Me and my best friend


The first day we met we were friends.   I didn't know much about him, other than he was a loner.   Finally I gained the courage to go past the friends stage six months after we met and asked him out.   That first night was he was very sweet.   Dinner a movie and hand holding only.   After a few months of this we finally decided to take our relationship one step further.   I remember it like it was yesterday. We went back to his apartment after dinner.   Sat on the couch pretending to watch tv.   Finally he leaned over and started gently kissing me.   As I kissed him back he slid his hand under my shirt and cupped my full breasts.   I moaned lightly and moved as close to him as I could.   As he teased my nipples softly, I slowly eased my hand down to his cock. I couldn't believe how big and hard he was.   We quickly started taking off our clothes as we touched each other everywhere.   He was a big man.

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  . . . 6'0 about 200lbs.   And as I now know. . . a 9inch cock.   He teased my nipples with his tounge, mouth, and hands.   Slowly he eased his hands down to my vagina.   He slipped a finger inside and moved it in and out slowly at first.   I moved my hands down his chest to his cock.   I started rubbing it in long slow strokes.   After a little more foreplay we went to his bedroom and he licked my pussy for a little while to make sure I was nice and wet and ready for him.   He slid his hard cock into me nice and slow to let me get used to its length.

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    After several soft thrusts he finally gave me all of it.   As I moaned and thrashed on the bed he fucked me harder and harder pushing his cock into my pussy as far as he could.   After just a few minutes of this I came all over his dick.    He moaned as my pussy clenched around him over and over while I came hard on his dick.   He pulled his dick out and turned me over.   He slid his dick into my virgin asshole before I could object.   He had made me so relaxed from cumming that it slid right in.   He started fucking my ass as hard as he could.   Moaning loudly as he pounded my ass with his hard cock. He started slapping my ass, as I moved back againts his cock.   I was moaning and wiggling my ass back and forth trying to get him in deeper and deeper.   I could hear him grunting and saying softly. . . "yeah. 

  . just like that. . . you like it don't you, you little slut. . . that's right take all of my cock in your tiny asshole. . . swallow it. "I couldn't believe how hard he was fucking my ass. . . .

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  yet it felt soo good. I felt his dick get a little bigger and harder in my ass suddenly.   His moans seemed deeper. He ask's me in  deep voice, "Do you want it in your ass or on your face slut?"  I told him I wanted it in my ass. He moaned slightly and slammed his dick as far and hard into me as he could.   I could feel every inch of it pulsing inside of me as he came.   One deep squirt  after another.   Just as he let out one last deep penetraiting squirt. . . I came hard all over his dick. . . . my ass contracting so hard it pushed his dick out of me.

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    He collapsed on the bed next to me and softly kissed my lips.   I fell asleep with a smile. . . and have had a daily dose of anal sex since. .