A Quick Shower Scene


My eyes open, revealing an empty stretch of bed where Alix had just been laying beside me. I heard the telltale signs of water hitting the floor of the bathtub and let a small grin play over my face as I sat up. I guess I should give you some imagery, seeing as you need to have some idea of who exactly is participating in this little sexual escapade. I'll start with me.
I am, lamentably, a redhead. I'm not as pale as a lot of redheads but I'm not exactly bronzed, either. I'm not particularly well built, well defined or attractive. The one thing about me that would draw a second glance is my height. I'm 6'7". That, topped with my red hair, tends to draw a fair amount of undesired attention. My eyes are my worst feature, they're narrow and cruel looking and I constantly look like I want to start a fight despite being a relatively good-natured, if sarcastic, individual.
I hauled my tall ass out of bed and crept into the bathroom. She had left the door open, that same small grin stretched wider as I approached the door and pushed it open. I was immediately hit by a wall of steam and the air became notably thicker. My skin already reflected the light and before long little beads of water were rolling down my naked form.
She was still unaware of me, or if she was she gave no indication of knowing.

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   I stared at her in the shower for a moment or two, simply admiring her. She jokes about her appearance, but I can never find a flaw in that voluptuous form. She's not the anorexic ideal woman of Vogue magazine. . . and thank god for that, she's exactly what I could want in a woman. I smile somewhat more fondly than I should considering my lascivious intentions and begin walking forward, stepping over her clothes and collar and pulling open the door to the shower where my lovely brunette is bathing. Her back was to me and she was humming some song or another. I slipped in behind her, my cock at this point was standing firmly at attention. If anyone wants to know then I'm around 8 1/2 to 9 inches long when I'm aroused. I realize that every man claims to be around that length, but in an insecure moment I just measured the damn thing with a ruler.
She must have felt me blocking the water to her body but didn't have time to react as I slid into the shower and pressed up against her back. I'm over a foot taller than her, so I felt my member pressing firmly into the small of her back. I reached my hands around to her waist and pulled her close to me, she let out a surprised little gasp as I lowered my mouth to her neck and began kissing her heavily. As I raised my hands to her wet breasts I began to use my teeth, sinking my canines into the soft skin of her neck as my hands finally wrapped around her soft breasts.

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   She was quite large in that area, I'm not exactly familiar with the cup sizes myself (although she was obviously a D) but my hands are large and she was more than a handful.
I idly played with her breasts, taking advantage of the soap running down her body as I lightly toyed with her nipple. She let out a soft gasp and a whine as I pinched it firmly. I didn't stop pinching as my other hand slid down to her navel and rested just above her nest of brown pubic hair. She pushed herself back into me and her hand came up to the side of my face. Her other hand began exploring and grasped my throbbing shaft. I tried not to grunt as her hand began lightly playing over my weapon. Exploring it idly as I teased and abused her rapidly stiffening nipple.
I let my other hand finally slip between her legs and pushed two fingers into her warm recesses rather unceremoniously. I felt her knees go weak and she started to slide down slightly. Her hand gripped my shaft and began a slow, rhythmic pumping as I slid my fingers deeper into her, pulling and pushing in and out of her steadily while I allowed my thumb to press into her clit and roll it around gently.
She turned her face towards me, her eyes half closed and glazed over with lust. I didn't say a word as I lowered my mouth to hers and pressed my lips firmly on hers. My tongue slid into her waiting mouth and I rapidly turned her around, quickly replacing my hands where they were. My ministrations on her nipple became more violent as I felt myself slipping to the mass of pure instinct that I knew was coming to overpower me.

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   She gasped and whined into my mouth as the pain increased. Never once did she do anything but thrust her chest forward to meet my abuse.
I grunted and I pressed her up against the shower wall. Our bodies slapped together as I raised her leg. I lowered myself and arched my back, positioning the throbbing head at her entrance. Never once did I stop savagely kissing her. Our tongues wrestled ceaselessly as I pressed the head of my cock between her lips. Without further warning I pushed deeply into her with one thrust, lifting her off the ground in my efforts to impale myself as deeply as possible within her. She let out a small cry that surely would have alerted someone had we not had the house to ourselves. I merely grunted as I started a rhythm inside of her, feeling her contract around me as I let my hand slide up and down her naked thigh.
My muscles tensed as I used her up against the wall, with the hot water spraying down on the both of us. I lowered my head down to her breast (not a difficult thing considering I was already slightly hunched to accommodate the vicious fucking that I was currently giving her) I let her firm nipple slide into my mouth, taking it between my teeth occasionally and pulling on it.
The sound of two bodies gyrating against eachother has always been something that I've. . .

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  appreciated, to say the least. That sound is multiplied a hundred fold in the shower, when both participants are dripping wet. I rammed hard into her, never ceasing my brutal pace and taking her hard. I pulled out almost to the head and then rammed back into her all the way, pushing her up a bit with each brutal thrust. Eventually my need for release grew so much that her body shook at the impact of every thrust.
My hands roamed around her again, especially around her naked thighs and buttox. I felt the onset of the inevitable approaching and judging by the increased frequency and urgency of her moans and cries so did she. I cupped her buttox and held her to me as my movements became more erratic and harsh. I let my and delve deeper between her cheeks until I felt my finger pressing into her sphincter a bit.
I ran my finger around it, feeling my orgasm approaching, as I crested that final hill I plunged my finger deep into her recesses. She let out a cry and threw her head back, thrusting her chest out as she came with me. I felt her contracting wildly around my invading cock. I grunted as I held myself deep inside of her as I came. I waited until our breathing had relaxed slightly until I finally slipped out of her. I kept her pinned against the wall as the water played along both of our bodies, enjoying the feel of the water on my skin.

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I saw the look on her face as that wall of instinct kept creeping up on me. She understood that it was like the tide, there was no point in arguing or trying to stop it.
My eyes steeled over, and I'm good at looking mean. I cast my gaze down to her naked and now nervous/excited form. "Get down on your knees," I said. My voice lacked any tenderness or caring whatsoever. She didn't question me but merely nodded and sank down to her knees. Without word she ran her soft pink tongue up my hardening shaft experimentally for a few moments before almost gingerly taking me into her mouth. I grunted slightly when I felt her tongue and lips playing on my shaft.
I lowered my head to her hair and pulled on it roughly, not roughly enough to damage her but roughly enough to hurt a bit. I grabbed her hair and she compliantly relinquished control to me. I moved her lips over my member, thrusting my hips slightly to meet her face I drove her almost all the way down onto me. I forced myself deeper into her throat with every thrust. I ordered her to start rubbing herself and her hand played between her thighs while her other hand toyed with her breasts as I used her mouth. I reveled in the feel of her tongue toying with the shaft as I painfully used her face.

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   She didn't resist, she merely moaned around my shaft and increased her ministrations on her own body.
I could feel that same familiar pressure building in my loins again, but this wasn't where I wanted to come. I pulled from her mouth and she gasped slightly as her air passage opened up. She looked up at me with questioning eyes as I stared down at her. I grabbed her and bent her down, she knew by now to get on her hands and knees, and she knew what was coming.
I knelt behind her as the water landed full on her back and spread the globes of her ass wide, revealing her puckered entrance. I pressed a finger into her ass and ordered her to keep rubbing herself. She complied and soon she was gasping and mewling as I worked my finger in and out of her. I grunted and placed my rejuvenated cock at her rear. Without any further warning I pushed forward, it took a bit of effort but I finally felt my head pop into her. She gasped loudly as I slowly but deliberately pushed into her bowels. Holding her ass wide apart as I did so. I dug my fingers into her as I began a slow rhythm in and out of her. Her hot rear passageway gripped me so hard that it was near pain.
It didn't take long for her to start meeting my thrusts into her bowels, and as my excitement increased a string of insults and curses spewed from my mouth as she submissively let me take her anally.

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   I called her every horrible name in the book and all it seemed to do was increase the pitch and urgency of her sounds and make her press herself harder upon me. I grunted as began to really pound her. I reached down and around and savagely grabbed her breasts, toying with the nipples for a moment before taking them both between my fingers and twisting savagely. She cried out, whether in pain or pleasure I don't know. I didn't care, either. All that mattered to me now was that she satisfy me, and that's all that mattered to her.
Our bodies rocked together as I slammed into her so hard that her body could barely stay up. Her fingers worked savagely in and out of her cunt as I thrust deeper and harder into her as my second orgasm approached. I grunted, and grabbed her hair by the back of her head. Pulling so that she looked up towards the ceiling as I gave her one final, and severe thrust into her asshole as she gasped out her second orgasm. I filled her up and withdrew from her with an audible pop. She merely collapsed on the shower floor and lay there for a moment. It was a moment or two before she could utter the words "thank you, master". I grinned and stood, sated for the time being as I helped her to stand up again.
We stayed like that for a few moments and I gently washed her before we finally made it out of the shower.

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   Watching her dry herself I felt myself getting aroused again and knew that this was going to be a long day for her.