Southern Girl in My Office - 3


The office was exceptionally slow that day. No corporate calls, no emergency notices, nothing of that sort. It was the best time for me to get my fuck on with my secretary.
“Erin!Got a minute?”
I looked out the window my office has to the reception area to see Erin get up from her desk. She was wearing a skirt again today, dark blue tight across her ass, and stopping a few inches above her knees, flaring out as she stepped my way. Her blouse was white, and it too was tight. Her small A-cup breasts pushed against the fabric and I could see that she decided to go without a bra today. Her pink nipples poked out enticingly, and the material was thin enough to just make out the areolas surrounding each hard pink bud.
Earlier, she had come in the door and given me her routine “good morning”: Standing beside my desk, she had lifted her skirt revealing her blue satin thong. She slowly turned around giving me the view of her ass, then bent over, pulling the thong down. With her legs spread slightly, I could clearly see the tight hole of her ass and a hint of her pussy lips just below it. She remained bent over as I rubbed her cheeks with one, squeezing them gently, enjoying the feel of her smooth flesh under my palm. Then I dropped my hand lower and slid it between her legs, gently probing with my fingers. After fingering her for just a few seconds, I patted her ass and sent her on to her desk to begin work for the day.
She definitely was a horny little blonde, coming to my office on a nearly daily basis, seeking either a fuck or blowjob, or both. Not that I minded, of course.

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  I had happily buried my face in her shaved coozey on numerous occasions, as well. I loved going down on her, tasting her sweet juices as I brought her to orgasm. There were times that she would end up in my office more than once a day, wanting a repeat of the previous experiences.
I thought about this as she made her way to my office, smiling at me with a look that expressed both anticipation and lust. I knew she would be wondering what we would do that day. Would we fuck, suck, both, or other?
I rolled back my chair when Erin walked in the door. When I gestured to the desk in front of me, she sat on the edge facing me and slowly pulled her skirt up. I watched as she leisurely revealed the smooth skin of her thighs, stopping just short of letting me catch a glimpse of her bald pussy.
Erin smirked at me mischievously. She liked to tease me sometimes, hiding her goods from me, knowing that as soon as I asked, she would show me whatever I asked to see. This time, though, I decided to play a little different game.
The day before, I had appropriated her vibrator and kept it in my desk drawer, preventing her from using it that night. I know that this would frustrate her a little since she had discovered how much she enjoyed using a vibe while masturbating at night or in the morning. I pulled it out now, and asked her if she had missed it.
“Yeah, I did at first,” she answered.

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  “Last night I thought I’d have to resort to my brush handle again, but then I got a better idea. Yesterday evening, I walked in again on Chelsea using both vibes in the living room. This time, though, she had one buried in her ass as she pumped the other one in her snatch. After she came and was still lying there, I asked if I could borrow them. She told me yes and just asked that I wash them off when I’m done. ”
“Cool. ”
As Erin continued talking, I slipped my hands under her skirt and began to play with her smooth pussy.
“Yeah, so I took them to my room and was gonna get a shower, then take care of business, you know?But watching my sister get off like that had me so turned on that I couldn’t wait. ”
Feeling that Erin’s cunt was getting damp, I buried a finger inside her to get it lubed up, then moved it to her nether hole. After rimming her with my finger for a minute, I eased the tip of my finger into her ass. Erin pushed herself forward, impaling herself further in my digit as she continued talking.
“I was going to wash off Chelsea toys first, but I all of a sudden decided not to. They were both still wet and slick, and I stuck the larger one that she had in her pussy in my mouth. I’m not sure why, but I just wanted to see what my sister tasted like. ”
Erin was dripping by this point.

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  I could feel her cooze juices leaking out and running down to my finger in her ass, lubing it up even more and allowing me to slide all the way in. I clicked on her vibrator, and had no problem slipping it between her smooth labia and into her love hole. Erin let out a small groan in pleasure, then went on.
“I had never tasted another girl’s juices before and wanted to try it. And here was a chance to do it, so I did. ”
“It was cool. Really turned me on. I was wet instantly, so I started using that vibe on my clit while I took the smaller one and got it wet. Then I pushed it in my ass like Chelsea did and turned it on. God, feeling that thing buzzing in my ass…”
Erin’s voice trailed off as she experienced again that feeling as I worked the smaller vibe in her ass. As I easer it in her back door, I lowered my mouth to her snatch and began to tongue her clit. I loved the slippery feel of my face on Erin’s smooth pussy. Sucking her swelling nub into my mouth, I began a twisting motion with the vibrator in her ass.
“So I ended up with both vibrators inside of me, working myself over. And just as I was about to cum, I looked over and I saw that my bedroom door was open.

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  Chelsea was standing there, leaning against the door frame and her hand between her legs…God, it was hot to see her like that!”
Erin was writhing on my desk now as I worked both her ass and her clit, getting ever closer to an orgasm. Hell, she was practically fucking my face and with each forward thrust the toy in her ass sank in to the hilt, leaving me only holding on to it with my fingertips. I imagined the larger one filling her pussy, the two separated only by that thin wall of flesh, pleasing her with that full feeling.
“I looked right at her and told her I was gonna cum.
    She told me she was close too, and in just a few seconds, I came really hard. Chelsea watched me, then orgasmed so hard that she slid down to the floor on her knees out of breath. After a minute, I got up and walked over to her, holding both vibrators still in me. I took the one out of my pussy and had her open her mouth. I put it in her mouth so she could taste both of our juices mixed together. ”
    Right then Erin stopped talking and began to cum. Her whole body stiffened up and she shouted an “Oh, fuck!” through her orgasm. Her thighs were clamped tight around my head, and I could feel the throbbing of her clit between my lips. As she started to come down, I turned off the vibrator but left it in her ass. Her legs relaxed and parted and allowed me to look up into her face, sexily dotted with drops of sweat. She was gasping a bit, still trying to catch her breath.

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      But she grinned at me predatorily, and asked, “You ready to give me that cock?”
    “Hell yeah. Come here and bend over the desk. ”
    Erin managed to get down, turn and bend over my desk, all without removing the vibrator in her ass. I could see that her back hole was still quivering around the toy, but she held it in. Obviously, she enjoyed the feeling of having her ass filled. In fact, she took hold of it now as she looked back at me and slowly began gliding it in and out of her back door.
    I quickly stood and dropped my pants. Rubbing my cockhead along her slit, I could feel how wet she was from cumming and being so turned on. Impatient, as always, to get a dick inside her, Erin began pushing back into my groin. I happily obliged her quest and easily slid in all the way to the hilt, burying my shaft deep in her slick hole.
    “Oh, fuck yeah!Fuck me with that cock!”Erin yelled at me.
    Since she was so wet, I started pumping her hard right then. Every time my hips hit her ass, the vibe was pushed in a little, then slipped back, giving her the feeling of getting DP’d. She loved it, and I thought it was great, too, since I could feel the vibration on my shaft in her pussy.
    “Harder!I want it harder!”Erin screamed at me.

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    I slammed her pussy over and over, causing the desk to shake under her body. I lifted one of her legs to give me even deeper penetration, and held it there as I fucked her from yelling words into indecipherable moans and shrieks.
    Finally, Erin went into silent shudders of orgasmic pleasure as she came again. Her cunt was clenched so tight around my shaft that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. After a few final thrusts, I pulled out and held my cock as I shot a huge load on her as and lower back. Jerking hard to get every drop of cum out, I watched as my jizz began to run down the crack of her ass and pool around the vibrator still wedged deep in her hole. I eased it out, turned it off then sank back in my chair. Erin turned around and straddled my lap, sitting on my legs.
    “You know,” Erin commented as she paused to lick some of my spunk off the toy, “Chelsea asked me what your dick tasted like after fucking me. I told her she’d love it. ”
    “Really?Would that bother you?If she sucked my cock?”
    “No. Actually, I’d love to see that. ”Erin grinned at me again and took another lick off the vibe.
    “In that case, what do you both have planned for this weekend…?”.



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