It hurts,but keep going.
    " I had to push so hard,thank God my cock was as hard as I've ever seen it. A little more in,I pushed,slowly,in minutes,I had more than half of it in. It was unbelievable!!She now was screaming in pleasure:"That feels great!! I love your cock in my butt!!More!!More!!I was holding on to those tight cheeks,pounding that perfect ass! Rubbing her virgin pussy lips,pinching those hard nipples,and she was in total pleasure! I knew I couldn't last much longer when she said:" You can fuck my ass anytime you want,its all yours! I love your cock!!Hearing that,I rubbed her pussy harder,she said she was going to come.

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       As she exploded her hot,young pussy juice,all over my hand,I blew my load,deep into that great ass. It was like the first time I ever came!! I thought I'd have a heart atack! Slowly I caught my breath,and while still in that pink hole,I said:"You have the best ass I've ever been in! My God! I would love to have it all the time!. " I pulled out my shrinking cock,we kissed,and she said:"I'll be all yours if you want me. " I answered:"We could get in big trouble,you know. " She said:"I won't tell anyone if you don't. " I said:"I won't either! She then said:"I'm also on the pill,so next time,you can take my virginity too,sound good?" I said:"I've gone to heaven,haven't I?" She answered;"Yes,your in my heaven!!" Then she said:"Can I suck you off,since I didn't finish before?""Yes please,do what you want!!"   That story,and more will come next week!! Can't wait to tell more!!