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I had gotten a new computer and for the first time is was going into chat rooms.   I preferred adult chat.   I was afraid if I found someone that was claiming they were older and underage, I would get into legal trouble and I didn’t want that.  
I never mislead the ladies I would post my picture and correct description of myself.   I would also tell any woman that I would cyber with that I was married.   I would prefer to chat what married woman.   Felling they had as much to lose as I did.
My preferred chat window was Excite with the window where you could show a picture of yourself or what you hoped you looked like.   There were many of evening I spent chat to wee hours in the morning with the ladies getting myself, and the ladies all turned on.  
There was one lady I got to know from Kentucky, from the hometown I went to college one year back in 1968.   We will call her Sally, not her real name, we spent many an evening explaining what we would do to each other and living out our fantasies over the computer.   The longer we talked to each other the more the interest grew between us.   I found out she had a very submissive side and wanted to be dominated in most ways.
Then came the summer when my wife went away again for the week.   I took that weekend to drive the hundred and forty miles down Kentucky from my home in Columbus Ohio to meet her.    I was not sure which way our friendship was going to go but I came prepared to experiment in all ways if the situation developed.

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I have one standing rule and that is never go where the partner doesn’t want to go.   Never leave a mark on the outside, but always leave one where it can never be erased, on the inside.   When we meet I took it slow and took Sally out to eat.   We discussed how our weekend might end up and we both decided to take our chances at getting a place to stay for the weekend.
We found a place in the Kentucky, Tennessee Mountains and checked into the motel.   As soon as the door was closed she came into my arms and gave me a long tender kiss.   We were making straight advances on each other.   Lets first say I was about 52 when this happened and she had just turned 40.   I am about 5’10” tall have very piercing blue eyes, light brown hair at the time (very little left then, shave it now).   I am slightly overweight about 240 lbs.   She is about 5’4” tall very well endowed and she too was not as slim as she once must have been.   It didn’t take long for us to find ourselves exploring each others heated desires.  
We started out like most people in heat.   We started kissing starting at the neck and worked my way to her ears. Never missing an inch between them.

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    My hands move to her breasts and felt how full and firm they were.   To say she missed a beat would be to mislead you for while I was exploring her, she was exploring me.   Her hands didn’t take long to find what she came to look for.    Not before too long we were both naked in bed.   I never enter a whole that my tongue doesn’t first explore and she must have had the same policy for before we could come up for breath we where in the 69 position.   This was on Friday night and we spent the first night getting our bottled up lust out of your system.   Nothing out of the ordinary just hot passionate lovemaking.   We made love about three or four times that night and slept in the next morning.
About noon we went out for lunch and that is when I decided to see how submissive she was.   I told her that it was ok to go out to eat but I didn’t want her to ware any under garment.   She was to go out bra less and with not panties on.   She looked at me like I must have been kidding but I told her that if she wanted to live out her role as to be submissive she would have to do what she was told.   She reluctantly did as she was told and wore a skirt just above the knee and her black blouse open slightly bra less.   Being now small lady on top you could see just how turned on she was.
It was about 90 F° and very muggy and it didn’t take long for to start to perspire and have her top cling to all her lovely charms.

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    When we got back to the hotel she might of well had nothing on for a blouse because everything could be seen right through the top.
When I got her in the room I just about ripped her top off and proceed to push her to the bed where I lifted her skirt and fucked her without hesitation.   She exploded with me entering her and told me how excited she was being lead around like that in public.   She told me she wanted to be my slave and do what I told her to do.  
I asked how far she wanted to me to take she submissiveness and she explained as far as I wanted to.   I set some ground rules like when ever she wanted me to stop just tell me so and I would.   She told me she never wanted me to stop.   With that I took out the silk neck ties I had brought from home just for the occasion and proceed to tie her to the bed.    When tied I came around to the front of the bed opened her mouth and proceeded to push my thick average size cock down her throat.    She didn’t fight it one bit and opened as wide as she could.   When she started to gage I pushed harder until I had most of my cock deep in her mouth.
I turned her over and made her lie down with her stomach on a pillow lifting her sweet ass high in the air.   I took one of my many ties I brought and gagged with it.   My cock still being wet from her mouth I slid it into her drenching wet pussy with no problems.   She was so wet and turned on it only took a couple of good strokes to make her come.

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    But because of how wet she was and all the fucking we did the night before she wasn’t very tight.   It as at this point I took my tongue (again never go were my tongue doesn’t lead) I licked her upturned ass whole.   When I got it wet I placed my thick cock at its entrance and started to push it into it.  
She started to moan in pain and I asked if she ever had her ass fucked.   She told me she was raped as a teen that way but she didn’t want me to stop.   I was going to be the first person she wanted to enter her ass.   I didn’t go fast but I did get all 7” in her.   She was in pain but told me she was glad I did it.   I exploded deep in her bowels.
We fucked the rest of the day and all the next day until checkout time.   I went home exhausted and so did she.    We continued to talk to this day on the Internet.   She left her husband just after we got together.   She came up to Columbus to be near me but made the mistake of taking her young kids with her.   Her kids called their dad and he came up and dragged her back to KY.

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Since then she has left him for good and found another master in Mississippi or Alabama not sure which one.   She claims he treats her well but her heart is with me.   She knows I will never leave my wife that is why she didn’t come back to Columbus
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