Wife's New Friend


  Here I sit in a crowded resteraunt parking lot. Waiting for someone I've only met 2 times before. Then she walks out. Goddamn was she hot. But hell she's only 18 I thought to myself. She gets in and we exchange hellos. As we make are way to her place we get to talking. She's new to town. I found out more than I needed to know in the next 18 miles. She told me. ME out of all people, that since she is attractive most other girls in school think she's a slut. Then she goes on to say " I've only fucked 4 guys and blew one of them. " I was like " damn girl your only 16". She's like yeah I know. The first guy was 18 and I was 18 He didn't know what he was doing.  The other 3 were my age and neither did they and the biggest was hung like a pimple.

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  (5 1/2")
 I finally pulled in the driveway. "Come inside and I'll give ya $20 for the ride. " I followed her in but I had other things in mind. We enter the house And she hands me the 20. I refuse. "Come on Richie ya got to take something. " Now in my mind all the small talk about not being satisfied had me thinking she was coming on to me. And besides I've been semi-hard since she got into the truck.   I grabbed her and put her against the wall and kissed her deeply. "STOP!,STOP!" Whats wrong?" "I work with your wife perv and your like 20 yrs older than me"
    I stepped in closer and put her arms over her head. "I sure am and ask my wife how many times my 8" can make her cum in hour!" This must have done it cause she was ripping her clothes off like the little slut everyone knew she was.
  She was naked and had my fully erct cock out in about 2 minutes. She stepped back and stared at my now purpleish dick. She squated down and took me in her young tender mouth. She wasn't very good, so I told her to slober on it.

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   She did. I pulled out of her mouth.  " Spit on it baby. . Alot" She spat 5 times, coating my dick. I picked her up and plopped her on the kitchen counter. I walked up and put myself at her entance. And boy was her little twat soaked. I tooke it easy and guided the head in. A minute later I fed her 4 mor inches. I had that bitch squalling. I pumped her pussy nice and slow allowing her to adjust. Her pussy was so tight it felt like my cock was in a vice.
 After about 5 min. I gave her all 8".

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   She squealed and I felt het legs get weak and she let out "OHHHH GGODDD!" I looked down and there was a pool of he cum and juices on the counter.  "Come on Richie Fuck Me, Fuck Me Tear me in half!!!!" I tool her frome the counter and bent her over the stove. She grabbed the oven handle and that little cunt pointed right towards me. I walked up and just drove it home. OOHHH FUCKKK she cried out. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her like a jackyl. "YEAH DADDY FUCK YOUR SLUT. Spank my ass daddy" I made both asscheeks red as a lobster. "Fuck yeah, I'm CCUUUMMINGGG!" she cried. A minut went by and she came again. " you like a man's cock don't you whore?" "do your parents know they"re raising a whore? I bet your mom an suck and fuck good too"!" This talk made that little whore cum 5 more times. I coulnd't haold back no longer.
 I pulled out so fast taht when I pushed her to her knees her cunt let out a sloppy fart. I crammed all 8" in at once and shot7 loads down her throat. She gagged and spit some up onto the floor.

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  She laid there to give her gapping young pussy some rest. Then we kissed and she said "I won't tell if you make me your slut" I agreed and I went home