• 14-07-2016
  • baby MiKA
  • City:Ankara
  • Uiterlijk9.0 / 10
  • Diensten:9.5 / 10
  • Communicatie:9.5 / 10
  • Reviewer:Osmancicek
  • Kus:Met tong
  • Pijpbeurt:Zonder condoom
  • Klaarkomen in mond:Spuugt het uit
  • Seks:Actief
  • Anaal:Nee
  • Borsten:Weet het niet
  • Meerdere keren klaarkomen:Meerdere keren
  • Foto:10% Photoshop


I contacted the agency via this website.

I arrived at hotel 5 minutes early, she opened the door with a proper black dress and black high heeled boots, not exactly what I asked of the agency (leather/latex black) but girl was shining with youth, so that was ok. She was shy, her english was just enough to give directions. But as we began, I came at 5th minute HER ORAL SKILL WAS AMAZING; I was laughing, she had a wtf expression on her face. we had a very quick shower and restarted. For next ten minutes, she was getting a little dry occasionally, I am not heartless, I tried to get her excited but I was losing erection meanwhile.

Than we had proper sex, but I couldn't get enough of her, My body was refusing to give up Mika, couldnt came a second time; she gave me an extra 10 minutes but it didn't work. She tried to make me feel ok, she was kind. I felt like I was leaving my girlfriend, so young, soft, white like milk... damn I need to see her again.

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