Airport Search Ch 2


Natalie had spent the day in the countryside, seeing the sites and spending time at the local bazaar, buying souvenirs for her friend’s back home. She returned to the hotel. She browsed through everything she bought, mostly hand made items and then decided to take a shower before dinner. Tonight was going to be a first-class meal at the local restaurant and Natalie was going to dress up to celebrate the occasion. Captain Gonzales was the head of the Cuban Secret Police. Airport security had told him about Natalie and how submissive she was, allowing them to sexually abuse her and forcing her to cum. He had been watching her since she first arrived, including her discussions with certain subversive elements in Cuba. He stared at the television screen in front of him. He watched as Natalie slowly stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower. He could not see her in the shower, the curtain hiding her from the hidden cameras in her room, but he had seen her naked many times during the last 18 days, including watching her as she masturbated late at night. She had a beautiful body and decided it was time to enjoy her treasures. He watched as she got dressed, a low cut bra, button down blouse, the top two buttons undone, showing her ample cleavage. Her skirt was loose fitting, but short, covering a brief pair of thong panties. High heels accented her long, slender legs, no panty hose, the weather too hot and sticky for them. “Proceed with Natalie’s arrest. I will await your arrival at headquarters.

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  ” Captain Gonzales hung up the phone. Time to make preparations for her arrival, he thought. His office was a large room, doubling also as an interrogation room. There were many pieces of furniture where his victims were secured to, including a wooden straight back chair, a low table, suitable for kneeling, a high stool, a gynecologist table, equipped with stirrups and the pillory. The pillory was his favorite. It was completely adjustable. The victim was secured by her head, arms and legs. The legs could be opened or closed, spreading to over five feet, more than enough to leave the victim spread and vulnerable. The pillory also moved up and down, forcing the head and arms of the victim down to the ground. When the legs were kept stationary, and the head lowered, the victims ass would be pushed out and spread open, ready for any abuse. Often, the victim would be forced to spread her knees to prevent them from breaking, opening herself for his pleasure. He was going to enjoy Natalie. Natalie was sitting on the couch, waiting for a few minutes since her reservations were not for a half-hour. She turned toward the door, startled, as it burst open and three men in uniforms rushed in. The guards caught sight of Natalie immediately as they came through the door, a passkey supplied by the hotel front desk making entrance easy.

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   Two rushed over to her and pulled her up from the couch, while the other watched his prey, his hands full of equipment to secure her. “What’s going on, who are you? Natalie cried out, the sudden shock overcoming her. “You are under arrest. The charges will be explained once we get back to Headquarters. In the meantime, you will only speak when spoken to. ” A hand shot out and slapped Natalie sharply, catching her on her right cheek. Before she could react, the hand backhanded her left cheek bringing tears to her eyes. “Do you understand?”Natalie’s arms were held tightly to her side, one of the guards grabbing her in a bear hug, her arms secured inside his grip. “Yes, Sir,” she stammered. Oh, God, they are going to things to me again. She could feel her pussy already becoming wet. The guard moved in front of Natalie, handcuffs dangling from his hand. “Arms in front,” he ordered her. Natalie complied, putting both of her wrists in front together. She felt the cold steel cuffs slap onto her wrists, the sound of the cuffs locking breaking the silence in the room.

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   “Move,” the guard pushing Natalie out the front door and down the hall. A couple moved past her, seeing the cuffs on her hands and the guards holding her securely between them. They took the elevator to the lobby and as they passed the desk, Natalie heard one of the guards say to the clerk, “we will come back and get here things, she will be held downtown for a while. ” Natalie cringed when she heard that. They intended to put her in prison. She knew what happened to her in just a few hours at the airport, what would they do to her in prison. Her pussy began to get wet. Oh, God, why is this making me wet. They will probably rape me. She saw the army truck, a large imposing vehicle. The door was opened in the back and the three guards pushed Natalie inside the truck. The noise of the door closing rang out, blocking out the sunlight, the truck dark, illuminated by two bulbs hanging from the ceiling. She looked around and saw the benches built around the side of the truck. Various rings were situated in the panels above the benches and also on the floor of the truck. She cringed when she thought of there use.

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   “Over here. ” The guard pulled Natalie over to the center of one side of the truck. He pulled a chain out from under the seat and attached it to the center of the cuffs. “Sit,” pushing Natalie down until she plopped onto the hard bench. He pulled the chain up and secured it through the ring above her head and began to pull on the other end. Slowly, Natalie’s hands were being raised over her head. Higher and higher her arms went, over her head, her breasts beginning to strain against the blouse. She was almost pulled off of the seat before the guard stopped, her arms now pulled up tightly to the ring above her, stretching her upper body up. Her breasts pushed out from the cruel bondage. She felt the chain locked into place, her arms straining above her head. She felt a hand on each ankle, a leather strap being secured. A chain was attached to each strap and it was pulled out until it came to a ring in the floor, each about two feet from where her feet were. “Not yet, don’t secure her legs yet,” one of the guards ordered the others. They pulled the chain through the ring, but did not tighten them. The guard in charge stepped before Natalie, his crotch at her eye level.

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   He reached down to and cupped her face, forcing her to look up at her. “Am I going to have to chain your legs open or will you submit?” He looked at her, evil in his eyes. “No, don’t chain me anymore, I will do what you say. ” Natalie did not have a choice. Either submit or being chained and they would have their way with anyway. “That’s a good decision, things could get very difficult and painful for you if you do not cooperate. We can and will do anything we want with you as you found out in the airport. ” His hands moved from her face, rubbing up her arms, stretched high over her head. “You have a very beautiful body, Natalie. ” He moved his crotch closer to her face, pushing the front of his pants against her lips. Natalie could feel the hard cock in his pants push against her face, rubbing up against her mouth. No, please don’t make me suck his cock, she thought as the hard cock rubbed over her face. Not in front of the others, she couldn’t suck all of them. The guard moved his crotch from her face and kneeled before her, his hands resting on her skirt, above her knees. He pushed her knees apart slightly, her legs spreading wider.

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   “Yes, you are very beautiful, Natalie. You have such a young, untrained body, just waiting for someone to take charge of you. Captain Gomez has many plans for you when you get to headquarters, but I think we would like to see and feel you first. We have an hour ride so why not enjoy some of the treasures you have to offer. You don’t mind, do you Natalie?”Natalie saw the grins on all of the guard’s faces and knew she had no choice. They could and would do anything they wanted to her body and she could not stop them. Her arms were bound and chained above her, her body defenseless against these evil men. “No, you may do as you want, I cannot stop you. ” Her head hung down submissively, preparing herself for the degradation they intended to inflict on her youthful body. Natalie saw the hands move up her legs, over her stomach, searching out her breasts. They moved up until they reached the bottom of her bra and the fingers became insistent, gripping her large breasts, thrust out by her bondage. The large hands moved over her tits and began to squeeze them, forcing a groan of pain from Natalie as her breasts were abused. “Nice set of tits, Natalie,” his fingers’ molding her breasts as they mauled her tender flesh. He moved over to the buttons of her blouse and began to unbutton more of them until it was open to her waist. “Hope you don’t mind showing your tits to us,” he laughed as he pulled her blouse from her skirt and pushed it to the side.

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   His hands reached again to her bra-encased breasts and began to squeeze and mold them again, fingers pinching, searching out for her nipples. He ran his fingers over the top of her breasts, the naked skin pushed up by her low-cut bra. He began to make pinching movements on her tit flesh, grabbing her flesh between his fingers and pinching hard, making Natalie gasp. “Not so hard, please,” she begged. She felt the hands reach inside her bra searching out her bare breasts. Fingers found her nipples and pinched them. “OOOOWWW,” she cried, “not so hard. ”The guard grabbed her naked tits and pulled them out of her bra, forcing them out over her bra. The cool air rushed over her nipples, forcing them into hard points, begging for the fingers to return. “Look at the nipples on this bitch,” his fingers groping her tit flesh, grabbing onto the hard nipples and squeezing them tightly. “You like that, Natalie, you like when I pinch your nipples hard. ” Natalie arched her back as her nipples were brutally grabbed and twisted. “OOOOHHHH, GGGOOODD, that hurts, please, my nipples hurt,” she cried out, twisting her body trying to escape the cruel fingers. She felt the guard move his fingers off her nipples before snapping two fingers back on her nipple, striking the delicate morsel, the pain jolting her body. The fingers moved to the other, snapping again on the erect tissue, another jolt of pain running through her body.

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  The guard watched her body as he snapped her nipples. His fingers reached out again and grabbed her nipples and begin to pull them from her body. He watched as her nipples elongated, his fingers digging harder into her nipple flesh to make sure it did not lose its grip. “You have nice big nipples, they are made to be abused. ” Natalie cringed at the crude comments made by the guard as he twisted her nipples, the pain racing through her body. She could see the other guards watching, waiting for their turn to abuse her body. She was already stripped half-naked, her breasts pushed up like an offering, begging to be abused. She could see the bulges in the other guard’s pants, their cock getting hard from her pain. The guard releases her nipples, the flesh snapping back, her nipples and areola turning red from the abuse, but staying hard and erect. He began to unbutton his pants and lower them to the floor of the truck. His cock bulged his shorts out as he grabbed it in his hand. “I want you to suck my cock, Natalie. Open your mouth real wide and let’s see how good of a cocksucker you can be. ” He pushed his shorts down, his cock springing into view. He grabbed his cock and began to rub it over Natalie’s face, precum already on the large head, smearing over her cheeks, glistening in the light.

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  “Please, don’t make me do that, I don’t want that in my mouth,” she begged. She felt the sticky cum on her face. His cock was huge and was hot and throbbing. She did not think she could even get her lips around it, let alone have him force it into her mouth. She felt fingers at her lips, pushing in, forcing her lips apart. “Behave, Natalie, now open up the sweet little mouth and suck my cock. Now don’t tell me you never sucked a cock before. That little angel face was born to be fucked. ” The fingers pushed into her mouth, two fingers spreading her lips apart, preparing her for the cock that was waiting. “MMMGGGG,” Natalie cried, “nnneevver did that before, please don’t make me. ” She squirmed on the bench, her fists clenching as her lips were spread wider and wider, three fingers now opening her mouth, getting it ready for the large cock to fuck her face. She felt the spongy tip of his cock push into the opening and the fingers retreat, the head of his cock now keeping her lips open and spread. “Don’t bite, Natalie, just lick the head, get it nice and wet. I’m going to fuck your face until I cum in your mouth. You are going to swallow my cum like a good, little cocksucker.

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   Then the other guards are going to have a turn fucking your face. You are going to have to swallow three loads of cum. If you do a good job, we will make you cum. Now take my cock a little deeper. ”His cum was salty and thick and stuck to her tongue. How would she be able to swallow the vile substance when he came? She felt the cock come alive in her mouth. As she ran her tongue over it, it jerked in the hot confines of her oral cavity. It filled her mouth as it began to push deeper and deeper into her mouth, her tongue running over the crown and lapping at his piss slit. She heard him moan in pleasure as she sucked in the large cock. She could feel her pussy begin to get wet. She was being taken against her will, a cock forced into her mouth while they watched her suck it, trying to bring his cum out of his balls and into her willing mouth. She was proud of herself, she had taken the huge instrument into her mouth and was pleasing him. She continued to run her tongue over the cock as she felt it push deeper into her mouth. She felt hands on the side of her head, pulling her onto the cock embedded in her mouth. “Take it deeper, Natalie, take my cock down your throat.


  ” He pulled Natalie onto his cock at the same time he pushed into her mouth. He could feel his cock bumping against the back of her mouth. He felt her gag as his cock tried to push into her throat. He pulled back out for a second, hearing her gasp for air as the huge cock in her throat blocked her breathing. “Relax and take my cock, you can do it, Natalie. ” Natalie felt the huge cock try to enter her throat, making her gag as it pushed deeper. He stomach turned inside out as she choked. “AGGGG, GGGGHHHH,” the cock pulling from her mouth. She sucked in air before the cock began its re-entry, pushing her tongue aside as it powered to the back of her mouth. “GGGGHHHHH, AAAWWWWW,” the cock choking her again. It continued to press forward, her gagging and choking milking the cock, squeezing it so tightly as it forced itself down her throat. Hand held her tightly, forcing her to take the cock down her throat. “That’s a good girl, Natalie, swallow my cock, take it in your throat and squeeze my cum out. ” He pulled out and then fucked back into her mouth again, seeking out her defenseless throat, forcing her to accept the rape of her mouth and throat. She might not have ever sucked a cock before, but she was a natural cocksucker.

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   Natalie could feel the cock getting bigger in her mouth. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the cock as it pushed relentlessly in and out her virgin mouth, fucking her face. Her arms were chained high above her head, her breasts naked and swollen and her mouth was being fucked by a huge cock, yet her pussy was dripping wet. “I’m going to pull my cock out of your throat. Take a deep breath than run your tongue over the head of my cock while sucking on it. I’m ready to cum and I want to cum on your tongue. Don’t forget, swallow all of my cum. That’s a good girl, deep breath. Yes, your tongue feels so good, keeping sucking, yes, aaawwww, IIIII’MMMMM cccccummmminnng, in your hot little mouth. Suck my cum out. ” He pushed his cock in and out, her tongue running over the head as he unloaded jets of cum in her virgin mouth. He had taken her virgin mouth and fucked it. Natalie ran her tongue back and forth over the cock. She felt it swell up in her mouth and she knew that she was about to receive her first load of cum in her mouth. She braced for it.

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   The first blast of cum took her by surprise. It shot out with such force it almost came out her nose. Her mouth was quickly filling with his hot, pasty cum. She did not necessarily like the taste of it, but she obeyed and sucked the cum for all she was worth. She swallowed the first mouthful just in time to receive the next. While not as much as the first, it still shot to the back of her mouth and down her throat, making her choke on it. She ran her tongue over his piss slit, dragging a third and final load of cum in her mouth. She felt the cock soften and slowly withdraw from her mouth. It ran over her lips, leaving a trail of hot cum on its way out. She ran her tongue over her lips, lapping up the last of his cum as his cock plucked from her tight confines of her mouth. The guard ran his wet cock over her lips and face as he pulled it from her mouth. “Are you ready for another, Natalie? Are you ready to suck another cock and swallow another load of cum?Another guard moved in front of Natalie, his cock already out and hard. He pushed it up to her closed lips. “Suck my cock, Natalie, do a good job, open wide and take it in. ” He pushed his cock into her parted lips and felt her tongue begin to bathe his cock.

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  Natalie felt another cock at her lips and she willingly parted them, allowing it to fuck inside of her mouth. It felt so hard as it begin to fuck her again, reaching out for her throat, making her choke and gag again as she was forced to accept the cruel ravishment of her mouth. She could feel her pussy juice run down her thighs as she began to suck the cock in her mouth again. The only sound in the truck was Natalie choking and gagging as the cock fucked her face. Long minutes of forceful plunges down her throat, forcing her to swallow the long instrument. Natalie lapped at the cock with her tongue, trying to make it cum in her mouth. Finally it plunged deep inside of her throat and she could feel it pulsate in her throat, shooting his cum directly into her stomach. He pulled out just in time for Natalie to receive his next load of cum in her mouth, it bathing her tongue with the hot, salty mixture. She did not have a chance to swallow the load before his third load filled her mouth. Cum began to drip down her lips onto her chin as her mouth was filled to overflowing with his heavy cum. She gulped and swallowed the cum, it filling her stomach with two loads of cum. She felt the shrunken cock pull from her mouth, her lips dripping with his cum. “I think we should make Natalie cum while she is sucking the last cock. Let’s get her into a more desirable position first. ”Natalie felt hands return to her ankles, taking the chains off of the leather cuffs.

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   They pushed her legs together. “Behind her head, put her legs behind her head. ” They raised up her legs, past her waist until they were pushed up to her head. “You’re breaking my legs, please, they wouldn’t bend that far,” Natalie cried. Her legs were pushed up high, her skirt riding up, uncovering her panty-covered mound. She felt them give her legs a final push and they went behind her head. She felt them snap the ankle cuffs together, securing her legs tightly behind her head. She could feel the cool air on her naked ass, only covered by her thong panties. The guards stepped back to look at Natalie. She sat bound, her arms above her head, her naked breasts pushed up and out of her bra, her legs high over her head, restrained. Her lower body was now spread open for their pleasure, her thong panties the last protection. One of the guards crouched down before her, staring directly at her spread pussy. “I’m going to eat your cunt until you cum. ” The last guard pushed in front of Natalie, his hard cock waiting to enter her hot mouth. He wanted his blowjob.

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  Natalie felt fingers on her crotch, rubbing over her panty-covered pussy, her panties soaked with her juices. She felt the fingers push her panties aside, baring her pussy to his gaze. Fingers pulled her pussy lips open, blowing hot air on her spread pussy. Natalie shivered in lust as she felt a tongue begin to run up her exposed pussy. At the same time another hard cock pushed against her lips. She parted them again, allowing the erect member to enter her mouth, ready for another face fucking. Her hips jerked as the tongue ran up and down her pussy slit, fingers pulling her pussy lips open. The tongue pushed against her pussy and slipped inside, her pussy gripping it as in pushed in an inch. “MMMMGGGG,AAAGGGGHH,” the only noise escaping from her mouth as the thick cock began to fuck her face, her lips sucking hard on the cock, her tongue playing over the head. Natalie jumped, the tongue seeking out her clit. Fingers found her clit hood, pushed it aside and the tongue began to lap the erect little morsel, lips sucking it inside his mouth, while his tongue rasped over the tender flesh. Her body jerked back and forth from the tongue fucking as her mouth was continually buffeted by the hard cock fucking her face. “You sure learned how to suck a cock fast, Natalie, your going to suck all the cum out of my balls soon. Take my cock deep in your throat. ” He forced his cock further into her mouth, her gagging testifying to the fact that it began to enter her throat.

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   He felt Natalie’s throat massaging the erect cock. “I’m going to cum soon. Make the bitch cum with me. ”Fingers pulled Natalie’s cheeks apart, exposing her tiny anus. She was still an anal virgin, her anus a tiny star on her bottom. She jumped as the hot tongue rolled over her exposed anus, sending shivers through her body. Now a tongue was trying to enter her anus. She felt the tongue stiffen and then force her anus open, pushing into her anus, her sphincter tightening down on the oral digit, trying to force it from her body. “Stick a finger up her ass and bite her clit. Make the bitch cum. I going to shoot in her hot mouth in a minute. ” Natalie’s hips tried to move up as a finger began to push into her anus, opening her bunghole as it slid over the spit covered anus. She bucked up as her body tried to expel the digit. She felt the mouth move back over her clit, exposed and hard, as it sucked the morsel into his mouth. His tongue ran roughly over it forcing groans from Natalie, as the finger in her ass continued is anal ravishment, pushing relentlessly into her anal tract.

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   It was now up to the second joint, gripped tightly by her sphincter. Another push and the finger was fully embedded into her rectum, twisting and turning within the confines of her anal tract. “OOOOOOOGGGGGHHH,” she mumbled, her mouth filled with hard cock as teeth bit down on her clit as lips sucked it into his mouth. It felt like he was trying to tear if off. The finger twisting in her rectum, her clit getting bit and pulled was too much for her overloaded body. She could feel an orgasm approaching. She pumped her body up and down on the mouth and finger masturbating her. “AAAGGGG,” she cried out as she climaxed. She felt the cock in her mouth begin to shoot and fill her oral cavity with his hot cum. She shuddered in another orgasm as her ravaged body betrayed herself, cumming from the forced masturbation as she sucked the third and final cock, filling her stomach with another load of cum. The guard felt Natalie’s hot mouth suck the cum out of his balls, shooting into her mouth, filling her with his hot cum. She felt her body shudder, knowing that they had made her cum. He dumped another load, filling her mouth to overflowing, running down her face. He withdrew from her mouth, his cock softening as it slipped from her lips. They watched as Natalie’s body shuddered and slumped exhausted.

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   “Time to meet Captain Gonzales. He has so many things to do to that delightful body. ” The guards released her legs and help put her clothes back together. When they finished, Natalie did not look like she was fucked out. Natalie was ushered into Captain Gonzales office. The first thing she noticed was the large amount of bondage equipment, all meant to hold a person in restraint. She shuddered in fear, but also in excitement. She knew that soon she would be bound and unable to defend herself and they would then take advantage of her young body, making her do things that were perverted. But, at the same time she felt her body beginning to get excited again, even though they had just made her cum, the unknown exciting her. “Ah, Natalie, I am glad you could make it. I hope my guards made your ride her enjoyable. I like to share the simple pleasures we get her with my men. ” Gonzales stared at Natalie, drinking in the delightful body she had. His men had already described her charms and the way she had responded to her forced masturbation. He thought of the many things he would do to that body, many of them she would enjoy, but also the ones she would not.

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  “Yes, Sir, why am I here?” Natalie looked at Gonzales with fear in her eyes. She could see the evil. “We have had you under surveillance since your arrival. You have been spotted speaking to subversives in our country and we must be assured that you do not have intentions of overthrowing our government. We will keep you here until we are sure you are cooperating with us fully. Do you wish to cooperate with us Natalie?”Natalie cringed when she heard his last sentence. She knew what he meant when he asked her to cooperate fully. He wanted her to submit to him sexually. And she knew that he would do unspeakable things to her and she would be forced to accept and even help them do them to her. She did not have a choice. She still had three days before she was to return home, no one would even miss her for three days. “Yes, I will do whatever you say, Sir,” her head hanging down submissively. “That is a very good attitude to have, Natalie. I will try to make your visit as painless as possible. Now, I have some work to do before I can attend to you and my men have to get back to their very important duties, so I am going to have to place you in restraints while I finish.

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   Please, remove your clothes except for you panties and your high heels. Hurry, now, I am a busy man. ”Natalie nervously began to unbutton her blouse, let it pull loose from her skirt. She slid it off her shoulders and placed it on the chair near her. Her skirt was next, unsnapping it and letting it fall to a puddle on the floor beneath her. “You have a very lovely body, Natalie, remove the bra. My men tell me you have very lovely breasts. ”Natalie reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She covered her breasts by cupping her them with her palms. “I cannot see them when you cover them like that. Now, remove your hands and place them at your side. Show me your breasts. ”Natalie hung her head down and let her arms fall to her sides. She blushed, knowing that her beasts were now naked for the Captain to see. In the van, she was bound and they uncovered her, she was being forced to strip herself for his pleasure.


   She could feel her nipples harden, partly in excitement, part from the cool air in the room. “Straighten up, push your breasts out, they are very beautiful and full. Your nipples are big and erect. Are you getting excited over stripping for me, Natalie?Natalie straightened her back and pushed her chest out. She could feel her breasts standing up high and tall on her chest, her nipples hard and erect, pointing outward. “Please, Sir, do not humiliate me anymore, let me keep my clothes on. ”“You will spend most of your time here naked and many people will get to see and inspect your body, especially your most intimate parts, so you might as well get used to if. Now, turn around, I see that you are wearing thong panties and I want to see that gorgeous ass. ”Natalie turned around, at least she would not have to look at his face as he humiliated here. “Yes, you have a great ass, Natalie, so full. It was made for spanking. Have you ever been spanked before, Natalie? Bend over and touch your toes and hold that position. “Please don’t spank me, I haven’t been spanked since I was six, I am too old for that,” she cried. She bent over, her ass pushing out towards him. She kept her legs clamped tightly, hoping that he could not see her intimate charms.

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  “I am afraid we might have to punish you while you are here and that lovely ass was made for spanking. Now stand up and walk over to the center of the room. ”Natalie was pushed to the center of the room until she stood under two chains hanging from the ceiling. Gonzales lowered the chain until they were in front of her, waist high. He brought out the handcuffs again and the sharp snap echoed throughout the room as she was again secured. He attached the chain to the handcuffs and the chain began to move toward the ceiling again. Natalie felt her wrists again bound, this time the chain attached to them. She heard the chain clanging as it pulled up towards the ceiling her arms slowly rising with the chain. Up, they went higher, her arms now going over her head, her breasts rising on her chest, pulled up by her upward movement of her arms. Natalie felt the handcuffs start to pull on her wrists, her body held taunt by the chain. She could feel Gonzales moving behind her. “I need quiet while I am working, so I am going to use this. ”Natalie felt Gonzales push something from behind her towards her face. As it passed into her vision, she noticed that it was a large wooden dowel, over 2 inches in diameter. It was about four inches wide and at each end was leather strips hanging loosely.

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  “Open you mouth, Natalie. That’s a good girl,” pushing the dowel into her mouth and pulling it behind her head with the leather straps. He tied it and began to pull it, forcing her mouth to open more and more as it pulled back. When her mouth was stretched open, the thick dowel jammed between her lips, he tied the leather straps tightly, securing it in place. This would silence most noise from Natalie except for grunting and groaning. Gonzales stepped back to admire Natalie. She hung there, her mouth stretched open with a wooden dowel, her body pulled taunt by the chains pulling her arms over her head, her breasts heaving as she struggled to keep her position. “Just a little more and then I will be finished. ” Natalie felt straps run over her ankles, circling them three times before a knot tied tightly. Another strap at her knees did the same, with a third place tightly around her thighs. Her legs were now bound securely together. “Now, just a little higher and I will leave you alone for a while. ”Natalie shook her head back and forth, “MMMMGGG, MMMMMRRRR” the only noise possible behind the dowel in her mouth as she felt her wrists pulled up higher. The handcuffs began to dig into her wrists, igniting extreme pain as she was pulled up. “On your tiptoes, that’s good, stay on your tiptoes and the pain will be less.

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  ” Gonzales stepped over to the edge of the wall and turned on a switch. A lamp overhead lit up, illuminating Natalie in a bright, hot light. He looked over at Natalie, hearing her grunt and groan as her body strained to remain on her tiptoes. Her arms were stretched tightly over her head. Her body was pulled tightly, her legs stretching to reach the floor, her muscles taunt. Her belly was pulled tight, her breasts standing high up on her chest, heaving as she strained. The heat from the light was starting to have the effect on her, sweat beginning to appear on her body. Gonzales gazed at her in lust, soon she would be glistening in sweat, her youthful body straining to lessen the pain, a sight that made his cock hard. Natalie felt Gonzales move behind her, his body pressed up against hers. She could feel his hard cock on her exposed ass as he rubbed against her. His fingers reached around, searching out her breasts and nipples, gripping them tightly. “That’s a good girl, Natalie, I will be back for you shortly. ” His fingers pinched her nipples hard, invoking a muffled cry from Natalie. “Yes, your body is so sensitive. Soon your legs will tire and you will hang from your wrists, but you will soon find out that it is more painful and return to the tiptoes.

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  ” Gonzales walked back to his desk and began to work again. He would look up at Natalie, his cock straining his pants as he saw the torment in her face as her half-naked, taunt body hung for his pleasure. Soon he would need release. By that time, Natalie will be more then willing to allow him his perverted pleasures with her body. (To Be Continued)Visit the Forums for more great stories and story contests---or our new story site www. bluestories. com.



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any city of Poland is a city in Poland a moderately not big population. The main attractions in this small and charming city include main square, accompanied by stylish townhouses and modern-design fountains, alongside with the Gothic style buildings and monuments. Besides that, once you enter any city of Poland, do not forget to check out its parks and local architecture as well as lovely nature. No doubt, any city of Poland is clearly gorgeous and interesting Polish city to visit. Nonetheless, your experience will be incomplete, unless you pay a visit to warsaw escorts

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The reliability and privacy of Budapest's escort services are two of the city's greatest features. Your time alone will be respected, and your date will show there on time ready to make the encounter one you'll never forget. Escorts have in-depth familiarity with all the greatest spots in town, so they can show you both the well-known hotspots and the lesser-known, local favourites.In addition to the obvious benefits, choosing an escort female through an agency also allows you to choose the girl who best fits your preferences. In these agencies, you can meet a wide range of women and pick the one who is best suited to you. No matter your hair colour preference, you'll find a beautiful woman among the many available.

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Our escort fetish services are the best way to have fun and try something new in Budapest. Whether it's BDSM, role-playing, or another fetish, our expert and experienced escorts are here to satisfy your every need.Hiring an escort in Budapest is a great idea if you want to make the most of your time there. You may choose the ideal friend for you from among the many choices accessible. Escorts in Budapest can provide you the best of both worlds, whether you're seeking for a romantic evening or a crazy night out. That being said, why hold off? Today is the day to arrange your escorted tour of this beautiful city.
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Budapest is home to a large number of prostitutes who work in brothels, strip clubs, and the streets. Because of the high demand for their services, many women from Eastern Europe relocate to Budapest specifically to work in the sex industry. Prostitutes in Budapest number in the thousands, according to estimates.Budapest is known for its lively nightlife and beautiful surroundings. It is also known for its prostitutes business, which is a shame. Even though it is against the law in Hungary, prostitution is still a big problem in Budapest. The city has become a centre for sex tourism, and many people come there to have sex with women.

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In Budapest, there is no shortage of escort chick agencies from which to choose your service provider. Find the appropriate lady for you by searching via internet directories or by contacting a reputable agency. In any case, the service you get will be of the highest quality and will be specifically designed to meet your requirements.Hiring a private escort in Budapest is a great idea if you want to spend some quality time with a stunning and discerning lady. Not only are these ladies physically lovely, but they are also experts at catering to their customers' specific wants and demands.