Our First Date


I was sixteen years old and on my first date with a man who would later become my first real boyfriend.   I was about 5'7", 140 lbs.  and tanned from the hot summer sun.   After a long day of swimming, my friend Vicky took me over to her boyfriend, Josh's house.   He lived in a run down duplex with a couple of roommates.   It happened to be Vicky and Josh's anniversary and they wanted to celebrate by going to a movie.   Vicky invited me along, but I told her I didn't want to feel like the third wheel.   She told me it was not problem and invited Josh's roomate Spencer to be my date for the movie.   Spencer was about 6'1" with sexy broad shoulders and irresitible dark hair.   I was excited about being his date, but I was a little nervous his reputation.   I new he's be expecting to get some action after the movie and he was famous for getting girls to let him stick it in their butt.   We headed down to the local movie theater.   Vicky and Josh spent the whole movie making out, but the most I got was Spencer putting his hand on my thigh.   On the way home everyone agreed to stop and get some beer.   So, we headed back to the duplex and settled in the 1980's style bachelor style furniture to drink a couple.   After awhile, Vicky was pretty drunk and told my I'd have to spend the night because she couldn't drive.

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    Spencer then offered to share his room with me.   I was weary, but agreed and we headed off to play some old school video games.   After a few more beers, we decided it was time to pop in a movie and go to bed.   While the movie was playing, we kind of spooned and cuddled and he started to rub his hand slowly up and down my side.   I was really nervous, but still I moved into a better position so he could fondle my tits.   Before too long, we were both naked and he was gently sucking on my neck.   I was getting really turned on and he slipped his hand down and started rubbing my clit.   Soft moans excaped my lips.   I started to rub his rock hard cock as he slipped two fingers into my wet pussy.   He started to suck on my nipples as he moved his fingers faster in and out of my twat faster and faster.   Things were starting to get really hot when he slowed it down and started kissing me again.   Then, he gently rolled my me onto my stomach.   He started kissing my back and caressing me.   He ran his fingers up and down my slit until they were nice and lubed.   He then started rubbing them up and down the crack of my ass while kissing my lower back.

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    Eventually, he inserted on finger slowly into my tight butthole.   I was surprised because it actually felt good.   He worked it in nice and slow and eventually used two fingers.   I was getting really into it and was moaning more now.   He turned me back into a spooning position and started rubbing his 8 inch cock against my crack.   Then, he gently pushed the head of his dick against my hole.   I grabbed the blankets and gritted my teeth while he slipped the head of his penis into my ass.   As more entered I began to relax and actually enjoyed the feel of his cock in my warm ass.   He just left his cock there for a second for me to get used to it with he reached around me and fondled my breasts.   After a moment he began to work his cock slowly in and out of my ass.   I was in sheer bliss as he slowly worked up his rhytmn. After about five minutes he began pulling his cock all the way out of my hole and slamming it back in.   It was a whole new sensation to me.   I began bucking back against his cock.   We switched to doggy-style position and he kept banging my ass.

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    I could feel an orgasm coming on.   My ass tightened up and as I hit my peek he blew his load in my butt.   We just stayed like that for a minute with his dick fully rammed in my ass and cum leaking out of it.   Afterwards, we layed back down and he began to suck my dime sized nipples again.   Soon he was hard again and I started stroking his dick.   Once he had me turned on again I climbed on top of him and straddled his cock.   I bounced on his rod for a couple of minutes and got off of him.   I lowered my head down and began sucking on his balls.   I pleasured his balls with my tongue with I gave him a hand job.   Just as his legs started bucking, I stopped and took his cock in my mouth.   Within seconds I was deep-throating all of him.   It only took him about a minute more before he was blowing another load down the back of my throat.   Afterwards, he decided to repay the favor and went down on me.   All in all, it was an exciting night and we ended up together for about a year.  

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