Hi, all cyber friends, I am a regular reader of sex stories especially of Incest Stories. . after having a nice experience of my life. I want to share that true experience of my life with all you that happened last year, when I was 18 years old. Let me introduce myself to all my friends first. I am Ahmed, 18 years old, studying in B. Com I-Year here in Islamabad. I have a very short family. Just me and my parents. After my birth, my parents avoided to have more kids for 5 years and then tried much but no vain. Because usage of contraceptive pills this period of five years, made a serious injury in Mom’s uterus and Lady Doctor had decided to finish uterus. So there would be no more kids in future. Mom was very upset at this operation but she had no option. By the passage of time, she settled down and tried to face the fact. At my birth my Mom was only 20 years old while my Dad was 30 years, 18 years difference in age, a much bigger difference in their moods, too. My Dad was cold-minded person but Mom was much hotter and healthier than Dad.

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   Mom is still cute and nice to watch. My Dad is eldest brother of his three sisters and two brothers family. So he first got established his family and then got married. My Dad is working in Saudi Arabian Airlines since last three years and living currently now Jeddah. My Mom and me are living here alone in our new house in Islamabad that Dad has made in year 2003. All the things were going Ok. Although my hormones have been changed and I most of the time used to watch porn movies on my computer or on net. But I never thought ancestrally. Things started getting changed when my Chachu Hammad (Uncle- my father’s youngest brother) came here and lived with us for 18 days. He is working in a bank and living with my grandparents in town. Last year his bank arranged a two-weeks training workshop here its main head office in Islamabad. My Chachu with his workshop colleagues have to live here in a Motel arranged by their head office. Chachu visited our home next day of his arrival here, as it was his off day. He is a beautiful guy and have a nice built body, strong muscles, clean-shaved, 6 feet in height and always keep himself well dressed. He was just 28 years old that time that time.

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   Just 18 years elder that me and 9 years younger than my Mom. I lastly saw him two years ago when we went to our town. But that time he was not doing a banking job just finished his studies that time. My Mom got angered at him that why he preferred to stay at Motel, why don’t to live with us this period. He was looking shy and said “He is Ok there, don’t worry”. But my Mom said “No, not at all. Go to Motel now and pick up your all luggages and come here to live with us. Give us a chance to serve you…. Otherwise Ahmed’s Dad will be angry at me not to serve you”. He said, “Ok, Bhaby, I will come here tomorrow”. My Mom said, “No Dear, today you have to come here, understand or not”. He just smiled and said, “Ok, Ok, I will…”That day, about 8:00 pm, he was there with his luggages. I was very much happy that I have met a friend for a month and we will enjoy his stay with us. Mom was also happy that he has followed her instructions. She made a lot of dishes.

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  . We all have a nice dinner and then a great tea session. At about 10:30 pm, we tired much and have to sleep. My Chachu has to stay with me in my bedroom, as we have two big bedrooms, one for my parents and one for me. Any family member who comes to our home, would have to stay in my bedroom. Most of the time, I have to get bored … because there is lots of disturbance the whole period of their stay with me. But I was very happy… after all he is my Chachu. He has a very nice personality to live with him. I that time thought that his life partner would be the luckiest of the world, he is so loving, so cute, I really admired by him. One week passed very quickly, Chachu has the routine to go early on his workshop and come at home around 3:00 pm and I have very tight schedule that days. I was coming home around 5:00 pm and then to go for a game with my friends and come home around 6:30 to 7:00 pm at night. Then have a dinner with Mom and Chachu and then busied myself with my computer. It was March 2006. I was used to sleep 11:00 pm but those days I go my bed around 10:00 pm, I thought cause of tight studying schedule, I got tired and have to sleep earlier than my routine sleeping time before. That day was Saturday, after dinner around 9:00 pm Mom gave me milk as normal routine.

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   I was there in TV Lounge with them when my mobile rang. I found that ring is coming from my bedroom, so I have forgotten my mobile in my room when I changed. So I took my milk with me and go to my room. . It was my friend Arshad, who just asked about the preparation about Monday test. We chatted about ten minutes and then he finished that call. . I have to place my mobile on my computer table. . But indecently, I didn’t notice the milk glass and glass fall down to carpet. I quickly saved my mobile and then pick up a rough cloth from my draw to clean the carpet. Luckily my Mom and Chachu didn’t hear the sound of glass falling. I quickly pick a cup of water and clean the carpet completely and then went to kitchen and put a empty glass there and joined them in TV Lounge. Both were looking happily and enjoyed each company. I remain with them for an hour and then go to my room to study for the Monday test.

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   Around 10:30 I got tired from studying and decided to go sleep. I didn’t notice when my Chachu came to bed… It was around 12:00 am at night when I feel a very heavy pee. I got up and straightly went to attached-bathroom. When I came out, I was bit relaxed then I noticed that my Chachu was not there on his bed. I checked the time on my mobile. . My bathroom light was still on. Where my Chachu can go this time. I came out from bed silently to TV Lounge. This was darkness everywhere except my Mom bedroom. Light was coming to TV Lounge under the door and floor gap. I stunned for a while. Wow. . is my Chachu is here in my Mom bed but for what reason….

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   I walked towards the door and on touching doorknob, I have come to know that door is locked from inside. Now I was shocked much because there were large moaning and humping sounds coming from my Mom bed. I was really shock, cause my Mom was moaning loudly and saying “Yes, Dear. . Fuck me hard. . Fuck me hard. I want it badly. Please fuck me deeply. ” Mom’s bed cracking sounds to be heard easily and these were coming with a rhythm. My Mom was being fucked by my Chachu, how it happened. . I was really shocked. I stayed there for a while but I couldn’t control myself and came to my bed. Then a idea came to my mind that Mom bedroom window and my bedroom window are in back-gallery which door open in my room.

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   But on searching from every side of window, I came to know that there in no clue left for spectators. Now I was really frustrated, firstly to know that my Mom was being fucked my Chachu, secondly I couldn’t watch them, especially my Mom nude. Now I came to my bed and was thinking, why they did so disgusting thing and how this happened. How they came close to each and when it started, there were lot of questions coming to my mind and I simply say, “NO, I don’t any idea”. On thinking that after all, my Mom was away from my Dad since two years. She is still quite young and very hot, my Chachu was also bomb young personality and still unmarried and both are of equal ages and equal motions. I should enjoy by the situation not to be upset. I was thinking and thinking and now I recalled my memories how it became possible. My Mom was happy when my Chachu came our home, she must decided a plan earlier that time. And she was looking sexiest that those days because she was took caring herself, her shapes and her dressing. Why I didn’t take notice they’re these hot activities, surely my Mom was mixing sleeping pill in my milk those days and that day by indecently I got escaped from her planning. And I also not much giving them time, so my Mom got the chance to came closer to him and convinced him to these fucking activities. Now I was sure that this all became possible because of my Mom will. Now I had a plane in my mind, how to watch their night drama. I was just waiting for next morning.

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   Now I was thinking that I should get my Mom free, at last she got a chance very difficulty to fulfill her dreams. That night how passed I didn’t know. I woke up, it was Sunday. My Chachu was still sleeping with satisfied face. I thought that time my Chachu is sure a lucky on that he got a bomb-figured lady to fuck these days… my Mom was sure a bomb lady and every one who got a chance to touch her certainly would be the luckiest man of the world. Around 9:00 am, we all were at taking breakfast. All were considering themselves the luckiest of the world. That got the chance to relax their nights and I was considering myself the luckiest that a now incest lusting world was going to open for me. Surely I would watch them soon. After breakfast my Chachu had gone with his colleagues who picked him earlier today to enjoy the Sunday outside. Mom was going to Sunday Bazar with neighboring aunty to shop for the whole week. Now I have the time to take action that I have thought yesterday night. I went to my Mom bed and watched deeply every option. There was an exhaust fan hole upper the window for summer use and now there was plastic sheet was putting outside. I have a very advanced PC Camera in my draw but it has only one-meter cable.


   I needed around 5-6 meters cable to put a camera hidden on exhaust fan and connect it with my PC. I took the camera, locked the home and went to my electrician shop that was my class-fellow earlier. I asked him to put a 5-6 meter cable with that camera to install it in our covered porch for security purpose. He took 20 minutes and my camera was ready. He checked it before delivering to me. Now I entered the house and took a wooden ladder from the store and installed it carefully on the exhaust fan that no one couldn’t notice it. There was gas pipeline in the back-gallery so I carefully hide the cable behind it and entered it from my bedroom window behind the curtain. There was my PC table near the window, I plugged it in PC and started my PC. Wow. . I was succeeded to watch my Mom whole bedroom. It took two hours to complete. Now I unplugged that camera cable and dropped it behind PC table. Now I was very much happy and waiting anxiously to watch the coming night drama. I took a shower when I came out, Mom came back from bazaar.

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   I told her that I am going to my friend to study combined for the next day test and would come at evening. Around 5:00 pm, I entered the home. Chachu was at home too as he came back just before me. We spent the time there in TV Lounge, till it was dinner time. Mom prepared the dinner and we all ate it with joy. Now it was 9:00 pm, when Mom came with milk in three glasses and handed over me a one glass. I took it and came to my bedroom by saying that I have to phone my friend. I came to my bedroom and dropped that milk in the washroom. And then started studying for the coming test. They were still in TV Lounge and talking about fashion, film and much more. Around 10:15 pm, I pretended to go sleep but was noticing everything happening in my home. Chachu came to bedroom after short while and gone to sleep. Around 11:00 pm, his mobile beep whistled and went out and closed the door by knowing that I was sleeping. I was waiting for that moment. He entered the Mom bedroom and locked the door from inside.


   I heard that voice too. Now I silently, plugged in that camera cable to PC and took out the speaker cable and took ON my PC. Now I was watching my Mom bedroom. . and what a first scene that I watched. Chachu was standing near her bed and hugging my Mom and holding her in his arms and kissing her face everywhere. She was in her beautiful nightgown. She was responding him too with passionately. Now they were french-kissing each other… She dropped him to the bed and still holding his face and kissing him on the face, ears and neck. He was caressing squeezing her ass buns. They were chatting and laughing but I couldn’t hear them. She was unbuttoning his shirt and now licking his chest spots ferociously and he was enjoy and fingering her head with lovely. Suddenly she stood up on her knees and unfastened her beautiful gown and dropped it on the corner table. Wow, what a lustful body I had ever seen. Now she was in her skin colour bra and white colour panties.

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   Now she approached him and removed his shirt took her left hand on his huge bulge and fondling his cock that was ready to be opened. Chachu was caressing her back and then unhook her bra and there were two loving melons in front his face to be sucked. He was gently sucking her right to left boobs and placing his face between her boobs cleavage. She was now dropping down her panties and meanwhile he dropped his trouser too. Mom was helping him to remove his boxer and release his cock openly. That was damn. . so big in size with bulging and glistening head. That would be surely around 8” in length and much thicker to be hold in her hand. She was excited to watch it closely. As he released his cock from his boxer, she attacked on that. She was in knee position and rubbing his thick cock in her hand and kissing on cock top, while in this position I was able to watch her ass buns and beautiful glory hole fully exposed from where I came to this nice world. What a pussy with big lips and a big crack. Nice dark brown tight asshole was visible fully as the light was fitted near window side. She was sucking his cock to his half-length and playing with his heavy balls with her left hand.

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   He was fingering in her hand and some time forced her head to suck the maximum length of his cock as she could receive. My cock was fully erect and I was masturbating while sexy drama was going on. Now Chachu was headed on pillow and asked her to put her ass on his chest. They were 69 positions, he was caressing her ass buns and licking her asshole and pussy surroundings with his tongue tip while she was trying to get his cock maximum length in her mouth. She was moaning as he entered his tongue tip deeply in her pussy. Now his dick was its full length with big veins arousing. I was really fascinating be their love to each other bodies. She has increased her mouth pace and now he was ready to come. As he told her something and she suddenly changed her position. Now he was standing on her knees and ready to shoot his full load in her waiting mouth. She fondled his balls and he was releasing his load after load to her mouth and she was swallowing his all cums. She swallowed till his last cum and then gently sucking his cock head not to lose a single drop. Now he laid down to his back and breathing heavily as he reached his climax. She was still hungry for more sex and her waiting pussy was shining with her love juices. She sat on his belly and gently started rubbing her pussy on his limping cock and placed her one boob on his mouth.

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   He was sucking one mouth and squeezing other with his hand while his cock was coming to life again. Now she placed her pussy on his mouth and he was licking it deeply. While he was rubbing his cock which was coming to its full length. Mom saw that his cock is now fully erected, she moved down licking his body and suddenly grabbed his cock with both hands and started to suck it. Her pussy was leaking her love juices and ready to be fucked. She positioned herself over his cock and rubbed his cock head in pussy lips to lubricate first and slowly pushed her pussy down to received his full cock length. Now she moved her hips encircled over his cock then she was moving his body to fuck him vigorously. He was also responding from below to burry his full cock length in her body. Her boobs were swinging over his face and touching his nose. He was caressing her body with his both hands from her waist to hips and enjoys her fucking style. My Mom would be so horny, that time I felt. I was also enjoying their fucking because first time in my life I was watching this true experience other than porn movies. They remained in this position for fifteen minutes then tried another fucking style. Now she was kneeling on the bed and he came behind her. First he licked her sweets hole to taste her love juices then put his cock on her pussy lips and thrust the whole length with one attempt as her pussy was used to his cock thickness and size.

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   He was humping and thrusting her with rhythmic motion, while she was resting her face on the pillow. He has strong muscles and strong temperament to fuck her for an hour. He was fondling her boobs and pulling her body to him. On seeing this I was near to cum so I went to bath and shoot my load and then came out. Now they were trying another position. Mom was on her back and he was on top. Holding her legs wide apart, licking her pussy lips vigorously. She moaning loudly as her face showed. She was reaching her orgasm, pushing her head down to her sweet hole. He positioned himself, put a rough towel under her hips as they decided earlier to cum in her pussy because she has no fear of being pregnant. He placed his cock head over pussy entrance and thrust it deeply as it could go. Now his face of fucking was marvelous as he was going to reach his second orgasm. Mom was putting her both hands on his hips, locking her legs around her waist, encouraging him to go down and down as she was also going to her another orgasm. They were close facing to each, moaning loudly, fucking with pace. Suddenly his hips were shivering as he was shooting his load into her womb, she also reached her climax.

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   He was still fully inside her and moving his hips to shoot his load till its last drop. She was kissing him passionately on his face because he gave her most joys those days. He dropped his body over her and her legs were still aparted. Now his juices were leaking from the gape and going down her asshole. He pulled out his limping cock and placed over her mouth, she sucked and swallowed the juices of both mixing. She dried his cock completely, now he dropped down his body and lay on his back beside her. Both were breathing heavily. I also enjoyed the whole drama, so now plugged-off the camera cable and put off the PC and pretended to sleep before the arrival of my Chachu to my bedroom. I really considered myself unlucky to miss the drama of last three-four nights. But luckily I would be witness of all remaining episodes of his 18 days stay with us. That was the first episode of that whole true sexy drama. What happened next that would be coming soon . . Share your comments with me. I would be waiting anxiously….

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