I was a clean up.


It was a Tuesday an I wanted a little adventure first time I went to old car,s and motor cycle show , people from all over the states bring there old cars to show off. It was Mississippi all along the beach hi way, I was in one of the casino playing the slot machine I had a white short skirt that tie in the front ,and tight that you could see I wore blue and white checker square under panties I wore a white and black strip horizon top with a shelf bra. The black strip cover my breast and my nipples were erect for the casino always keep it pretty cold ,I started walking around to fine a new machine to play when there was this pretty women in herearly 40 , blond short hairnice breast , she had a flower summer dress on sitting at the slot machine with her feetprop up on the machine and her legs facings side ways, Holden down her dress just above the knee,s so it wouldn'tslide down. After looking at her for a little while, she turn and gave a little smile ,and I smile back. I walk away and found my self walking back around to get another look, the third time she was going, I was about to sit down when I notice her looking over her shoulder and was going into the ladies room , I head for the bathroomwhen I got inside she was standing by the mirror I walk over an stood beside her , there was one other women in there she was in the stall, she couldn't see us . She turn to me and said I'm Joan ,I'm Loretta she move close an we kiss as tongue going in and out of each other , we were still kissing when two other women came in they look but didn't say anything. we smile and walk out. Outside the restroom Joan call some one and said she be up in 18 , the other person said make it 25. We went up exact 25 minutes when she open the door there was this other women Joan said this is my friend Sharon. I was standing in front of this women who had her nipples pierce her belie button and couldn't see below , she had this big black strappon on , there were silver chain running threw the rings.

What ever you call it she had a bit piece in her mouth with two straps on each side. Joan undress meand I didn't even no she did it, I was so into Sharon I put my lips on hers and we got into tongue working my way down to her nipples, licking my tongue into her ring and pulling on it . Put my mouth over her breastand the chain in my mouth and the ring new experience for me,Joan was under me she started from my ankle and was pushing my legs farther aparther tongue reach my pussy with one lick I explode on her face, she look up and told Sharon she ready. Joan was undress and I could see she had a nice body Sharon turn me around she was putting some cream on the dildo ,slapping some on my ass then inserting a finger then two ,I could see Joan pubic now it was as wide as her eyebrow ,which was about eight of an inch and had a ta too of a cherry and a leaf , look like it was hang from a tree. Joan stood in front of me had one hand on her breast and the other on her hip trying to hole my self up as Sharon try putting the big dildo in me , thank god for lube once the big head pop in my anus , I had an another orgasm I push Joan head down between my leg eat me now eat meas another orgasm now Sharon pumping faster and faster in me and I'm telling her to fuck my ass come on fuck my ass you bitch Joan reach under me and found the reinsand yank on them Sharon shoved it up me so far that I pass out. I woke up the next day with Joan and Sharon and me on the bed ,i look between Sharon leg she was shave cleanand she had a ta too of wings, they belong to motor cycle club.

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